BJÖRK Reveals Her Most Played Song Of The Past 20 Years

25 December 2022

Fairytale star BJÖRK revelaed the song she played the most
in the past 20 years. It’s called Kijom Kijom and is performed
by Indonesian artists Haba Haba Group.

“I’ve decided to play for you this song which is in my music library as the most played
song of the last 20 years. It’s by a band called Haba Haba Group, who are from Sumatra, Indonesia. This song is called ‘Kijom Kijom’.

“It’s almost like an Indonesian RnB tune before RnB was invented, from the 70s I think
this is. I really love this tune, everything about it: it’s sassy, sensual, picks up the energy
in the room. I just love it.”

BJÖRK: Instagram

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