Synth-Guitar Pop Romantics INSOMNIAC BEARS Have Their Sparkly Debut Album ‘NEWFOUND SPRAWL’ Out

25 November 20222

(Photo: Anne Valeur)

Who: Norwegian art-rock group producing a progressive mix of retro and
futuristic sounds, creating a unique atmosphere with pop sensibility.

The band’s debut longplayer.

Press info: On their debut the group`s edge bares signs of elegant vulnerability in their most expressive songwriting and expansive production yet. The album`s intimate origins – days on end spent in the studio during a pandemic winter – are reflected in its exploratory flourishes and heavy experiments. There are weightless falsetteos, restless guitar solos, and refrains that crash like tidal waves.

With high-level intensity and addictively turbulent hooks, it feels propulsive and surprising until the very end. An ambitious combination of ferocious guitar licks and gleaming pop melodies that pierce through a heavy psychedelic undertone. Somewhere in between crafting pop and creating art they take us to unexplored territory with sprightly prog-rock figures and distinctly indie-sounding anthems. Expect sharp compositions sprawling with intuitive charm and immediate melodies with a roaring largesse.

This Norwegian combo knows how to create layered synth/guitar pop symphonies. Stylish orchestrated and arranged with Fleet Foxes-like harmonious (including new female member/vox Gunhild Ramsay Kovacs) and inventive song structures. It takes some spins to discover all sonic facets at play on the debut album of these romantics at heart. But trust me, it’s really worth taking time to explore the record in detail.

here via Bandcamp

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Still Goosebumps With JOY DIVISION And The Iconic Video For ‘ATMOSPHERE’

25 November 2022

Band: JOY DIVISION (1976-1980)
Released: 1980

The gripping pîece was originally released on 18 March 1980 by French
label Sordide Sentimental as a 7″ single, only available in France and named
Licht und Blindheit” (German for Light and Blindness). Only 1578 copies were

Frontman/lyricist IAN CURTIS – mentally and psychically suffering from epilepsy
and depression – committed suicide on 18 May 1980. Shortly after Atmosphere
came out as a 12″ single (artwork below) It was #1 on the UK Indie Chart.

Still goosebumps after all these years.
Here’s the iconic, Anton Corbijn directed video.

JOY DIVISION: Bio – Discography

English Mean Noise Machine FUZZ LIGHTYEAR Share Doomsday Single/Video ‘DENSE WORSHIP’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

25 November 2022

Who: 4 robust-noise indies originating in the bedrooms and
dingy Hyde Park basements that have spawned many of Leeds’
greatest bands over the years,


This self-produced single see’s vocalist Ben Parry unleash a roar of captivating anguish, questioning mental health and wading through the complexities of trauma – each thought passionately conveyed with trademark yelling vocal expression. The quartet continue to transcend away from their natural grunge state, further exploring the sounds they’re capable of conjuring together.

The video, animated and directed by Dan Woodward “tows the line between disturbing, and captivating” says singer Ben Parry. Influenced by Scalping‘s use of on-stage CGI visuals, the quartet were inspired and working with Dan allowed them to truly capture their vision.

TUTV: Expect a freakish razor blade explosion. A creepy trash and slash whirlwind.
A red-hot-blooded fireball in sound and vision. A bursting brainbreaker. A howling
haymaker to start and end all parties with on Doomsday. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Get out of your straightjacket
and listen/watch here and now.

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THE BAND Danced Their LAST WALTZ This Happy Thanksgiving In 1976

Back in time

25 November 2022

The final concert of legendary Americana/rock/country group THE BAND
25 November 1976 (Thanksgiving Day) in Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco
was filmed by legendary moviemaker Martin Scorsese and hit the cinemas
2 years later.

The Band invited a start-studded cast of friends including Bob Dylan, Paul Butterfield,
Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, Ringo Starr, Ronnie Hawkins, Dr. John, Joni Mitchell, Muddy
Waters, Van Morrison, Ronnie Wood, Neil Diamond, Bobby Charles, The Staple Singers,

and Eric Clapton. The swirling show was actually a celebration of a remarkable career.

Movie Trailer

3 top moments…




THE (Triple) ALBUM


THE BAND: Bio – Discography

Wake-Up Call With BILLY NOMATES And Her Don’t-Mess-With-Me Tirade ‘SPITE’

Works faster an harder than caffeine

25 November 2022

Songstress/producer Tor Maries BILLY NOMATES has a new longplayer
out next year. The record is baptized Cacti and sees the day of light on
13 January 2023. Pre-order info here.

Fourth taster SPITE is a don’t-mess-with-me tirade about self-belief
and confidence in intolerant environments. No mercy for idiots.
Fuck them all.

“I know you think you hold all your power over me
But you don’t
Only I hold power over me
Even then I don’t stick to everything I say

I fell in willingly, yeah I chose it
I know you don’t love me, everybody knows it

I just came outta spite
I didn’t come here to try to put things right
Don’t you push me, you know I just might
I only came, I only came outta spite
I’m only here, I’m only here ’cause I can
Little boy, don’t think you quite understand
Don’t you act like I ain’t the fucking man
I’m only here, I’m only here ’cause I can
Yeah Yeah”

Spit and sneer along right here.

All 4 singles (so far) on Spotify

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Canadian Duo BUS PEOPLE Score With Debut Earworm ‘LUCK’

24 November 2022

Who: Indie pop duo from Corner Brook,
Newfoundland and Labrador
, CA

Debut single: LUCK

“Luck,” was inspired by a nostalgia for being a young teenager in a small town.
The conflicts of the time felt so simple when looking back through the lens of
adulthood. There’s a calm narrative throughout the verses but we wanted to
capture an unhinged energy in the choruses that really reflects a desire to go
back to the innocence of youth when that concept becomes an impossibility.”

TUTV: The vitalizing backbone of Luck is an infectious keyboard vibe that
sticks on the spot. On the other hand heated vocals and an ablaze guitar
sequence inject this earworm with gusto and verve. Don’t hesitate, get
on the bus. Thrilling score!


BUS PEOPLE: Instagram