TOM WAITS Released Debut Album ‘ CLOSING TIME’ 50 Years Ago – Anniversary Vinyl Edition In June

14 March 2023

Last week, 6 March, the magnific debut album CLOSING TIME
by the singing barfly legend TOM WAITS turned 50.

To celebrate an anniversary vinyl edition will be available from June 2 in
black and clear versions as a double 180g LP cut at 45 RPM with half-speed
mastering by London’s Abbey Road Studios. Pre-order info here.

Rolling Stone wrote 50 years again: “His voice is self-mocking, bordering on self-pity, and most of his songs could be described as all-purpose lounge music … a style that evokes an aura of crushed cigarettes in seedy bars and Sinatra singing “One for My Baby.” In both his songs and in his lazy, strolling piano playing, he parodies the lounge music sub-genre so perfectly that we wonder if he’s putting us on or if he’s for real, and it is his especial triumph that in the end he has it both ways: He is able to deliver whole both the truth and the sham of the music.”

Back sleeve


TOM WAITS: Website – Instagram

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