Debut Album Of The Month – Canadian Songwriter Known As MILES FROM NOWHERE With The Magnificent ‘SLOW DOWN’

31 March 2023

Who: The moniker of indie songsmith
Miles Evans-Branagh from Hamilton, Ontario.

Debut album: SLOW DOWN

Miles: “Slow Down offers a clear message: it’s not about where you’ve been,
where you are, or where you’re going, what matters is who you’re with.”

TUTV: Eight songs. Eight musings. Eight engrossing compositions with one and
the same message: get high on life with love. Craftily written, subtly arranged, and graciously orchestrated with intimate, soulful charm and stylish elegance that moves
and touches.

I’ll give you some hints. The ghostly atmospherics of Sparklehorse (Garden / Museum / Passenger), the great late genius Prince in funky slo-mo (What Am I To Do?), and the romanticism of Father John Misty (Last Forever / Get Up, Get Dressed). No, I’m not just throwing around some big names for no reason. Slow Down is a marvelous feat that
excels at uncomplicated, yet oh-so-affecting singer-songwriting finesse.

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