Swedish Songstress DOTTIE ANDERSSON With Mesmeric Pop Rush ‘HEAVY OBJECTS’

1 March 2023

Photo Credit: Nic Schoppet

Who: A songstress from Småland, Sweden. Hailing from a musical background, Andersson would grow up as part of the band Ason, along with her three younger sisters playing live. Solo she takes inspiration from songsmiths Bon Iver, Veronica Maggio and Phoebe Bridgers,

Debut single: HEAVY OBJECTS

“It’s a song about letting go of the emotions and situations that
drag you down. It conveys sweet melancholy, charming cheekiness
and a hint of stubbornness, all held together by her pin sharp attitude.

TUTV: Heavy Objects is a mesmeric rush of adrenalin from start to finish.
A spellbinding, guitar-tingling, synth-glistening pop-tastic tune. Trust me
one spin and your sold. These are the songs the repeat button was
invented for.

Listen here.

DOTTIE ANDERSSON: Facebook – Instagram

Any connection with horror the
classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

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