Turn Up The Volume’s 20 BEST TRACKS – NOVEMBER 2023

Best of the best of November 2023



1. ‘Lunar Eclipse‘ by THE VACCINES (UK)

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Belgium 2022)

The British guitar pop idols have their new, sixth full-length, baptized
Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations out on on 12 January 2024.

Lunar Eclipse is one of the 3 singles shared so far.
Sickly sticky stuff. A vaccine we all can use.



2. ‘The Answer’ by JOHNNY MARR (Manchester, UK)

So far Marr has released 5 solo albums with
enough standout material to compile a best of.

Earlier this month Spirit Power – The Best Of Johnny Marr
came out to entertain bangers-greedy ears.

Marr also penned two new crackers for the compilation.

The Answer is one of them. A riff-roaring ripper
that races and rushes at a razzle-dazzle speed.



3. ‘Foefetti’ by JODIE LANGFORD (UK)

After launching her super-duper 6-track EP Chaos Of Time last March, Langford
closes the year with this rock-and-rap-punk banger. Whang, whang, whang.

Foefetti has somehow a fuller resonance than her previous pieces. And it works spot on. Glittery, glammy and trash-y (like the video). Be ready to sing happy birthday to 6-year-old princess Jodie midway. Don’t worry afterward you can continue to pogo around the table. Treat yourself, buy this present here.



4. ‘Backstreets’ by IRKED (North East England)

Helter skelter. What a riff-deranged head-over-heels speedball.
AWESOME. Think Australian barbed wire rock generator Amyl And The
getting even louder and nastier than they already are. Irked
produce no-nonsense punk pandemonium with a dashing fanaticism
and crazed ruckus.

The vocalist screams her lungs out with intimidating force. MENTAL.
Don’t mess with her, don’t look for trouble with her. She’s a ragging
rapping reactor. Sharp-teethed stuff, shattering debut.

Helter skelter.


5. ‘Robot’ by PENNYPACKER (Belgium)

These 4 motherrockers learned their craft by making noisy waves in different
bands before. They just released their cooking 4-track EP named ROBOT.

Robot artwork

The title track is a bass/guitar-riff steamroller going everywhere fast.
A fanatical flare-up that speeds towards a monstrous climax. Who needs
humans when robots kick ass this knife-edged way.

Check in.


6. ‘He’s A Man’ by BOB VYLAN (London)

London’s inflammable grime-rap-punk turbine Bob Vylan have canned their third
album. It’s named Humble As The Sun and will see the day of light on 5 April 2024.

First single He’s A Man is a super-duper headbutt


7. ‘Losing My Faith’ by ELECTRIC CIRCUS (Newcastle, UK)

These British mavericks rattle and rumble from the get-go on this crackerjack
blast. They don’t like a boring normal life. Who can blame them? The frustration
is accentuated by freakish guitar/bass frenzy, merciless drumming and flustered vocals.

Solid sucker-punch. Never lose faith in this band.

Check in.


8. ‘Stop The Clock’ by CROWS ON WIRES (Germany)

Crows On Wires is the dark-dream-wave project of German artist Antje Davids-Weis.

This new single echoes previous pieces. Rotating synth beats, shadowy dynamics, darksome vocals work together and turn Stop The Clock into a terrifically catching



9. ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ by SLEATER-KINNEY (Seattle, WA)

Washington‘s longtime rollin’ indie-pop-punk stars SLEATER-KINNEY
who started their journey (with 3 members) back in 1994, went on a
break in 2006, reloaded their engines in 2014, became a duo – Carrie
and Corin Tucker – have their new, 10th LP, baptized Little
out on 19 January 2024.

2nd single Say It Like You Mean It is
edged guitar pop at its racy best.

Top-tier thrill.


10. ‘The Sadness In You, The Sadness In Me‘ by SUEDE (UK)

Last year the glam veterans Suede released their 9th,
back to top form, album Autofiction.

An expanded edition shows up on December 8. It
includes a live LP. More info and order details here.

Along with the LP’s release came a 4-track EP that was available for
only one week. The songs will appear now on the expanded box.

The Sadness In You, The Sadness In Me will be one of them.

A vintage Suede sparkler with Anderson‘s emotional vocals going sky-high
on the chorus. Can’t understand why this stellar song wasn’t on the original
album. Anyway, it’s here now.


11. ‘Like That’ by THE RODA LITS (Belgium)

It’s been 5 years since this Belgian garage guitar indies released
their debut album Common Specimen/Indoor Mold.

But they’re back now, and they didn’t lose their electrical mojo nor their sassy swagger. Crazed drums, afire guitars and tense vocals are what you get. Don’t miss their return.

Press play.


12. ‘Wish It Back’ by BANDANA SONS (Toronto, CA)

Toronto rockers with Daft Punk helmets

This weird Canadian trio nails it with their new single
Wish It Back, a heartfelt tribute to times gone by.

It’s a spry rocker that swings forth and back. From harmonious tenderness to zippy discharge, from shiny guitar sparks to electrifying commotion, while poignant vocals add extra emotive energy to this splendid nugget. It’s about looking back nostalgia we all are familiar with, wrapped here in a forceful piece of music.



13. ‘I Feel Nothing’ by LIONS OF DISSENT (Wolverhampton, UK)

I Feel Nothing is the first new piece of music in over 2 years from this British indie trio.

One spin and I knew we had a winner here. I Feel Nothing is a funky pop
groove, richly orchestrated with footstompin’ drums, glistening synths, wah-wah
guitar here and there, pumping bass and spacey vocals. It swings back and forth,
with a hip-shaking impact when the delirious chorus comes up. Think Tears For
Fears, Depeche Mode
and Tame Impala all rolled into one.

Feel it all here.


14. ‘Capricorn’ by WOLF VAN WYMEERSCH (Belgium)

Photo by Lukian Hills

Following The Art Of Letting Go and Eazy Like Me this emotive
singer-songwriter scored his third single of the year with Capricorn.

Wolf: “This song delves into the complex theme of loyalty conflicts, the inner divide
between descendants and parents (us and them) and the broader social division into
‘us’ and ‘them’, (fueled by social media and war).

Capricorn is a spellbinding slow-mo musing with an ominous sonority produced
by electric bass, sober drums and eerie acoustic guitar play. It creates a trance-like atmosphere with its subtle and low-key orchestration and Van Wymeersch gloomy
vocals. Fascinating score.

One of his best songs (so far).


15. ‘Chutpaz’ by OMBUDSMEN (Manchester, UK)

So much is happening on this crazy cut. First in, hungry guitars and footstompin’ drumming immediately joined by frolicsome synth touches that easily could be experienced as the theme of a creepy movie, depending on your (in)stable
state of mind.

Next, eerie vocals, backed by some spooky howling, check in adding a what’s going on
vibe, and zigzagging through all the sonic razzmatazz. Head-spinning stuff, folks.

Make your move.


16. ‘Can You See Me?’ by CATHOLIC GUILT (Melbourne, Australia)

The song is a tale of lost identity and feeling at odds with yourself.

