Album Of August 2022 – ‘GOD’S COUNTRY’ By Barbed Wire Noise Turbo CHAT PILE

2 September 2022

Who: Noize junks from Oklahoma City

Photo credit: Bayley Hanes.

Debut album: GOD’S COUNTRY
Released: 29 July 2022 – order info here

“There’s a sick irony to how a country that extols rhetoric of individual freedom, in the same gasp, has no problem commodifying human life as if it were meat to feed the insatiable hunger of capitalism. If this is American nihilism taken to its absolute zenith, then God’s Country, the first full length record from Oklahoma City noise rock quartet Chat Pile is the aural embodiment of such a concept.

TUTV says: This volcanic beast of a record predicts Doomsday as we know it with destructive cannonballs accompanied by horrific primal screams (actually, last screams)
to soundtrack the end-of-times exorcism at work here. The flabbergasting closing track grimace_smoking-weed tells you all about the album’s agony. It’s about going-totally-out-of-your-fucking-mind and not knowing if living or not living is the answer. God’s country? Are you kidding me? It’s Satan’s country now. Contender for album of the year! FACT! Let’s rock!

Singles/clips: Wicked Puppet Dance / Slaughterhouse



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