5 October 2023

Californian rock legend Steven Haworth Miller was
born on 5 October 1943 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.

Happy 80.

He started his fantastic career way back in 1967. With his band
he fabricated 19 studio LPs with Let Your Hair Down as the most
recent one (2011).

His most famous and masterly longplayer is, unquestionably,
Fly Like An Eagle. It was the band’s 9th LP, released in 1976.
A critical and commercial success. #3 in the US, #11 in the UK
and #4 in Canada.

And it’s key single Rock ‘N’ Me is
a timeless classic played here live
in Chicago in 2009. Bang-on.

I went from Phoenix, Arizona
All the way to Tacoma
Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A.
Northern California
Where the girls are warm
So I could hear my sweet baby say

Rock ‘n’ me.
Rock ‘n’ you.
Rock ‘n’ all of us

STEVE MILLER BAND: Story – All Albums

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