It’s feverishly rushing ripper propelled by an army of guitars, hefty drumming and
psyched vocals. This manic missile reflects frontman/songwriter’s Brenton Harris
identity issues spot-on.

Sonically as well as lyrically, Can You See Me resonates like a much-needed escape from
a troubled and confused state of mind. I guess this sounds familiar to so many of us out there. If you’re a Fall Out Boy fan you’ll definitely add this fiery emo piece to your favourite playlist.

Press play.


17. ‘When You’re Gone’ by THE ALTER KAKERS (Toronto, CA)

The band’s name is a testament to their stature and nature – alter kaker is a Yiddish term for an old person, or as the band likes to call it, “an old fart.” That level of self-awareness helps when creating a song like “When You’re Gone.

The band’s Steve Bronstein wrote this track one year ago near the close of a relationship. But unlike the more common musical theme in breakup songs, the singer isn’t sad about the conclusion – he relishes it.

Looking for an infectious jump-for-joy post-breakup tune? Here it is.



18. ‘My Girls My Girls’ by THE KILLS (US/UK)

Finally after 7 years Alison Mosshart (vocals) and Jamie Hince returned
a couple of weeks ago with their 6th full-length, titled God Games.

Undoubtedly, one of their best achievements.
Sultry blues-pop-rock for the midnight hours.

My Girls My Girls is one of the highlights.


19. ‘Hiding’ by HAZE (Ghent, Belgium)

📷 Gunther Liket

After playing with some bands, Belgian musician Mirabelle van de Put decided
in 2021 to go solo under the moniker of HAZE. Her excellent self-titled debut LP appeared the same year.

She’ll have her sophomore one, titled Out of Sight, out in January.

Hiding is the first single. A glinstering dream pop musing featuring sparkling guitar
and smooth bass play, and van de Put‘s enticing voice takes you on a relaxing trip that flares up now and then.

The eye-catching video is created by Naomi Kerkhove.


20. ‘Love Again’ by LAUREN ANDERSON (Nashville, TN)

Lauren Anderson is a Chicago born and Nashville-based singer-songwriter.
She has, so far, 3 albums on her résumé. And has now new single Love Again

Expect a towering voice. Zestful, vivacious and highly gripping. Classic country-blues splendor. The kind of song that send shivers down your spine with its full-hearted
passion and its overwhelming sonority.

Wurlitzer jukeboxes were invented back then to play affecting tunes like this one
in smoky bars to comfort lonely souls and melancholic hearts. This sort of music
will never lose its healing impact.


Turn Up The Volume’s 20 BEST TRACKS – OCTOBER 2023

Best of the best of October 2023



1. ‘Sometimes, I Swear’ by THE VACCINES (UK)

(Press photo)

The celebrated British indie rockers prepare for the launch
of their 6th LP, titled ‘Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations’, with this
new stonker, bringing the sonic euphoria of The Killers to mind.


2. ‘The Dancer’ by IDLES (Bristol, UK)

Press photo

The Bristol punks announced the release of
their 5th LP. They named it Tangk and is slated
for release on 16 February 2024.

First appetizer Dancer features backing vocals from
LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Nancy Whang.

From now on you can dance to Idles.


3. ‘In Slow-Motion’ by EX-HYENA (Boston, MA)

This synth-pop duo is warming up for their third full length ‘A Kiss of the Mind’

Lead single ‘In Slow Motion’ is dark-synth-wave pizazz at its haunting best.
Booming beats rotate on and on towards a full orchestral plangency while
shadowy vocals add even more sinister vibes.



4. ‘Mouth Yellow’ by PHUTURE MEMORIEZ (New York, US)

These masked synth-punk freaks from Vancouver (CA)
produce lots of mayhem on their new album Play Cobra.
One of the 5 best albums of the month on TUTV’s list.

Mouth Yellow is one of the crazy corkers.
Fasten your seatbelt, folks. It’s a rough ride.


5. ‘TK421’ by LENNY KRAVITZ (US)

The veteran superstar born Leonard Albert Kravitz in New York City 59 years
ago has his new longplayer – a double one – dubbed ‘Blue Electric Light’ out
on 15 March 2024.

On the video for the first taster ‘TK421’ Kravitz
drops his towel and shakes a lot of body parts.

Rock your ass off, Lenny.


6. ‘Downtown Operation’ by DUBINSKI (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Four brothers who’ve literally been through everything together – from childhood
through adolescence, success and grief – using music as the gel to hold them in place.

This first cut from their forthcoming 2nd album is a pure not-so-happy
pop pearl about the doom and gloom era we’re living in.

Its whirling groove, its ebullient beat, its glistering synth flashes, its vivacious
harmonies and last but not least its tremendously infectious chorus combine
for a top-notch earworm. Think Everything Everything and/or Hot Chip turning
up the heat.



7. ‘lie’ by MILLIE MILNER & THE DEADNAMES (Manchester, UK)

Photo Credit: Izzy Clayton

Beginning as a solo project and growing into a band, Millie Milner & The Deadnames
of Manchester, UK was forged with a stronger mission at the heart to be the queer representation that the band’s members struggled to find in their own teenage years.

Lie was inspired by a breakup of Milner‘s and co-penned by a friend. It tells of
a need to take ownership of their life and their choices and the newfound element
of fun and recklessness they found themselves surrounded by as a newly single

It’s indie at its vivid best. Sparkling guitars going berserk now and then, firm
drum hits, crystal clear vocals/harmonies, evocative lyrics, and a steamy chorus.

Clap your hands.


8. ‘Plastic Punks’ by AUTOGRAMM (Seattle, Chicago and Vancouver)

Photo by Dave Paterson

This Vancouver pop-punks have, so far, 2 albums
on their résumé and #3 waiting in the pipeline.

But first this old-school punk chant.
It’s fun, it’s witty, it’s pogo time.



9. ‘Dream Job’ by YARD ACT (Leeds, UK)

These British indies shot to the top like a comet
last year with their ace debut LP The Overload.

Dream Job is a chirpy harbinger for album number two,
baptized ‘Where’s My Utopia’ shows up on 1 March 2024.

Tune in.


10. ‘Dead Moon Rising‘ by CACTUS FLOWERS (Houston, Texas)

This psych-rock act is fronted by Jessica A.M., whose mother photographed bands for
the legendary Rolling Stone music weekly during the magazine’s counter-culture heyday.

Their new sultry mid-tempo garage blues-rock corker is fuelled by echoing, rollicking
riffs, steady drum hits and bewitching Jessica A.M. vocals. Dead Moon Rising resonates
like glorious legends The Cramps with a mean machine vibe, rock-and-psycho-billy
swagger and footstompin’ dynamics. From bad moon rising to dead moon rising.

Check in.


11. ‘Run Run Run’ by THE LIBERTINES (London, UK)

The Libs met in the studio once again for a new LP.
It’s been 8 years since the release of their 3rd album
Anthems For Doomed Youth, which was their first
in 11 years back then.

Their new one ‘All Quit On The Easter Esplanade
and comes our way on 8 March 2024.

