Dirty Mothergroover MAXIME ROUQUART Stuns With Debut Album ‘HOMO ECLECTICUS’

7 May 2021

Artist: MAXIME ROUQUART(Belgium)
Who: Multi-faceted musician blending a
swath of different shades of rock and pop.

Album: HOMO ECLECTICUS – debut album
Released: 7 May 2021

Press info: “Homo Eclecticus takes you on a journey through the music that informed his formative years as a musician. Drawing ideas from the heavier and more alternative side of music in the 90s and early 00s, Maxime Rouquart effortlessly pulls the rug from under the listener time and time again, and to great effect too.

Maxime Rouquart about the record: “An audience today deserves more than another
bloated album consisting of mainly filler. So I took it up as a challenge; If I can’t convince
you in 7 tracks, then what’s the point?”
Damn right he is.

Turn Up The Volume: My aural verdict is simple: this homo musicus delivered, without
a shadow of a doubt, one of the best debut albums of 2021. He grooves your ass off with funktastic drones on Dirty Motherfucker, Live Laugh Love, Jaguar Boogie and Dedication, he trips like Beck on The Feels Are Good and Ecstasy Street and closes his firstborn with a slow-moving lockdown blues jam. This man has refined ears, a diverse musical taste and the skills of a clever sonic architect who knows how to build an imposing motherrocker of a record. Only 7 tracks, 25 minutes? Exactly enough to convince your feet, legs and head to shake your booty.

Video for The Feels Are Good

Discover Homo Eclecticus


The dirty mothergroover and his band…

(Photo by Gregory Vlieghe)

Saturday Night Funk Fever With A CERTAIN RATIO And Brand New EP ‘ACR: EPA’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

7 May 2021

Band: A CERTAIN RATIO (Greater Manchester)
Who: Art-funk collective who started their journey
back in 1978.

Info (via Mute Records): Back in March 2020, ACR gathered at Oxygene in
Salford for an informal weekend of studio time. With no fixed agenda, and no
preconceived ideas, the band – Denise Johnson, Tony Quigley, Matthew Steele, Jez
Kerr, Donald Johnson and Martin Moscrop
– all got together in part to celebrate
completing the mix of their first new album in over a decade, ACR Loco.

The sessions that followed are unmistakably ACR: the energy and chemistry
of the band evokes the unbridled joy of their live performances and the
effortless fusing of the genre that has become their trademark.

ACR: “We’re so happy with the results and the outcome and hopefully this release
gives an insight into how much fun and energy Denise would always bring to a
session when we recorded together.”

This EP will always be a striking and heartbreaking memory of Denise Johnson ,
the magnificent soul voice, who sadly passed away last year in July. She was
only 56. Rest in peace.

ACR about Denise: “Denise was on top form and you will hear in places that she
isn’t actually singing words because we hadn’t written all the lyrics yet. At the end of
‘Down and Dirty’ you can hear us cheering in the background as Denise had completed
yet another fantastic vocal take and was laughing and saying ‘I enjoyed that’. We wanted
to keep all her laughter and our response in the track as it has such warmth and it
highlights the real Denise, always laughing and smiling and full of passion.”

Here’s the Saturday Night ACR Fever video for Keep It Together

Turn Up The Volume about the EP: ACR are as relevant as back in their Factory days.
ACR still knows how to fill a dance floor. ACR still has a sassy sonic soul. Have yourself a party. Start with foreplay track ‘Wonderland‘, then get steamed-up for the funky-as-hell-stomper ‘Keep It Together‘, keep on movin’ and groovin’ with Talking Heads vibe ‘Down And Dirty‘ before chilling out to ‘Feel No Fear‘. That felt mighty good, right? You betcha.

You can buy the EP
on Bandcamp

Dates: here

(image Denise Johnson: cover of her ‘Where Does It Go’ album)

JEFF BECK – Second Highly Influential (Solo) LP ‘WIRED’ Released 45 Years Ago

7 May 2021


Album: WIRED
Released: 1 May 1976 – 45 years ago

AllMusic/Mark Kirschenmann: “‘Wired’ contains some of the best jazz-rock
fusion of the period. ‘Wired’ is generally more muscular, albeit less-unique than
its predecessor, ‘Blow by Blow’… Within a two-year span, the twin towers ‘Blow by
Blow’ and ‘Wired’ set a standard for instrumental rock that even Beck has found
difficult to match. On Wired, with first-rate material and collaborators on hand,
one of rock’s most compelling guitarists is in top form.”

Full review here . Score: 4.5/5.

One of the highlights of the LP (written by jazz icon Charles Mingus)

Full album…

JEFF BECK: Website

THE DURUTTI COLUMN – Deluxe Edition Of 1994 LP ‘SEX & DEATH’ Out Now

7 May 2021

Band: THE DURUTTI COLUMN (Manchester)
Who: The project and band of guitarist Vini Reilly (67)
who started his still ongoing career in 1978.

Big fans…
Brian Eno ‘s all-time favorite album is TDC‘s 2nd LP LC (1981)
RHCP‘s guitarist John Frusciante: “Reilly is the best guitarist in the world.

Vini Reilly himself: “People say the Durutti Column is this or that. I don’t care,
so long as we make good music. There’s screaming feedback on some tracks,
heavy metal guitar, Spanish picking. It’s not just this ethereal trip. Don’t listen
to the form, never listen to the form. Listen to the content.”

On the cover of The Wire – 1995

Album: SEX & DEATH – originally released in 1995
via Factory Records – the band’s 11th LP

Select (British music magazine) wrote at the time:
The perfect easy listening album for 1994″

Info: The writing and recording of Sex And Death closed an uncertain
period for Reilly and the group following the collapse of Factory Records
in 1992. Factory founder Tony Wilson remained in post as manager of the
band, but Sex And Death would be the band’s last album with producer
Stephen Street, famed for his work with Morrissey, The Smiths and Blur.

Deluxe Edition: Expanded 2xLP and 2xCD edition.
Newly remastered with several bonus tracks.
Released: 23 April 2021 via Factory Benelux
Order info: here.

Stream full original LP here…


Join Brighton Romantics SEADOG And Their Sonic Psych Dream ‘TIDAL WAVE’

6 May 2021

Who: The project of Brighton-based musician and songwriter Mark Benton and
Tom Chadd and their eclectic troupe of performers that create dream-pop songs.
They combine a variety of influences into a myriad sound of lullabies with anthemic electric and acoustic textures.

Title track from upcoming album, out 14 May via Gardener’s Delight.

Score: A starry-eyed guitar pop groove, a sonic psych dream, with imagery of our unpredictable nature in the back. Floating harmonies and a 90s British shoegaze touch transfer you to a less worrying place. Just imagine you’re on cloud nine, close your eyes and take a break from these bizarro times while watching the accompanying video clip, bringing the early hallucinatory colors of Pink Floyd on a big screen in an obscure club in the 60s to mind.

Roll the tape…

SEADOG: Facebook