THE POLICE Released Their Debut Album ‘OUTLANDOS D’AMOUR’ 45 Years Ago Today

2 November 2023

The iconic trio THE POLICE released their debut longplayer
45 years ago today, on 2 Nov 1978.

The working title, ‘Police Brutality,’ was changed to make is sound more
romantic. The title loosely translates as ‘Outlaws of Love’ but the term
‘Outlandos‘ is actually a mix of the words for ‘Outlaws‘ and ‘Commandos.’

BBC Music: “‘Outlandos d’Amour’ is not only the first Police album, it’s their best.
Like many great works of art, the band’s debut LP initially flopped along with the single ‘’Roxanne’’. Impoverished, they set off across America in 1978. On their return, buoyed
by favourable reviews in the states they re-released the single which soon climbed to
number 12, and also taking Outlandos d’Amour into the album charts. After that,
there was no looking back for the threesome.”

Glorious single ‘Roxanne’


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