LOSSLINE – Heavyhearted Manchester Duo Allure Again With New Pearl ‘DATE NIGHT’

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11 September 2023

LOSSLINE is Manchester-based singer/songwriter tandem – Jack and Adam – who, as they state themselves, love to write sad songs. Check out their 2 albums (so far), Fading Affect Bias (2021) and When I Look Out There Are No Stars (2022) on their Spotify account.

They now have a brand-new single out, named DATE NIGHT.

Adam: “Often it’s better to let people decide what songs mean to them but this song is
a bit of a narrative one so maybe it’s ok to talk about it a bit. It’s a vague and blurry tale of a wild night, where things get out of your control and you just go with the flow, but as the night draws on you start to reflect and wonder if you’ve done something wrong and spiral in to guilt.

As all songs there’s a hint of personal truth to it, but the actual events are composite. The first verses are about gigs Adam went to in 2022, his friend is a massive metal head and Adam came along to some really heavy gigs with him. It was an odd experience where Adam felt out of place and like he didn’t quite bling which red in to the lyrics here. The second half is more about the feeling described above but the idea of a cowboy hat flying through the air is an ode to a CMAT gig Adam went to where a lot of the crowd had cowboy hats on, a funny image that the last you saw of your partner was their hat flying through the air.”

TUTV: To be honest I’m a sucker for heartfelt lullabies/ballads. And that’s a musical mood territory Lossline excell in, which they prove once more with Date Night. Although, sonically here they combine tranquil lullaby intimacy – mesmerising piano play and near-whispering vocals – with fully orchestrated passion, winning your heart over second by second.

Probably the best ever Lossline piece. It should have been – no, I’m not joking – a bonus track on The National‘s new bewitching album First Two Pages Of Frankenstein. I’m sure you get the vibe at work here by now. A pure pearl.



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