Angry Young Man Poignancy Of BLACK FRANCIS Is Long Gone – PIXIES Have New Album ‘DOGGEREL’ Out

2 October 2022

Boston‘s noise-rock darlings PIXIES have no intention whatsoever to retire.

Their 9th album is out now. It’s baptized DOGGEREL. The post-punk vehemence
of the early days is long gone. Maestro Black Francis isn’t an angry young man anymore.
The challenges are less… challenging when one gets older.

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Lokerse Feesten, Belgium)

But Doggerel is too soft and too uninspired (except for a couple of avid singles).
The total opposite of their high-energizing live shows, still intact as I experienced
last summer when they played Hear Hear Festival in Belgium.

Order info here.

NME: “Doggerel’, in its hospitably decanted way, is every bit as transportive and absorbing as the early records, and further proof that Pixies’ music remains the alt-rock gold standard. Swill it around and savour.” Score: 3.5/5.

Singles/clips: Human Crime / There’s A Moon On / Dregs Of Wine




Full album stream on Spotify

PIXIES: Website – Instagram

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