Waking Up With Canadian Rockers VICKY VON VICKY And Their New Steamy Stunner ‘JEALOUSY’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant


20 June 2023

Who: Indie rock act from Toronto. After the release of 2 LPs they
took a hiatus in the early 2000s. Now, after two decades, VVV are
back in town.

New single: JEALOUSY
Essentially, a break-up song that doesn’t dwell on your typical anxiety & heartbreak.
It is an uplifting indie rock anthem that guides the listener through the story of a relationship gone sour, with the narrator in a seemingly state of bliss throughout,
and is ultimately content at the conclusion.

The single’s image of 2 dragonflies is a simple way to show how one living thing can envy another

TUTV: Jealousy is an irresistible pop tune amplified by an army of frenzied guitars and a titanic sing-along chorus. Ridiculously catchy for the full 3.33 minutes. Not really a happy song as it’s about a break-up, but you can’t but pirouette yourself totally dizzy to this wham bam glam banger. I love the smell of uppers like this in the morning.

Press play.

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