Wake-Up Call – HOTEL LUX Score With Groove And Move Single ‘NATIONAL TEAM’

Works faster than caffeine

27 October 2022

Who: Up-and-coming indie team
operating from South-London


Second single, following the first one Common Sense
from the forthcoming debut LP Hands Across The Creek,
out 27 January 2023 via The state51 Conspiracy

About the song: “The tune was conceived when I was sat watching
England’s National Football Team play on the TV whilst tucking into
a very sad takeaway, watching people my age and considerably
younger #winning at life.”

TUTV: Here comes a drop-dead cool foot stomper that grooves
and moves from left to right and back, activating all muscles in
your lazy body. The man in the middle Lewis Duffin lets his depressed
vocals roll over this striking score before a funky guitar solo ends
the game. Watch your back Fat White Familythis team is ready
to dribble you.

Press play and move your hips…

2023 Tour

HOTEL LUX: Facebook – Instagram

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