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19 May 2022

Who: Electro pop/rock project of Irish DJ/Producer Rob Smith.

New single: FALLEN DEVIL
2nd shared track from their 2nd album To The Drum Machine,
out on July 27th via Blowtorch Records

Turn Up The Volume: I love the smell of big bangers like this all day long.
Ecstasy in ridiculously catching motion. Hot sonic stuff à la Donna Summer.
Disco delirium for 24-hour party people. A master blaster for nightclubs.
Get the picture? I’m sure you do.

Let’s hope Putin will be the fallen devil soon!

Now, get up, stand up and dance for your right to
pump up the jam along with this one-man Dublin Orchestra…

THE SWEDISH RAILWAY ORCHESTRA: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

Prog-Psych Rockers URIAH HEEP Released ‘DEMONS AND WIZARDS’ 50 Years Ago Today

Back in time

19 May 2022

Who: Heavy prog-rock legends from London
Active: 1969-present / 24 studio LPs with
Living The Dream
as the most recent one,
released in 2018.

Anniversary album: DEMONS AND WIZARDS – 4th LP
Released: 19 May 1972 – 50 years ago today
Score: #20 in the UK, #23 in the USA, #1 in Finland, #5 in Germany

Rolling Stone Magazine said: “These guys are good. The first side
of Demons and Wizards is simply odds-on the finest high energy workout
of the year, tying nose and nose with the Blue Öyster Cult…they may have
started out as a thoroughly dispensable neo-Cream & Blooze outfit, but at
this point Uriah Heep are shaping up into one hell of a first-rate modern
rock band”.

Singles/clips: Easy Livin’ / The Wizard



Stream full album on Spotify

URIAH HEEP: Story – All Albums

Waking Up With… New SPORTS TEAM Willy Willy

Works faster than coffee

London’s athelic SPORTS TEAM gear up for their
second longplayer, titled Gulp (out 22 July), with
new willy-willy single THE GAME.

“It’s a mantra for a ‘nation of landlords’. Something to mutter to yourself behind
the electric gates as the world burns around you. It’s that bunkered, “island mentality”,
where someone has allowed themselves to believe that the news is what happens to
other people.”

No brakes, no breaks.
Kick-off the game here…

SPORTS TEAM: Facebook – Spotify

Pre-order info here

CHRIS CORNELL’s Heart Broke 5 Years Ago Today

July 20, 1964 – May 18, 2017


Every time I stare into the sun
Trying to find a reason to go on
All I ever get is burned and blind
Until the sky bleeds the pouring rain

When you came along the time was right
Pulled me like an apple red and ripe
Wasn’t very long you took a bite
And did me wrong, and it serves me right

And I nearly forgot my broken heart
It’s taking me miles away
From the memory of how we broke apart
Here we go ’round again, again

Every little key unlocks the door
Every little secret has a lie
Try to take a picture of the sun

And it won’t help you to see the light
Every little word upon your lips
Makes a little cut where blood pours out

Every little drop of blood a kiss that I won’t miss
Not for anything
And I nearly forgot my broken heart

It’s taking me miles away
From the memory of how we broke apart
Here we go ’round again