Run Run Run is a sickly sticky runner.
A vintage Libertines anthem.

Let’s roll.


12. ‘Violence’ by EMPTY HEAD (Belgium)

Two years after the release of their charged self-titled debut EP Empty Head are
back with a brand new follow-up EP named Tales Of A Modern Man. A 5-track
one anchored by the overarching theme of the Modern Man and bristling with
a wiry tension.

Opener Violence sets the tone with its hammering beats, its inflammable
guitar galvanism and frontman Simon Galloy‘s sky-scraping vocals.



13. ‘Gift Wrap’ by GAS KÜNST (UK)

Garage punk misfits from Cheshire, UK produced 2 EPs so far them out here.

And on this new speedball they go fast forward, with sharp-teethed
gusto, with high-voltage garage dash and biting vocals. All burners on.



14. ‘Sowieso F***ed’ by USE KNIFE Belgium/Iraq)

This Belgian/Iraqi launched their excellent debut
full length The Shedding Of Skin, last year.

Their new piece is “a cynical “c’est-la-vie” anthem, set to a heavy 95 BPM beat and a disarray
of fucked up samples & sounds, about ten little wanderers who wander kilometers from home trying to belong. But home is where the heart is. And the House will never share its wealth.”

The release was initiated before the brutal reality of the genocide happening in Gaza.
Now, the cynical message must make way for solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

Expect a both haunting and hypnotic trip, with ominous slo-mo beats pounding
relentlessly with eerie chants all over it. Dark clouds in the air, calm before the storm, subdued electronic anger. It’s an alarming beast of a track.

Fuck all war-greedy political leaders.



Press photo

Carter and Co release their fifth LP Dark Rainbow on 26 January 2024.

First single Man Of The Hour is a gorgeous surprise. Sonically and vocally
we get the softer side of the post-hardcore punk and tattoo artist. A super
duper ballad.

Sing it loud.


16. ‘Birthday Cake’ by TEEN IDLE (

Photo by Samantha Abdelbarry

Abdelbarry: “The song reflects on having a friend who is acting in immature
ways you’ve outgrown, but knowing they still need your support and friendship.”

It features on her new notable album Nonfiction.

Birthday Cake is slow-progressing musing that appeals instantly with its
rudimentary PJ Harvey-esque guitar play and Abdelbarry‘s affectional voice.
The song has both a romantic and wistful sonority that captivates and moves.
And halfway melancholic synths accentuate the overall ruminate timbre in
an endearing way.



17. ‘Can’t Break You’ by CALEB ORR (Alabama, US)

Caleb Orr is a young skilled country-pop-rock singer-songwriter who grew up in Helena, Alabama. He found his passion for music at a young age. He and his two older siblings were raised on music legends like Alan Jackson, Van Halen, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.

Great voice, great musicality, and great guitar play, echoing classic country
melancholia, and proving that the genre is simply timeless. As we all know, music can
have a healing, comforting and cathartic power and it also works here as Orr wants
to shake off bad habits of the past and want to focus on the future as a compelling

Rad debut.


18. ‘My Girls My Girls’ by THE KILLS (US/UK)

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Amsterdam, 2016)

Blues-rock tandem Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart are finally
back in town. Their 6th, marvelous LP God Games came out
last week.

One of my fav tracks is this sweet little gem.


19. ‘Dusty Road’ by THE LAST HURRAH (!!) (Norway)

This is the brainchild of seasoned Norwegian singer-songwriter Hans Petter Gundersen

Dusty Road is a smooth mid-tempo country musing with a bluesy feel and both
a melancholic and yearning sensitivity. Warm voice, captivating melody, vintage
pedal steel guitar charm. All the matching ingredients for a warm sepia-colored

Nostalgic Americana the Norwegian way.

It features on his brand new full lenght Modern Nostalgia.


20. ‘Landlord’ by ALREADY DEAD (Boston, MA)

Photo Credit: Brian Ferrazzani

Dan Cummings fronts Boston’s rowdy trio Already Dead

No wall-of-Already-Dead-dynamite electricity this time. Cummings
picked up his acoustic guitar and wrote this bone-chilling cry-out
about living on the edge of drowning or surviving.

Imagine British leftist/political activist and terrific veteran songsmith Billy Bragg
raising his voice or equally politically driven folk legend Woody Guthrie killing fascists
again with his wooden guitar. Landlord‘s profound emotions go from hope to despair
and back, and Cummings‘ anxious vocals send shivers down your spine.


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Turn Up The Volume’s 20 BEST TRACKS – SEPTEMBER 2023

Best of the best of September 2023.



1. ‘Crystal Closet Queen’ by PIXIES (Boston, US)

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

To celebrate the late genial, eccentric-looking, allround musician Leon Russell,
a 10-track tribute album came out last week, titled A Song For Leon.

Boston’s noise icons Pixies also feature on the LP with their blustering version
of Russell‘s 1971 classic boogie woogie cracker Crystal Closet Queen, which
Black Francis and Co turned into a classic boogie woogie punk cracker.



2. ‘Dick In Thanks’ by MORLOCKS (Sweden)

2023 photo by Krichan Wihlbor

Dick in Tanks will feature on the band’s forthcoming
album Praise The Iconoclast, out 6 October via
Metropolis Records

It all starts with warning war sirens, marching soldiers chants.
90 seconds later, it’s all hens on deck when this industrial rock
missile erupts with a blitzkrieg fierceness.

Think Rammstein and NIN having a fight with riot guns. Menacing growls and howls suggest imminent danger and when the clamorous chorus crashes in, it’s time to
go to the battlefield. Midway, all need a breather in order to put fuel in the tank and continue the supersonic attacks will all burners on. War can be fun, in case Morlocks
lead the troops.

Jump in your own tank
and kick dicks’ asses.


3. ‘Eureka!’ by THE VANITY PROJECT (London)

This queer art-pop duo launch their debut longplayer named
Never Should Have Come Here, next week, on September 29.

Eureka! is the third shared piece from the album.

It combines the madcap vibrancy of Sparks‘ early days and some flipped-out
Queen bombast. The Vanity Project produce eccentric pop pleasure, sonically
and lyrically, without mainstream restrictions.

They sound kooky and look kooky, but make no mistake, this tantalizing tandem
know perfectly well how to fabricate and construct high-freak-quality entertainment.

Bring on the album.



4. ‘I Want More’ by XTR HUMAN (Germany)

XTR HUMAN is the solo project of German artist Johannes Stabel.
So far he recorded/released 3 albums. Check them out here.

Now he has a new single out, titled I Want More. An EBM brainbreaker that makes
your head spin uncontrollably. An electronic gloom and doom hammer blow to smash
capitalist pigs with.

The accompanying video, directed by German filmmaker
Matthias Landenberger, is an eye-catching spectacle.



5. ‘Better Than Life’ by GRRL GANG (Indonesia)

Last week this young, most exciting Indonesian trio unleashed their ablaze debut album, baptized Spunky! More about it in an upcoming interview with Turn Up The Volume.

One of the standout tracks is Better Than Life.

