Amazing New Album Artwork – Brooklyn’s Nightdreamers SPOLIGHTS And Their Upcoming 3rd LP

Eye-impressing album artwork

8 February 2023

Those sad, transfixing eyes stupefy and hypnotize

Who: Atmospheric bludgeoning trio from
Brooklyn founded by married couple Sarah
and Mario Quintero

New album: ALCHEMY FOR THE DEAD 3rd one.
Release: CD/digitally on 28th April, vinyl on 4th August.
Pre-order info here.

Mario Quintero “Pushing our own boundaries while creating something
cathartic, yet strangely suffocating, with new sounds and textures as well
as more personal and self-reflective themes, this album feels like a new fork
in the path for us. Hopefully the listeners will follow.”

First single: ALGORITHMIC

MQ: “For me, the song has a religious theme to it. It touches on the story
of resurrection and afterlife in this one narrative, while wondering, does
any of it really matter?”

An apocalyptic anthem for your favorite nightmare.

SPOTLIGHTS: Instagram – Facebook

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