YARD ACT – Leeds’ Indie Sensation Are Back With Techno-Punk Stomper ‘THE TRENCHCOAT MUSEUM’

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13 July 2023

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I remember writing about YARD ACT‘s first single Fixer Upper back in 2020: “This funky as bloody hell banger sounds as if Mike Skinner and Sleaford Mods joined forces to experiment with intoxicating guitar riffs and turn up the decibels on for a change.”

At the same time, I thought that YA was another staggering indie outfit that would
be overlooked by the masses and the mainstream. Wrong. Their fucktastic 2022 debut
THE OVERLOAD was wildly applauded and went to #2 on the UK Charts. Suddenly the band was all over the place. On TV shows (even in America), in magazines, on the internet, on playlists etc. They became a mainstream success which I’m sure helped/helps other
alt artists to get noticed.

Enough said.

YA has canned their second LP and start their return with a smashing
standalone single named THE TRENCHCOAT MUSEUM.

Frontman John Smith spoke to NME: “It’s a stand-alone single and not on the next record.
It sets up the second album; it just didn’t fit correctly on it. It’s about how our perception of everything shifts both collectively and individually over time at speeds we simply can’t measure in the moment. Within whatever space in society we occupy, we often see our own beliefs as being at the absolute pinnacle of what should be the ‘cultural norm’ and whilst the completely human trait of being self-assured can’t be helped, it’s an absolute hindrance on our collective process. We are one etc. (Are we fuck).”

The Trenchcoat Museum is an 8+ minute dancefloor filler infused with a flabbergasting bass riff, spiced with Smith‘s parlando vocals, schizo guitars and yes, cowbells. I guess that for the second half of this super-duper knockout, Smith left the studio for a cup of tea. Anyway, from there on jumbo techno-like beats take over. Holy shit!

Move your ass.

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