Angeeta Sentana (vocalist/songwriter): “Being diagnosed with any mental disorder is
not a nice thing to have. I’m still in the process of accepting it as a ‘normal’ part of my life,
but there are times when I would feel super down about it.”

Better Than Life races and rushes for 90 seconds with all engines on. Its razzle-dazzle tempo makes you dizzy, while angry guitars and scary screams in the back have the
force to kick evil demons into oblivion.



6. ‘Making Me Mad’ by JEEN (Canada)

Canadian rockin’ songstress Jeen‘s sassy single will feature on her new,
5th full length, titled Gold Control, coming our way in February 2024.

Making Me Mad is a mid-tempo burst going up and down, swinging your mood from left to right and back, while you ask yourself if the mind-crushing demons will still haunt you in the end. Human nature stuff, as we know it. I swear I can hear the young out-of-her-head Courtney Love in the back.

Press play.


7. ‘Danse Macabre’ by DURAN DURAN (UK)

Glam and glitter legends DURAN DURAN have no intention whatsoever to retire.
They canned album number 16, baptized DANCE MACABRE and they will share it
with the world on 27 October.

Danse Macabre is a funky/groovy earworm that combines Goth, psych-o-tic darkwave,
and some hip-rap-hop fragments. Ace. This year’s Halloween will be different, Duran Duran are different, it will be a horror-tastic party.

Here’s why.


8. ‘103’ by THE KILLS (US/UK)

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

It’s been 7 years since iconic blues-rock duo THE KILLSAlison Mosshart
and Jamie Hince – had their last longplayer out with the first-rate Ash & Ice.

Until a couple of weeks ago when the charismatic tandem announced
the launch of their 6th LP. It’s titled GOD GAMES and comes our
way on 27 October.

The tantalizing tandem already shared three cuts from the longplayer.

I’ll go with 103.


9. ‘Love And Misery’ by DEAD LEVEE (Canada)

These manic motherrockers are all about raw and rough, rip-roaring racket as they let your stereo experience once again with this mend-bending riff monster. Think Metallica covering Guns N’ Roses. Thundering drums, crazed wah-wah guitars, hell-raising vocals, and a slam-bang, scream-along chorus. All ingredients you need to get up, stand up and fight for your right to be a hedonist.

Let’s rock.


10. ‘Down’ by pMAD

The moniker of Irish musician Paul Dillon
featured here on TUTV several times before.

He just revealed his new turbulent 4-track EP Sword.
Stream/buy it here.

My favorite piece is Down.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the emotional turmoil that arises when personal safety and self-worth are threatened, reminding us that until we confront these issues, the cycle of suffering will persist. However, with the power of self-reflection and a realisation of life’s value, one can choose to break free from the cycle and reclaim their self-esteem and identity.

Down is an ardent bona fide punk-rock ripper going
full steam forward with all sonic cylinders on.

Listen up.


11. ‘Heartbreak Kid’ by THE VACCINES (UK)

(Press photo)

The celebrated British indie rockers prepare for the launch
of their 6th LP, titled ‘Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations’.

And here’s the lead single.

A vaccination that boosts your mood immediately.


12. ‘Fade Out The Fear’ by EWAN MaCFARLANE (Scotland)

As I read firstly that the song’s theme was about fighting mental illness
I could relate before I heard it, as I struggled with bipolar problems myself for
years. It’s a drag that messes up your life in a hard-to-explain way. Always good
to hear emboldening music that arouses hope for everybody out there who experienced/experience those burdensome feelings.

Ewan Macfarlane‘s mighty voice is the star on this wholehearted Springsteen-esque
rocker. Americana ardency the Scottish way delivered with dedication, fervor and arousing electricity and when the loud and clear chorus hits your speakers it feels as if he wants to eliminate the fear with sonic assertiveness and confidence. Superb stuff.

Here we go.


13. ‘Somewhere’ by JOHNNY MARR (Manchester, UK)

be launched on 3 November. Pre-order info here.

The compilation will also feature this new guitar pop gem,
titled Somewhere. A sickly sticky tune that made my day
on the spot.

It’s a sickly sticky tune that made my day on the spot, which
happened/happens so many times with Marr‘s killer instinct
for thrilling tunes.

Here comes the messenger.


14. ‘Don’t Do That’ by SHAW’S TRAILER PARK (Brighton, UK)

This Britsh alt.country/Paisley Underground-inspired collective
released their self-titled debut album last month. Stream it here.

The band’s roots are in the same North London rockabilly/country-noir
scene that gave us the likes of Gretschen Hofner, Gallon Drunk and
The Flaming Stars.

The standout album opener Don’t Do That is a riff-rotating roller
dominated by high-voltage guitar electricity with feverish vocals.

Let’s go.


15. ‘A Feather Of A Pigeon In The Cave Of The Wisdom Of God’ by LIGHT BY THE SEA (The Netherlands)

Back in 2019, the Dutch duo released their notable debut
full-length ‘Only Death Makes Iocns’. Discover it here.

With this new piece, they deliver another intriguing pop symphony.

Scintillating electronic bliss, beautifully orchestrated.

The accompanying video is a classy and subtly sexy visualization.



16. ‘Date Night’ by LOSSLINE (Manchester, UK)

Lossline is a Manchester-based singer/songwriter tandem who, as they state themselves, love to write sad songs. So far they filled two affecting albums with sad beauties. Check them out here.

To be honest I’m a sucker for heartfelt lullabies/ballads. And that’s a musical mood territory Lossline excell in, which they prove once more with Date Night. Although, sonically here they combine tranquil lullaby intimacy – mesmerising piano play and near-whispering vocals – with fully orchestrated passion, winning your heart over second by second.

Probably the best-ever Lossline piece. It should have been – no, I’m not joking – a bonus track on The National‘s new bewitching album First Two Pages Of Frankenstein. I’m sure you get the vibe at work here by now.

Pure pearl.


17. ‘Route 36’ by MORPHINE RIDGES (Berlin)

Morphine Ridges is a new liaison, based in Berlin, led by Andreas Miranda (Lucy Kruger
and the Lost Boys, Third Sound, Ex Camera) blends dark country riffs with lap steel
guitar sliding through the cracks of shadowy vocals.

Route 36 is a gloomy ballad for the twilight hours, when reality and fantasy
get together and your dusky thoughts float somewhere in the middle. It’s a murky
mind-wanderer, with vulnerable vocals and melancholic guitar lines, triggering
darksome images on your head’s inner screen.

But unexpectedly, near the end, you’re awakened from your hallucinatory
state of mind with a wall-of-flabbergasting-electrical disturbance leaving you
behind, totally puzzled. What a bone-chilling debut this is.


18. ‘Saccharine’ by TEEN IDLE (New Jersey, US)

Photo by Samantha Abdelbarry

Teen Idle is the musical project of New Jersey singer-songwriter,
producer, and multi-instrumentalist Sara Abdelbarry.

She shared her bittersweet debut album with the world today.

It’s named Nonfiction. Play it here.

