The Sound Of Silence – 20 Best Lullabies Of 2022 (So Far)

20 candlelight pearls.
20 starry-eyed reveries.
20 moony reflections.

The 20 best lullabies
for Turn Up The Volume‘s
dreams this year (so far).

Sit down, dim the lights,
relax, press play and lose
yourself in your thoughts with…

Angel Olsen
Big Thief
Sharon Van Etten
Peter Doherty
Ryan Smelle
Oli Spleen
The Strokes
Serj Tankian
Tess Parks
Wolf Vanwymeersch
Lee Rogers
Black Doldrums
Father John Misty
Principe Valiente
Fontaines D.C.
Kurt Vile

Don’t turn up the volume


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