Happy 90 YOKO ONO!

18 February 2023

YOKO ONO (小野洋子, Ono Yōko) was
born in Tokyo, on 18 February 1933.

Happy 90 to John Lennon‘s widow.

Whether you love or hate her, Ono was/is a legendary multimedia artist,
singer-songwriter, peace activist, humanist, and a flamboyant personality
who was married to Beatles icon John Lennon from 1969 to 1980, the year
her husband was shot by a mentally ill individual.

Most of her haters blamed Yoko for breaking up The Fab Four and turning
John into her slave and influencing his music in a negative way. But Macca,
and George Harrison said, more than once, after the split that the
relational/musical problems of the band started long before Ono arrived.

The end of the best group ever was already written on the wall. Here’s my
middle finger to all Yoko Ono haters who had no clue whatsoever who she
really was.

Three great Yoko Lennon Ono moments.

– Hell In Paradise –
Funky dance track/single from her 1985 solo LP ‘Starpeace’.

– We’re All Water –
A track that she wrote for The Plastic Ono Band‘s
1972 album Sometime In New York City

A live version with John on guitar.

With John at the infamous Toronto Festival in 1969.

YOKO ONO: Bio – Discography – Instagram

(Image on top: cover of her ‘I’m A Witch’ album)

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