For all lovers out there who realize that their relationship is over the LP’s opener Saccharine could serve as a comforting, mid-tempo synth-pop vibration that breathes hope for another future. After a smooth, Eastern-like-guitar-resonating intro a trippy bass riff and rhythmic drum touches take care of the song’s steady (heart)beat while Abdelbarry‘s crystal voice sounds sorrowful and reflective.

Somewhere in the middle, a heart-warming saxophone comes on (think of soul
diva Sade’s hits) and gives the song a matching melancholic feel that endears.



19. ‘One More Time’ by BLINK-182 (California)

Press photo

Californian veteran rockers BLINK-182 got
together with their classic line-up last year.

There’s no stopping them now. A new album is canned. It’s named
and will make the massive army of B-182 fans
go nuts on 20 October.

A candlelight ballad.

Melancholic, romantic and heartfelt. Millions of fans
around the globe will sing along with tears in their eyes.



20. ‘Excommunicated’ by NOBODY (Finland)

Photo by Mikke Strandberg

Nobody is a one-man dark acoustic prog folk
rock act fronted by Tuomas Kauppinen.

Two weeks ago his new album, called Hyperborean Ecstasy
came out. Listen here.

Opening musing Excommunicated an introspective ‘I don’t belong here‘ reverie.
Think Nick Drake and Elliott Smith. Intimate and heavy-hearted accentuated
by his moody acoustic guitar play.

It’s a shadowy contemplation for quiet
moments when melancholia hits you.


See/hear you next month, music junkies

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Turn Up The Volume’s 20 BEST TRACKS For AUGUST 2023

The best of the best of the month



1. ‘The Sinner’ by THE CORAL (Liverpool)

The seasoned psych-folk-pop-rock dreamers have two longplayers out next week,
on 8 September, titled Sea Of Mirrors and Holy Joe’s Island Medicine Show.

Suppose David Lynch wants to make a Spaghetti Western then this wistful lullaby should be part of the soundtrack. I’m sure he would like it for the shadowy vibe, the psychotic sinner (he likes psychotic sinners) and for the guitar reverberating sparks, thinking that’s it his fav nostalgic Casanova Chris Isaak on guitar (note: Lynch directed Isaak‘s Wicked Game video that featured flashes from his 1990 Wild At Heart movie).

Press play.


2. ‘Constance Street’ by KRISTIN HERSH (US)

The stirring Throwing Muses/50 Foot Wave songstress has her
new solo LP, titled Clear Pound Road out on 8 September.

Hersh about the song: “I lived on Constance Street in New Orleans
when that song’s story happened. Buying slips in the Irish Channel/broken
prince in fluorescent camo is a very Southern day. I was born a hick and
I guess I’ll always be one.”

It’s a subtly groovin’ beauty
with Hersh poetic storytelling
adding a magical touch.



3. ‘Huevos Rancheros’ by THE IRRATIONAL LIBRARY (The Netherlands)

This Dutch-American rock band has its roots firmly planted in both the regional
and international counterculture. They produce a raw, dirty groove influenced by
punk, Provo, and punk icons. Their poetry is packed with social criticism.

The IL have canned their 4th LP. It’s named Good Busy and arrives via
Floprecords, digitally on 11 September and physically (vinyl/CD) 4 days later.

This first single is a tremendously catchy and melodic tune that mesmerizes from the kick-off. Stimulated by a sparkling and melancholic guitar riff à la Kurt Vile, a foot-stompin’ beat and word-smith Joshua Baumgarten‘s expressive storytelling, it becomes an electrifying pop gem, after a couple of spins. One for which the repeat button was invented for. One that invites you to stop for a while and look around to find the light at the end of the tunnel.



4. ‘We Did Nothing’ by GRAHAM PARKER (UK)

No retirement yet for the imperishable, now 72-year-old, pop-rock songsmith.
From the early 70s on he wrote/recorded/released a countless number of LPs
featuring several masterpieces.

His brand new one, called Last Chance To Learn The Twist,
featuring his new band The Goldtops shows up on 8 Sept.

Ahead of it comes this vintage Parker pearl.


5. ‘I Am A Wave’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles)

Photo by Little Ghost/Kelsey Hart

Last February the Los Angeles‘ psychedelic garage pop/rock darlings
released their 5th longplayer Islands In The Sky. Their best ever to
my satisfied ears.

I Am A Wave is a new standalone single.

It’s a haunting mid-tempo psych jam, a sonic torch in the dark. The combination of the characteristically high-pitched Bloomgarden vocals, her 60s-sounding Hammond organ, the weeping guitars, the howling backing vocals, the steady drum beat and the glowing finale is just riveting and engrossing.

This is not a Mexican wave, it’s Bonnie‘s wave.
Follow her flow, she’s really kind of amazing.



6. ‘Everybody’s Save Until…’ by PARIS TEXAS (US)

This sharp-rap-cutting Los Angeles duo released their highly acclaimed riot-gun album
Mid Air last month. This 3rd single is nothing less than fucktastic, with a sickly sticky flow, a killer guitar riff and the tandem’s adrenalized vocality.

Stunning strike.


7. ‘METALLI!!’ by BABYMETAL (Japan)

The kawaii metal girls teamed up with Rage Against The Machine
guitarist Tom Morello for this new head-banging blast. Their mix of
glam metal, pop-punk melodies and pithy/screamy vocals are an
infallible formula.

Hell bloody metali yeah!


8. ‘Bauhaus Staircase’ by OMD (UK)

The beloved synth-pop duo is around since the late 70s, and they have no
intention to go and sit in their lazy rocking chair counting their money.

On 27 October their 14th LP, baptized Bauhaus Staircase comes out.

The title track is the 3rd appetizer. A happy-go-lucky summer tune.
Irresistibly infectious. These two manoeuvres in the dark still come
up with vitalizing electro thrills.

The accompanying video is an animated spectacle, that features a nod to the imagery
of various sci-fi films, notably Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Run Lola Run, and Blade Runner.



9. ‘Your Side Of Town’ by THE KILLERS (Los Angeles)

Following their underrated 2021 album Pressure Machine and last
year’s single Boy Los Angeles‘ pop champs return with a new gem with
a vintage, nostalgic Killers flavor.

Tune in.


10. ‘Blue Shadow’ by ASALONE (US)

Asalone is the solo project of singer/songwriter/producer
Adam Stanley Putzer from Buffalo, NY.

His new song is a reflection on returning to the place you
grew up, only to feel like a stranger in your own hometown.

Uplifting tunes like this one are always welcome on my busy headphones.
It’s a richly orchestrated melody that grabs your aural attention straight
away with its jaunty piano touches, scintillating guitar play, a bracing refrain
and last but not least Asalone‘s impassionate voice.

Amplified pop melancholia is what you get here.
Don’t be a stranger, enjoy and embrace the shadow.



11. ‘Fingerprints’ by : TREMENDOUS (Birmingham, UK)

Fingerprints is a post-break-up love song starting slowly and smoothly, only with
frontman’s Dudzinski‘s heartbroken voice and his weeping guitar, but 45 seconds
in, the emotions and the decibels go up and turn the song into a goosebumps power ballad, proving once again that lovesickness can lead to compellingly cathartic music.

