American Alt Duo LOW Released Their 6th Album ‘TRUST’ 20 Years Ago

Back in time

22 October 2022

Artists: LOW
Who: Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals) and his wife Mimi Parker (drums and vocals).
Active: Since 1993 / 13 studio LPs so far, with last year’s Hey What as the most recent one.

Anniversary album: TRUST
Released: 21 October 2002 – 20 years ago

AllMusic said: “As the follow-up to Low’s universally acclaimed Things We Lost in The Fire, Trust comes with a set of expectations that might be impossible to meet. To the band’s credit, Low doesn’t just rehash the territory they covered on their previous album; instead, Trust goes in several different directions, mixing dark, sweeping epics with smaller, unpretentious songs and eclectic productions and arrangements. It’s Low’s most diverse work yet, but as it turns out, also their most uneven, which is somewhat surprising considering how their previous album was both consistently inventive and familiar.” Score: 3.5/5.

Stream full album via Spotify

LOW: Facebook – All Albums

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