Mega Rap Star KANYE WEST Takes Another Horrible Step

After his anti-Semitic rants, after teaming up last week with his
buddy, misogynistic antisemitic white Christian nationalist Nick
(see below) for a dinner with his other buddy Donald Trump
(nice friends you have, Donald Dumped, so what’s new) Kanye West
took another horrible step.

Along with idiot Fuentes he did an on-camera interview yesterday
and among a lot of bollocks he said this shocking BS:: “I like Hitler.
I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis.”

Later that night, he posted this picture on Twitter.
A swastika inside a Star Of David.

Even for his other great right-wing friend, new Twitter-owner Elon Musk
this was one step too far and suspended West’s account for “violating again
our rule against incitement to violence”

Somebody should help the rap star with a lobotomy before he ends up
in jail, because he won’t/can’t stop, he lost all mind-control just like his
former White House resident friend has for a long time now.

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