THE PRETENDERS Joined By Riot-Gun Drummer DAVE GROHL And JOHNNY MARR At Glastonbury Yesterday For ‘TATTOOED LOVE BOYS’

25 June 2023

(Pic by Turn Up The Volume, last month in Belgium, unfortunately without Grohl and Marr)

This year’s legendary British Glastonbury Festival edition is in full swing.
And as happens frequently, artists invite other artists to join them for a
couple of songs.

That’s what CHRISSIE HYNDE and THE PRETENDERS did yesterday. They invited
foo fighter Dave Grohl, who hit his drumsticks as if he was shooting a riot gun,
and former The Smiths‘ guitar hero Johnny Marr (who used to play live for a while
with The Pretenders, years ago).

All together, they went for a stormy version The Pretenders‘ rocker
TATTOOED LOVE BOYS (from their 1980 self-titled debut LP).



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