New Albums 2023 – A CERTAIN RATIO With ‘1982’

Coming up

15 February 2023

Band: A CERTAIN RATIO (Greater Manchester)
Who: Art-funk collective who started their journey
back in 1978.
Active: 1977–present / 11 LPs (new one included)

New album: 1982
Out: 31 March 2023 – pre-order info here

(Press credit)

Info: “Looking backwards and forwards all at once, drawing on influences from across every spectrum, 1982 is an unpredictable record that will reward a dedicated listener dozens of times over.

Even by the band’s high standards – which includes a gleeful disregard for boundaries of style and genre, their eye fixed firmly on constant movement forwards – their latest studio album 1982 is multidimensional. Recorded by the core ACR line up of Jez Kerr, Martin Moscrop and Donald Johnson, alongside Tony Quigley, Matthew Steele and Ellen Beth Abdi, it shoots off in every direction, whether via searing Afrobeat, mind-melting jazz breakdowns or moody electronic experiments.

And the album title? Although 1982 might conjure memories of the year that saw ACR put out both the acclaimed Sextet and the cult favourite I’d Like To See You Again, it’s more of a playful red herring than an invitation to nostalgia.”

Singles/clips (so far): Samo / Waiting On A Train / Afro Dizzy

– SAMO –
Funky as hell

(feat. Ellen Beth Abdi & Chunky)

Massive Attack vibes

(feat. Ellen Beth Abdi)

Jungly breakbeats

ACR: Facebook – Instagram

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