Waking Up With German Doom And Gloom Outfit ANTIROPE And Their Apocalyptic Drone ‘DEAD SUN’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

28 May 2023

German doom metal band ANTIROPE are gearing up
for the launch of their debut album, titled Amnesia,
out on 30 June via Eclipse Records.

Following the haunting lead single Beautiful Liar
comes taster number two named DEAD SUN.

Slaven Stokic: “The reference to being ‘under a dead sun’ reflects a feeling
of being trapped or stuck in a stagnant, lifeless state. It signifies a sense of
disconnect from dreams, aspirations or a higher purpose and resonates with
the underlying emotions conveyed in the song. I think the visual elements of
the video really enhance the emotional impact of the music. The video kind of
invites you to engage with the theme of the song and connect with the idea of
being trapped in a lifeless reality.”

TUTV: Dead Sun is a slo-mo doom and gloom juggernaut with a titan resonance.
It has a prompt effect on your stereo, on your ears and your mind with its menacing metallic progression, its cataclysmic rhythm section, its hallucinatory vocals and
its pitch-black imagery.

The tone is apocalyptic, the sound is apocalyptic, the soul is apocalyptic. And the
freaked-out guitar solo accentuates the ill-omened sonic picture of this cast iron
drone. It’s the end of the world as we know it, but the question is if it feels fine?


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