Psychedelic Boston Dreamers VIOLET NOX Take You On A Space Odyssey

Daily electricity to load your batteries

1 August 2021


Who: Electronic-experimental, dark ambient, sonic cosmic drone
collaborative project with spacey shoegaze textural walls of sound,
using synths, guitar, effect pedals, turntables, vocals, drum machines,
and beats.

Single: HAUMEA
From new excellent EP Whispering Galaxy

If Syd Barrett wasn’t kicked out of the band, Pink Floyd‘s mega masterpiece
Dark Side Of The Moon would have sounded far more spacey, adventurous and uncompromising. Yes, something like this sonic hallucination, with multiple layers
of scintillating synths designing the fitting atmosphere for a 2021 Space Odyssey.
Add ghostly voices, otherworldly electronica sounds, and hazy reverberations and
what you get in the end is the tantalizing theme track for a  new sci-fi movie.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re floating in space…

Can’t get enough?
Here’s the EP in full…

VIOLET NOX: Facebook

Soulful Sunday With Legend JACKSON BROWNE – New Album ‘DOWNHILL FROM EVERY WHERE’ Out Now

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

1 August 2021

Artist: JACKSON BROWNE (age: 72)
Active: since 1966 / 15 studio albums
(including the new one)

New album: Downhill From Everywhere
Released: 30 July 2021

One of those imperishable artists from bygone hippie times.
One of those legendary Americana masters of songwriting.

AllMusic says: “An album full of strong performances, few missteps,
and the weary charisma that has been one of the singer’s hallmarks.
A half-century into his career, that timeless feeling that signified even
Browne’s earliest releases is still present, if ever-so-slightly more
shopworn by time’s passing.”

Don’t move an inch, have yourself a lazy Sunday…

JACKSON BROWNE: All AlbumsWebsite

Shout It Out Loud For Norwegian Riot Rock Grrls THE COCKTAIL SLIPPERS – New Single ‘BE THE ONE’

Daily electricity to fuel your batteries

31 July 2021

Who: All-female rock team from Oslo, Norway
Active: since 2001 / 5 studio albums (including the
new one)

“When we’re not hanging out as a band, we’re hanging out
as friends, with and without our families.”

Produced: by Steven Van Zandt and Mike Hartung
Release: 17 September 2021 via Wicked Cool Records

New single: BE THE ONE – brand new single from the LP
About: the magic of spilling beer and falling in love.

I know it’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but I definitely like it when these riot rock grrls
throw a wild party, turn up the volume and shout it out loud. Be the One is
a vintage Cocktail Slippers jackhammer fueled by Eddie Van Halen guitars,
driven by peppery pop-punk pithiness, seasoned with sensual vocals and
served with a glam and glitter chorus.

Our troubled planet has enough of the surreal pandemic that impacts our
lives for more than 18 months now. ‘I want to break free’ sang Freddy Mercury
a long time ago. That’s exactly what we all want NOW. Time to pump our fists,
play air guitar and go ballistic. Time to feel alive again.

Right here, right here now…

Stream/buy all 6 shared singles…


New album SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! arrives on 17th September – order info here

Red-Hot-Blooded Passion With MATTER OF MIND And Their New Emo-Slam ‘TAKE IT BACK’

New sonic impulses

31 July 2021

Who: Emo rockers out of Stockport, England

New single: TAKE IT BACK

J Lambert-Philp (vocals) says: “It was one of the most cathartic songwriting experiences
we’ve had as a band to date. The song is very self-reflective whilst also acting like a mirror of someone else’s actions. It almost portrays a feeling of realising everything you thought was right, was all wrong. It goes to show that yourself and others’ actions affect each other more than most probably realise.”

Turn Up The Volume: Expect a fully charged outburst of red-hot-blooded passion
and a thunderous eruption of emotions. This s a massive tune with multiple layers of bulldozing guitars, manic drum punches, and a titanic vocal wall-of-energy. Check your speakers’ resilience before this boiling haymaker comes on. Impressive slam!

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THE POP GROUP – 1979 Debut Album ‘Y’ Returns In Dub With DENNIS BOVELL

31 July 2021

Who: Legendary, sound-exploring
and outspoken Bristol post-punks

Album: Y IN DUB

Info: ‘Y in Dub’ is a 9-track collection of heavyweight dub versions that match the
prodigious intensity of their source material. The release reflects the enterprising
originality of the dub and reggae music that inspired The Pop Group, as well as the
legendary ingenuity of their longstanding collaborator Dennis Bovell, recently awarded
an MBE for his services to music, might we add… The original material is submerged and prolonged, shattered, splintered, and sculpted into turbulent, contrasting forms which
deviate from the original tracks in compelling, unexpected ways.

Release: Via Mute on CD and digitally on October 29th, 2021, with the vinyl release
set to follow at a later date due to ongoing worldwide production issues with vinyl.

Order info: here

L to r: Dub expert Dennis Bovell, frontman Mark Stewart, multi-instrumentalist Gareth Sager

Mark Stewart (frontman): “Dub to me is the music of chance.
A teenage dream come true – at last – this one’s for the explorers.”

AllMusic said about the original LP: “Y sounds like a call for revolution, a fearless salvo on behalf of a creative vision without compromise of any form. Decades after its release, Y remains a challenging work that feels contemporary, and much of the experimental rock community is still trying to catch up with it.”

First taster: Words Disobey Me

Full tracklist:

1. Thief of Fire (Dub Version)
2. Snowgirl (Dub Version)
3. Blood Money (Dub Version)
4. Savage Sea (Dub Version)
5. We Are Time (Dub Version)
6. Words Disobey Me (Dub Version)
7. Don’t Call Me Pain (Dub Version)
8. Boys From Brazil (Dub Version)
9. Don’t Sell Your Dreams (Dub Version)

Original artwork

Original album

(group photo via Mute)

Album Of The Month – Berlin Based Artist ANIKA With Red Room Album ‘CHANGE’

Best album of July 2021

31 July 2021

Artist: ANIKA
Who:: Fascinating Berlin-based artist Annika Henderson who released
her wayward, self-titled solo debut LP in 2010. She also made two
notable LPs with Exploded View. You can stream Obey (2018) and
Exploded View (2016) here.

New Album: CHANGE
Released: 23 July 2021 via Nevada Records

Anika: “It’s a moment caught in time. This album had been planned for a little
while and the circumstances of its inception were quite different to what had been
expected. This colored the album quite significantly. The lyrics were all written there
on the spot. It’s a vomit of emotions, anxieties, empowerment, and of thoughts like,
“How can this go on? How can we go on?”

Key-line: “I think we can change, we all have things
to learn, about ourselves and about each other.”

AllMusic/Heather Phares says: “Change’s artful, heartfelt expressions of frustration
and hope aren’t just perfect for the transformative time in which they appeared, they’re
also an exciting and satisfying reintroduction to Anika the solo artist.”

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume
says: I can’t help it but from the first spin on of this most
intriguing longplayer, images of the mysterious Red Room in Twin Peaks popped
up on the screen in my head. The red-blooded color, the uncanny atmosphere, the
chill-out tune in that specific scene (listen below). Anika would fit in there just perfectly.
Her bewitching intonation, her magnetic timbre, her human-mind quest, her jazzy Kraut-pop-esque euphony, all contribute to the scarlet shadows wandering in my mind when listening to Change, again and again.

Singles/clips: Finger Pies / Rights / Change




Stream/buy CHANGE here…

ANIKA: Facebook

All info via Nevada Records