Passionate Post-Punk Band CROSS WIRES Share Details Of 2nd LP – Hear 4 Tracks

24 March 2023

British post-punk 4-piece CROSS WIRES impressed
Turn Up The Volume‘s ears with their sharp-cutting
debut full-length A Life Extinct back in 2019.

Review fragment: “Not only do they deliver a series of red-hot cutting rippers but, lyrically, they unveil their loud and clear views on our society. They tackle all sorts of social injustices that still undermine and influence our daily life. Their anger-driven songs awake every nerve in your body and their energetic and in-your-face dynamism makes your blood stream faster. We need honest bands like this in these worrying times This biting team matters, this vital debut LP matters, this kind of outspoken engagement matters.

The band just announced details of their sophomore album, named
YESTERDAY IN MOURNING. It will be out on 5 May (Vinyl/digitally).

Pre-order info here.

About: “Yesterday In Mourning’ is an album about the love you once felt.
The milk turned sour. It’s an album about regret. About loss. An album about
the grief we carry with us and the ghosts that haunt us.”

(So far) CW shared 4 tracks.

Grand, electric
guitar/synth gem.

“I’m damaged.
Drag you down with me.
A breakdown.
Dark energy.
A shifting to another place.
Love fading.
Hides it’s face.”

An agitated fear of abandonment rush.

A barbed post-breakup stroke.

Fuzzy psych cut fueled with
wah-wah guitar resonance.

“The last cup you drank from I never washed up.
Is that pathetic? There’s a book on the coffee table
that you never finished.”

CROSS WIRES: Facebook – Instagram

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