Happy 50 To Hip-Hop-Pop Marshall EMINƎM!

17 October 2022

Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born on 17 October 1972
in St. Joseph, Missouri, U.S. Happy 50 to rap hero EMINƎM
who put pop in hip-hop.

He canned 11 LPs between 1996 and today, with The Real Slim Shady (1999),
The Marshall Matters LP (2000) and The Eminem Show (2002) as his biggest blockbusters. His most recent one is Music To Be Murdered By, released in 2020.
He acted in movies now and then, with a leading role in the semi-autobiographical
drama movie 8 Mile (2002). Marshall’s still in the picture but his groundbreaking
heydays are over.

3 big EMINƎM moments

– STAN –
From ‘The Marshall Matters LP’ – 2000

From ‘The Eminem Show’ album – 2002

From the 8-MILE soundtrack (2002)

EMINƎM: Bio – Discography – Instagram

(Image on top: cover of ‘Lose Yourself’ single)

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