Think the romantic vibes of The War On Drugs mixed with Noel Gallagher‘s raw guitar
play of the early Oasis days. To my persuaded ears Dudzinski has a torch-burning gem
on his hands. In a normal world, it would be a hit. Hands down.

Check it out.


12. ‘Cosmic Dance’ by COMMON FLAWS (Italy)

Common Flaws is the solo project of Giacomo Oberti,
the singer/songwriter from Italian synth-pop outfit
The Bankrobber.

Cosmic Dance offers ambient vibes, jungle-esque drum beats, scintillating
synth sparks, and echoing vocals. It trips in your mind from the get-go.
Its tempting, playful flow and its melodic resonance have a tranquilizing
effect. A dream-stimulating effort.

Tune in.


13. ‘Prize’ by GHOST PATTERNS

This London-based quartet formed in 2019. They blend psychedelia,
shoegaze and post-punk influences into their music.

Prize is the first 2023 music following a couple of new ones
last year and their excellent 2019 debut album Infinite.

I wonder if they invited Interpol‘s stellar guitarist Daniel Kessler and
give him a license to overdub the guitars at play on Prize. The result is
a wall-of-shoegaze vibrancy that progresses in slo-mo and grows in
intensity along its route, with foggy vocals all over it.

More melodic than My Bloody Valentine, tighter than Slowdive. Is it real or
fantasy? No idea, but who cares when it’s as ear-and-mind pleasing as this.



14. ‘ExtraTerrestial’ by SMALL MIRACLES (Wales)

Small Circles is an indie act from Cardiff, Wales. Inspired by the early New Wave movement, they infuse elements of Punk, Blues and Grunge into their genre-bending sound. Their music has a distinctly queer, underground feel, finely balancing heavy grooves and breakdowns with catchy hooks and choruses.

Mirari tackles all war-greedy political leaders. You can feel/hear
the anger, the frustration and the in-your-face rage on ExtraTerrestrial.
Its cast-iron slow-mo drones, its vocal aggression, its ear-piercing guitar furor
and its razor-sharp Mirari rap sequence combine for a volcanic knockout.
We need big miracles to end all the Warshit!

Feel the heat.


15. ‘The Light At The End Of The World’ by IAN WILLIAMS (UK)

Williams started his music career in Edinburgh (Scotland) in the mid 1980’s as a founder
of Beautiful Pea Green Boat, whose ethereal, atmospheric sound pre-dated the vogue for dream pop by at least twenty years. He is now based in London and more recently, he has worked with singer Claudia Barton aka Gamine, releasing two albums of dark, piano-led torch songs and lullabies.

This new piece will feature on his new, forthcoming
full-length ‘Slow-Motion Apocalypse’, out in October.

Think Vangelis sharing ideas with Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre.
Cinematic, with spacey, melodramatic vocals. It could be part of the soundtrack
of a nature documentary about an eagle flying between the sea and the sky. Proud, mighty, fearless and untouchable. These are the images I see on my screen in
my mind.



16. ‘Body’ by STRESS DOLLS (Buffalo, NY)

📸: Peter Heuer

Stress Dolls is the moniker of alt/pop/rock artist Chelsea O’Donnell.
Her new single is a fully electricity-charged stunner with O’Donnell
expressive vocals adding a poignant resonance.

Steamy score.



17. ‘Rosebud’ by SWAN HILL (UK)

These busy British indies have a new double
A-side single out, with Rosebud and Landlines.

Rosebud is my favorite.

A riff-loaded ripper with a vibrant pop edge.


18. ‘Deadweights’ by SEADOG (Brighton, UK)

The dream-pop duo from Brighton, UK enthrall with their new musing that
will be part of the new, forthcoming album, named Internal Noise, out in
the autumn via Austerity Records.

It features the vocal harmonies of Jack and Lily Wolter,
both from the band Penelope Isles, while Jack also
drums on it.

Singer-songwriter Mark Benton encapsulates his psychologically and physically
crushing insomnia experiences in a bittersweet and melancholic pop tune that
babbles like a sparkling brook, yet underlying this humdinger resonates as if
the after-effects of the sleepless years are still wandering around. In the end
here’s proof again that music can be healing. Beautiful.



19. ‘Alphabet City’ by THE NATIONAL

The Cincinnati heroes fronted by Matt Berninger, their songwriter
and one of the best crooners of the modern age released their 9th LP,
named First Two Pages Of Frankenstein last April.

Last week they dropped two new gloomy ballads to keep
the momentum going. One of them is Alphabet City.

Lit a candlelight.


20. ‘My Submission’ by DEXYS (Birmingham, UK)

Now, after 45 (!) years, several line-ups and several hiatuses Dexys released (only)
their 6th album, the highly entertaining and feel-good full-length The Feminine Divine.

Mastermind Kevin Rowland celebrated his 70 birthday a couple of weeks ago,
and still has the gift to write a goosebumps balledis about. My Submission is
a diamond of a song.


Turn Up The Volume’s 20 BEST TRACKS For JULY 2023



1. ‘Just Shadows’ by JEEN (Canada)

Canadian singer-songwriter Jeen launches her 5th album
later this year and Just Shadows is the first taster.

“I wrote “Just Shadows” just thinking how the darker parts of everything can snuff
out some of the best people’s light. It’s about trying to get out from under it so we
don’t just become casualties of our shittiest days.”

Just Shadows is a cast iron, drumming energy-stroke detonating with firm
puissance when the chorus hits your ears and Jeen‘s towering voice spices
all things up with flamboyant flair. The vitalizing impact of this effervescent
summer anthem is heartening.




A new supergroup has arrived.

It features The Cure drummer LOL TOLHURST (64), BUDGIE (65),
former Siouxsie and the Banshees drummer and Siouxsie‘s husband,
and Irish music producer Jacknife Lee.

Los Angeles is the title track of their first, forthcoming LP.

It features LCD Soundsytem‘s mastermind/voice James Murphy
and soundwise it’s what you may expect from these musicians.

Los Angeles is a stompin’ and pumpin’ percussion burst
to stomp your feet and pump your fists like mad.



3. ‘Milk’ by BLACK GRAPE (Manchester)

Happy mondays Shaun Ryder, and rapper Kermit (Paul Leveridge) are back.
They fabricated a new, their 4th, LP named Orange Head hitting the streets
in November.

Milk is the lead single. A pounding disco-rock blast
with the 24-party madchester vibe of the 90s.



4. ‘The Trench Coat Museum’ by YARD ACT (UK)

The British post-punk mavericks announced a few weeks ago that they finished their
2nd longplayer, but first we can go gaga to this new smashing stand-alone single.

The Trench Coat Museum is an 8+ minute dancefloor filler infused with a flabbergasting bass riff, spiced with Smith‘s parlando vocals, schizo guitars and yes, cowbells. I guess that for the second half of this super-duper knockout, Smith left the studio for a cup of tea. Anyway, from there on jumbo techno-like beats take over.



