Notorious Music Website STEREOGUM Reveals Its List Of 40 Best New Bands Of 2023

13 November 2023

Slowly but surely all sorts of best-of-2023 lists will get pop up.

Notorious American music website STEREOGUM founded in 2002 and
winner of many awards, is the first with a 2023 list: 40 Best New Bands.
Check them all out HERE.

TURN UP THE VOLUME picked 5 of their 40.

(Brooklyn, NY)

Part scrawling dance-punk, part feverish anxiety attack, all swagger.

(Nashville, TN)

They unleash rapid-fire chaos. Their debut LP is 20 minutes long.

(Dublin, Ireland)

Off-kilter rock music, filled with massive choruses and an infectious rage.

(London, UK)

Their songs are jangly and romantic, as enthusiastic as they are fast.

(London, UK)

Slicer make music as cut-throat and deranged as their name suggests.

By the way, none of Stereogum‘s 40 new bands list
is on my best-new-bands-2023 list. I’ll come up with
my picks later.

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