New Zealand Bolide THE DATSUNS Released Their Debut Album 20 Years Ago

Back in time

7 October 2022

Who: Sturdy rockin’bolide from New Zealand
Active: 1998-present / 7 LPs (so far)

Anniversary album: THE DATSUNS
Released: 7 October 2002 – 20 years ago today

Uncut Magazine (UK) said: “It helps that these 10 primitive songs are excellent
and that The Datsuns attack them with such vehemently anti-ironic gusto.

Score: 3/5

TUTV: Like Deep purple if they had been a punk whirlwind. A stream of classic
rock riffs, classic guitar solos, and not-so-classic tunes except for a couple of
rowdy singles. Sweaty hard rock fun, just for a while.

Singles/clips: MF From Hell / Harmonic Generator



Stream the full album on Spotify

THE DATSUNS: Bio – Discography – Facebook

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