Best Album NOVEMBER 2022 – DECIUS VOL. 1 – Disco Fuel For 24-Hour Misfit Parties

29 November 2022

Who: Members of Trashmouth Records, Fat White Family (frontman Lias Saoudi)
& Paranoid London finding themselves climbing out of a hole together at a disco
after hours.

In their own words “Acid bath-house experiment with cosmic harmony, hard-line
diplomacy & a refusal of any individual to ever once conspicuously assert themselves,
we have at last arrived at a much dreamed of sonic & spiritual apex.”

Debut album: DECIUS VOL. 1.

TUTV: Imagine this. An obscure nightclub for all sorts of misfits such as SM fans,
physically unsatisfied individuals looking for sexual healing, gangbang addicts, nudists
(if you know Lias Saudi you know what I mean), unhappy sex workers, manic David Lynch characters, neurotic Brexit victims, horny breathers, sniffers, suckers, acid-house junks, erotica fanatics, lobotomized politicians, trashmouth artists, Andy Weatherall junks and
all other messed-up souls who hate reality and want to dance/party/fuck/hallucinate to stripped-down techno beats for 24 hours. E-tastic.

Singles/clips: Show Me No Tears / Look Like A Man



Hey wait, I’m also shaking my booty to this trippy marathon in my bloody kitchen,
with my Fat White Family t-shirt on, and a Red Bull in my hand. I guess, Decius, is for common people, like you and me too. Whatever, finish 2022 in a sassy style.
Decius Vol. 1 is the disco fuel that’ll help you to do so.

Stream/buy it here…

DECIUS: Instagram – Trashmouth Records

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