Never Mind The Wintertide – London Amazons BUGEYE Still Have A Hot ‘SUMMER IN THE CITY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

15 October 2022

Who: Female pop quartet from London blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy drum compactions & hi-rise guitar sculptures.


“A song that explores the highs and lows and stories of life in the city. From feeling like you’re winning in life, to turning a corner to tensions and violence, to dating app cringeworthy dating experiences and the death of David Bowie. It is a playful song that highlights our fickle nature and our scrolling boredom obsession.”

Turn Up The Volume: Time flies. It’s already 2 years since these 4 colorful Amazons
had their swinging dance-punk debut LP Ready Steady Bang out. But the wait is over. They just launched their new totally brisk single. It’s sexy bugglegum pop, it’s groovy electro funk, it’s effervescent fun.

All thanks to a bouncy bass riff, a steady drum beat, a rotating synth loop. But most of
all it’s the ladies’ lusty harmonies and the frolicsome hello chorus that instantly turned
a big smile on my face.

Never mind the wintertide Bugeye are back in the city. Party time!


Buy the single here

Also streaming on Spotify

BUGEYE: Facebook – Instagram

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