5. ‘Three‘ by SEARCH RESULTS (Ireland)

I swear, when this knife-edged tune hit my ears for the first time, I thought
I pushed the wrong button and instead of these young Irish gunslingers I got
post-punk legends The Fall on my headphones.

These young Irish gunslingers’ combination of hyperkinetic drum/bass beats,
fanatic guitar riffage, Mark E Smith sneering and an overall staccato sonority
is irresistibly engrossing.

Tune in.


6. ‘Algorithms’ by KASABIAN (Leicester)

(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Last year Leicester’s rock heroes KASABIAN returned with
their number one longplayer The Alchemist’s Euphoria.

To warm up for a hot festival summer the band invited us to sing-along
on this magnified pop lullaby. Its anthemic chorus is irresistibly infectious.

Let’s roll.


7. ‘That’s Where She Belongs’ by THE CORAL (Scotland)

The seasoned psych-folk-pop-rock troubadours will offer us, on 8 September,
two albums. Sea Of Mirrors and Holy Joe’s Island Medicine Show.

If you haven’t found your sonic twilight summer companion yet, then this new
Coral tune will be the one. The Liverpool gang are experts in writing/creating hum-along, whistle-song, sing-along and dream-along pearls while you can tap your feet to the beat. Imagine sitting in a rockin’ chair on the porch of your farmhouse in a Serge Leone-directed spaghetti western. That’s the vibe.



8. ‘Do You Mind I’m A Little Late For Life?’ by BY FAR (Belgium)

Their debut single Bricks already entertained my music-addicted ears,
and this new one is a stone gold gem too. The fervent passion and the
overwhelming psychedelic resonance are nothing less than astounding.

The song’s bone-chilling progression blows you away, slowly but surely.

Get puzzled.


9. ‘Vampire Empire’ by BIG THIEF (Brooklyn, NY)

This is a diamond of a song. Vampire Empire is another staggering
new gem by a staggering band. Intense, dynamic, jaunty and avid
vocals by Adrianne Lenker. I love Big Thief.



10. ‘Through To You’ by LEBARONS (Toronto, CA)

Through To You is a track from the group’s sophomore album,
titled Days Are Mountains. It lands on August 11th.

It all starts with a steady, feet-activating drum beat, soon followed by an explosion
of hectic guitars. And in an eye/ear blink the whole resistlessly sonic process steamrolls over you, again and again, and riffs and grooves and moves it’s way like an electric-charged whirlwind to a sped-up climax. Frontman MacDonald wants to bang his head against a wall. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea in case you need to get rid of some demons, that is.

Press play.


11. ‘Ocean View’ by MERES (Australia)

The energy developed here is off the charts. Meres rock their tails
off on this sinewy punk missile. Chainsaw guitars, forthright drums/bass
spanks and the both sensual and spiced vocals of Mary Shannon.

This hit-and-run uppercut will start lots of moshpits.



12. ‘Queen’ by CLONE (Canada)

Clone is a lush rock ’n’ roll collage collective that fuses the sequined swagger of 70’s glam with the DIY gut punch of early punk and polishes it all off with the audacious vocals of contemporary pop.

Their new single Queen is a big wham T.Rex bang.

The British trashy 70s riffs, groovy hooks and flashy licks are all over the place. It also echoes Bowie‘s smashing 1974 hit Rebel Rebel. And I can’t but think of glam rock icon Suzy Quatro when front Amazon Juniper Watters comes on with her sensual and sultry vocals.

She’s not a clone, she’s for real, she’s the perfect queen for this firecracker. She’s extremely inspired by drag culture and is a huge supporter of the drag community.

Big bang.


13. ‘No Meaning Man’ by WE MELT CHOCOLATE (Florence, Italy)

Expect a titanic wall-of-shoegaze-layered sound that takes your breath away for almost
4 razzle-dazzle minutes. It feels as if this spectacular piece of a hallucinatory symphony comes out of space with its reverberated and tremoloed guitars, its scintillating synths,
its mystifying melodiousness and its cosmic vocals.



14. ‘Nookie’ by FIDLAR (Los Angeles)

L.A. punks Fidlar produce an illegal amount of decibels on their nasty
steamed-up cover of 1999 hit NOOKIE by Fred Dust‘s gang LIMP BIZKIT.



15. ‘I’m A Wreck’ by ROOMMATES (UK)

These British gunslingers kick-start your adrenalin production from the first chord on with this peppery pop-punk cryout fed by schizo guitars and distressed vocals. A thrill, although the song is about the wake of a breakup, an anthem of self-loathing, regret, and ultimately, forgiveness. I said it a million times before, heartache can lead to explosive catharsis in music.

Listen up.


16. ‘Fury’ by pMAD

Fury is an explosive cocktail of speed metal(lica), synth sketches, post-punk tumult
and dark-Goth-wave vocals. It’s a fuzz and buzz rocket that whirls forth and back. These messed-up times cause mind-madness and paranoia that leads to furious eruptions as pMAD experiences too.



17. ‘Floatin’ Stone’ by VOGUE VILLAINS (Canada)

Floatin’ Stone is a robust tune powered-up by a mean hard rockin’ machine.
References? Muscular Australian noisemakers Wolfmother and stoner rock
mavericks Queens Of The Stone Age. Say no more.



18. ‘Another Country’ by THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH (UK)

This must be the closest The Underground Youth come to sound like The Velvet
. The repetitive jingle jangle pattern, the midnight hour vocals of
Dryer, the dreary harmonies and the ongoing melodic catchiness. All ingredients
for a psych gem are in place here.

Run, run, run.


19. ‘Birthday Cake’ by TEEN IDLE (New Jersey, US)

This slow-progressing musing appeals instantly with its rudimentary PJ Harvey-esque
guitar play and Abdelbarry‘s affectional voice, think Sharon Van Etten.

Birthday Cake‘s has both a romantic and wistful sonority that captivates
and moves. And halfway melancholic synths accentuate the overall ruminate
timbre in a warm way.



20. ‘Love Town’ by JEREMY TUPLIN (England)

Photo by Suzi Corker

Newest piece from Tuplin‘s 4th LP Orville’s Discotheque.

Love Town is a heart-warming and reflective musing about falling in love.
A romantic candlelight ballad for mind-relaxing moments. Sweet and sensitive.

Tuplin‘s vocality made me immediately think of The National‘s melancholic crooner
Matt Berninger with its affectional resonance. Beautiful. Let’s follow him to Love Town,
wherever that might be.


See/hear you next month, music junkies 

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The best of the best of the month

on Spotify.


1. ‘Boys In The Band’ by LAMBRINI GIRLS (Brighton, UK)

These feminist girls in a band unleashed their A.W.E.S.O.M.E
6-track EP last week. Buy/stream here.

And opener Boys In A Band is a motherrockin’ standout. A ferocious punk sucker-punch
to crush male machos with. Vocalist/songwriter Phoebe Lunny has 4 lungs and uses them mercilessly and bassist Lilly Macieira-Boşgelmez plays her 4-string louder than war.

Holy Lambrini smoke.



