YAZOO Released Debut Pop Opus ‘UPSTAIRS AT ERIC’S’ 40 Years Ago

Back in time

22 August 2022

Who: British shiny synth-pop duo with Depeche Mode‘s
co-founder Vince Clarke and supreme voice Alison Moyet.
Active: 1981–1983, 2008-2011 / 2 LPs

Anniversary album: UPSTAIRS AT ERIC’S
Released: 20 August 1982 – debut LP
Charts: #2 in the UK

Melody Maker
said: “An album of rich, dark passion, forever
burying the hoary old moan that electronics and synthesizers
will never be any good because they don’t have a button on
the front that says ’emotion'”

TUTV: 5-star voice, 5-star tunes, 5-star synth thrills.

Singles/clips: Don’t Go / Only You / Situation

– DON’T GO –



Stream the full album via Spotify


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