TURN UP THE VOLUME’s JUKEBOX 2023 – 10 New Tracks Added Every Week

Every week 10 new rad tracks added

In order to not miss a beat Turn Up The Volume scans the musical
horizon daily (doing it for years now, actually) to stay in touch with
all new things sonically great and shares the results on a weekly

Check the 10 new rad pieces just
added to this rad 2023 playlist.


1. ‘Countdown To Shutdown’ by THE HIVES (Sweden)

Second shared blast from the Swedish punk wackos’ upcoming new album
named The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons (I have no clue who that is),
out on 11 August.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

2. ‘Goon’ by OSEES (L.A.)

New riff monster by 24/7 riff maniac John Dwyer and his Osees gang.
New longplayer, titled Intercepted Message lands in August.

(Press pic)

3. ‘Algorithms’ by KASABIAN (Leicester, UK)

Last year, the lauded rockers returned with new LP The Alchemist’s Euphoria.
Now to start the festival season they dropped this totally new catchy track.

(Frontman Serge Pizzorno – photo by Turn Up The Volume)

4. ‘Principle Of Gender’ by SEAN GRANT & THE WOLFGANG (Newport Pagnell, UK)

Dark-Goth-wave corker which bursts with a haze of tribal splendour and a reckoning that “This death is not the end, just a return, transcend.” From their new spellbinding 4-track EP Kybalion, Pt. 1

5. ‘Kader’ by DUNYA (Hamburg, Germany)

Passionate power pop with a melodramatic resonance. A song about fate
driven by anger and rage. From their brand new excellent album Zaman.

(Photo by Lukas Drude)


Los Angeles’ garage-psych-punk bolide with new slam dunk
from their forthcoming LP DATA DOOM, out on 1 September.

(Photo by James Duran)

7. ‘Music Video’ by ODDYSSEYS (Chicago)

Speedy garage punk madness pushed by an insane bass riff that
does your head in.
From this turbo’s upcoming EP ‘Misremember’, out on 1st of July.

8. ‘Complain!’ by HYPOTHETICS (Bristol, UK)

Ever heard post-punk, prog-rock, psych mania and ska in one and
the same track? I did, just now. It’s pretty ace. From brand-new
4-track EP Gets Let Down!

(Photo by Holly Whittaker)

9. ‘Coming Home’ by DEXYS (UK)

New feel-good piece from the famous British soul-pop combo’s, led
by Kevin Rowland, new longplayer The Feminine Divine, coming up on
July 28.

(Press photo)

10. ‘Pink Shell’ by KING KRULE (London)

Amazeballs jazzy punk rant from Krule‘s new LP Space Heavy.


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