DAVID BOWIE Released His Eponymous Solo Album 55 Years Ago Today

Back in time

1 June 2022

The late genius DAVID BOWIE released his eponymous solo LP 55 years ago, on 1 June 1967. His first step to stardom. A record with baroque pop and music hall inspired songs, influenced by familiar styles of contemporary British bands. Lyrically the song’s characters ranged from societal outcasts to losers, near-philosophers, and dictators.

Today, I listened to the LP, for the first time in years. It sounded
charming, playful, and pretty still special. I actually played it three
times in a row.

AllMusic wrote: “David Bowie’s first ever LP — the 1967 set that introduced the world to the likes of “Rubber Band” and “There Is a Happy Land” — is an intriguing collection, as much in its own right as for the light it sheds on Bowie’s future career. It still remains a remarkable piece of work. And it sounds less like anything else he’s ever done than any subsequent record in his catalog.”

Singles: Love You Till Tuesday / Rubber Band



Full LP on Spotify


Back sleeve

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