Wham T.Rex Bam – CLONE Go Back To The 70s With New Glam Slam ‘QUEEN’

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17 July 2023


Who: A lush rock ’n’ roll collage outfit from Vancouver, Canada that fuses the sequined swagger of 70’s glam with the DIY gut punch of early punk and polishes it all off with the audacious vocals of contemporary pop. Familiar yet totally unique, CLONE revitalizes the glory days, reminding us what rock and roll is all about.

New single: QUEEN

Juniper Watters (lead singer): “This was my way of honoring those
daring women who fought and won in a world dominated by men.”

Watters also says she is extremely inspired by drag culture and is a huge
supporter of the drag community. She identifies as a bio queen and the
single Queen is also a celebration of her drag character, Rocket Science.

TUTV: The early 70s glam and glitter legends T.Rex, fronted by the late great and utterly charismatic rock hero Marc Bolan never vanished as they influenced several generations of musicians/artists/bands and still do today. Queen sounds like an exuberant tribute ode to them.

This wham bam slam is all about those British swinging 70s trashy riffs, groovy hooks and flashy licks. It also echoes Bowie‘s smashing 1974 hit Rebel Rebel. And I can’t but think of glam rock icon Suzy Quatro when front Amazon Juniper Watters comes on with her sensual and sultry vocals. She’s not a clone, she’s for real, she’s the perfect queen for this firecracker.

Big tune, big beats, big riffage, big visuals, big fun.

The accompanying video was directed and edited by guitarist Kelly Zombor and Watters. The clip focuses on the band performing in a featureless white environment with each member dressed in white while playing white instruments. This limited palate is juxtaposed against wildly colorful scenes of Rocket Science playing two different Queens: the Virgin Mary and the Red one.



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