Post-Breakup Album – BECK Released ‘SEACHANGE’ 20 Years Ago

Back in time

25 September 2022

Artist: BECK
Born Bek David Campbell 52 years ago
Active: Since 1988 / 14 studio LPs (so far)

Anniversary album: SEACHANGE – his 8th LP
Released: 24 September 2002 – 20 years ago

Rolling Stone said: “It’s the best album Beck has ever made, and it sounds like he’s paid dearly for the achievement. He reportedly wrote these twelve wine-dark songs after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend… The Nick Drake and Syd Barrett comparisons are not idle flattery. Just as Mutations was Beck’s homage to Tropicalia — Brazil’s late-1960s revolution in art, sound and romanticism — Sea Change suggests that Beck has been studying the British early-1970s school of psychedelic-comedown melancholy… As a young folk singer at the turn of the Nineties, Beck set out to be his own Dylan. With Sea Change, he has made it the hard way, creating an impeccable album of truth and light from the end of love. This is his Blood on the Tracks.” Score: 5/5.

Singles/clips: Lost Cause / The Golden Age



Stream full album below

BECK: All Albums

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