Swedish Indies ICEAGE Announce Compilation Album And Share Captivating Slacker Cut ‘SHAKE THE FEELING’

21 August 2022

Who: Danish rockers who entered
the scene in 2008 / 5 albums so far

New album: SHAKE THE FEELING – Outtakes & Rarities 2015-2021
Release: 23 September – order info here

Comprising non-LP cuts (or, “misfit children,” as singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt says), Shake The Feeling features songs recorded during the band’s last three album cycles: 2014’s Plowing Into The Field Of Love, 2018’s Beyondless (2018), and the aforementioned Seek Shelter. Meanwhile, “Shake The Feeling” was written and recorded during the Beyondless sessions and at the time was left off for being too “happy go lucky.”

(photo by Turn Up the Volume!)

Rønnenfelt (frontman): ‘We thought this one to be a little too “nice” and well behaved at the time. I didnʼt want to learn the song, so I ended up improvising on the final take we did before abandoning it. In hindsight, I find the song to be completely sprawling with an impulsiveness difficult to capture on purpose. It has some of the guitar work Iʼm personally most proud of.”

Close your eyes and you’ll think that taster Shake The Feeling is a Dinosaur Jr song.

ICEAGE: Facebook – Spotify

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