NOBODY Is A Finnish Somebody With His New Introspective Reverie ‘EXCOMMUNICATED’

New striking strokes

8 August 2023

Album artwork

Artist: NOBODY
Who: A one-man dark acoustic prog folk
rock act fronted by Tuomas Kauppinen.

Photo by Mikke Strandberg


First shared piece from his forthcoming album called
Hyperborean Ecstasy. Out on September 14.

Pre-order info here.

Kauppinen about the song: “The word “trauma” derives from Greek
and means “wound”. If a person is wounded profoundly, their life will be
altered in a manner that can be either debilitating or liberating. This song
deals with such an injury.”

TUTV: If you see the artwork of the upcoming LP and the song’s title
Excommunicated, I was expecting some deafening metal. No, it’s just
the opposite. What you get is an introspective ‘I don’t belong here‘ reverie.
Think Nick Drake and Elliott Smith. Intimate and heavy-hearted accentuated
by his moody acoustic guitar play.

It’s a candlelight contemplation for quiet moments when melancholia strikes
you. Now, I guess the monster on the album’s artwork is actually Kauppinen‘s
visualization of his demon.

Nobody is definitely somebody.



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