Happy 80 To Beach Boy Genius BRIAN WILSON

20 June 2022

Two days after Paul McCartney another music genius who doesn’t need
an introduction celebrates his 80th birthday. BRIAN DOUGH WILSON was
born 80 years ago in Inglewood, California.

The man with the golden ears for layers of harmonies and architect of symphonic pop orchestrations, co-founded The Beach Boys with 2 of his brothers (Carl and Dennis) and his nephew Mike Love in 1961. They were the pioneers of the surf sound. They fabricated 29 studio LPs between 1962 and 20212 (That’s Why God Made The Radio) and tons of Number One hits. Wilson’s best known compositions were/are covered by countless artists.

Between 1973 and 1982 Wilson had some severe mental problems.
He stayed in bed for most of the time and consumed drugs and alcohol
on a daily basis. He went from rehab to rehab. It took him years to recover.

I was taking some drugs and I experimented myself right out of action. … I’d sometimes go and record. But basically I just stayed in my bedroom. I was under the sheets and I watched television.

Fortunately he survived those dark years and afterward he joined the band
now and then at concerts before starting a solo career in 1988 and making
8 albums (so far). He still tours this very day.

Three big Brian Wilson moments





BRIAN WILSON: Discography – Website

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