STEVIE WONDER Released His 15th Album (In 10 Years) ‘TALKING BOOK’ 50 Years Ago

Back in time

27 October 2022

Soul/funk virtuoso STEVIE WONDER (born 72 years ago) released one of his masterpiece LPs TALKING BOOK on 28 October 1972, 50 years ago, just after touring with The Rolling Stones.

It was his 15th album in only 10 years. Talking about a stream of creativity.
Afterward he slowed down with only 11 longplayers until this day.

It peaked at #3 in the US, #12 in Canada, and #16 in the UK.

Rolling Stone said: “Ambitious and richly-textured. Even at its dreamiest, the music has
a glowing vibrancy. An exceptional, exciting album, the work of a now quite matured genius
.” Score 5/5.

Singles/clips: Superstition /

Awesome master blaster

Pure soul splendor

Stream the full album via Spotify

STEVIE WONDER: Bio – Discography – Instagram

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