2.This Just Ain’t My Year‘ by 32 TENS (Warrington, England)

This vigorous trio of young gunslingers speed full tilt ahead from the get-go.
No brakes, no breaks, no mistakes and creeping under your skin faster than you
can say ripsnorter. A whirlwind of scorching guitars, pounding drumming, a revolving
bass line somewhere in the middle, go-getting vocals, and a dynamite chorus. This is gonna be the year for 32 TENS.



3. ‘Lose My Mind’ by THE MANIC BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB (Canada)

Photo credit: Iman Qasemi

“It’s a liberating, drum-backed anthem that allows the band to
break free from any stress or obligations in pursuit of a good night.”

Good times or bad times, it’s always (in)sane to lose your marbles while diving
into a hot let’s have a ball night, now and then, and go berserk. This manic master
blaster doubles your adrenalin production an make you feel flying eight
miles high while you jump from bar to bar, from club to club.

Hit the night.


4. ‘Prophecy Of The Dragon’ by THE VOIDZ (US)

(Press image)

The Strokes‘ frontman Julian Casablancas and his hobby band are back with this flabbergasting metallic stunner. It goes forth and back, left and right, slow and fast as if Casablancas and his misfits put several snippets of several songs together and puzzled them into one stupendous stroke of a belter.



5. ‘Divide’ by DRELLA (Bradford, UK)

Beware, they only look nice

The UK wasn’t so divided as it is now following Brex-shit, charlatan Boris Johnson
and the ongoing suffocating acts of the Tories. Like so many (young) Brits Drella
hate what they have to endure every single day. And they let it hear loud and clear
on this new stiff-necked wallop.

This is Drella‘s generation.


6. ‘Bogus Operandi’ by THE HIVES (Sweden)

The Swedish punk clowns are finally back with new stuff.
Their new LP The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons, their first
in 11 years, lands on 11 August.

The first single Bogus Operandi starts slowly with some drum hits and some distorted guitars. But after 45 seconds the wait is over. From there on it’s full steam ahead with frontman Pele howling as we know for a long time now.

Wham bam.


7. ‘Chastity’ by PUSSY RIOT feat. Boys Noize and Alice Glass

Expect a techno speedball with the
ferocious force of a drilling hammer.

Press play.


8. ‘Emotion Sickness’ by QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (Los Angeles)

The Queens, orchestrated by by mastermind Josh Homme have canned
their 8th LP. It’s titled In Times New Roman… They’ll launch it on June 16.

First single Emotion Sickness is a hammering and riff-rolling corker.
QUOTSA by numbers, but I like their numbers.


9. ‘In Lieu Of Failure’ by THE SMASHING PUMKINGS (Chicago, US)

The pumpkins released their three-part rock opera Atum in Three Acts
a couple of weeks ago. A total of 36 songs. I picked the 12 best, deleted
the rest, and guess what? I have a splendid new SM album.

This is one of the 12 gems.


10. ‘Monster’ by LONELY LITTLE KITSH (Canada)

This two-piece alt-rock act – Kristen Goetz (vocals) and Nolan Jodes (guitar/bass/vocals)
took their name from David Bowie‘s 1974 track Diamond Dogs: “…just another future
song, lonely little kitsch.”

Monster is the duo’s 2nd single. A monstrous cannonball going everywhere fast.
A post-punk eruption that resonates like L.A.’s celebrated Amazons L7 on speed.

Fasten your seatbelt.


11. ‘Three Hours’ by JOHN PARISH & ALDOUS HARDING (UK/New Zealand)

(Photo by Michelle Henning)

A Nick Drake tribute album is coming up. Parish and Harding are part of it.
The duo picked Drake’s 1969 composition THREE HOURS from his Five Leaves

Their take is a Krautrock-like-spinning masterstroke. It moves and grooves along
a hypnotic bass riff and a steady drum beat with doomy synths working their way to
the front. Mesmerizing and intoxicating while duet vocals float all over it, alluring and affecting. Special, really special



12. ‘Depression Breakfast’ by JAPANESE JESUS (Ireland)

Depression Breakfast  follows the first cranked-up single Tension and is the title
track from their upcoming 5-track EP which will see a digital and 12″ vinyl release
next June.

The tone is poignant and disturbing in an intriguing way. As we know, artists can do great things in case of a distressed state of mind. Despite the dark lyrical context Depression Breakfast‘s guitars cut like a Swiss knife just as troubled soul Lou Barlow (Sebadoh/Dinosaur Jr.) does with flaming force when he rocks out to expel his demons. Japanese Jesus can work cathartically too for all of us who haven’t a pink view on reality these days. As we know too, sad music can work deliberating.

“Depression breakfast
Cry in your cereal”


13. ‘Spinning Plates’ by CHARLOTTE CARPENTER (UK)

(Photo by Fraser West )

Spinning Plates is a piece from this British songstress’ upcoming debut album.

Carpenter: “There’s a lot to unpack in this song. From societal pressures on the roles you are meant to fulfill as a woman, alongside the struggle of keeping up a relentless positivity to being a musician – and how impossible it is to ever get the balance between the two. Our anger is justified and our stories worth sharing. ”

It’s 2023 and still a lot of male machos and sexist pigs operate in the music
industry, and not only there. Horrible. Carpenter seems to try and fight these
awful demons with this emotive power-pop stroke gem. Spinning Plates is an
infectious guitar/drum-energized stomper with her room-filling voice standing
out upfront. At one point she slows down, only to restart the magnetic groove.



14. ‘Stand For Something’ by INFINITE SONIC (Columbia)

“Born in Bogotá. Built to be Global.”

When I heard this earworm for the first time, I could swear that this pop pearl
is a previously unreleased track from U2’s recording sessions for their 1987 masterpiece LP The Joshua Tree. Stand For Something has that majestic grandeur of the Irish heroes’ idiosyncratic sound with The Edge‘s magical guitar play lifting their hits to epic heights.

No, I’m not kidding. What Infinite Sonic does here is what rhapsodic pop is about. I just looked outside, it’s a beautiful day, and if you still haven’t found the tune you’re looking
for this might be the One.

You too.


15. ‘Won’t Let You’ by LOST IN JAPAN (Canada)

“A song about not accepting the harsh truths we all need to face sometimes.
Getting lost in some other distraction to ignore the hard task of acceptance.”

Following previous punchy single From The Start these Canadian Londoners nail it again with this new avid crackerjack that turns up the ardency every time when the catching chorus crashes in after the tension is built up in the verses. Firm guitars, a fired-up rhythm section, and fiery vocals. All ingredients you need to make your ears happy.

Today London, tomorrow the whole of Canada.


16. ‘Bricks’ by BY FAR (Belgium)

This Belgian unit was founded in 2017 by singer-songwriter Jacob Vermeire
who needed a way to express his feelings and found it in his music.

Bricks is their debut single.

It’s an emotive introspection wrapped in a glorious melody that strikes your ears
from the kick-off. An arousing gem that resonates like a vibrant Americana song of
veteran songsmith John Mellencamp and the poppy moments of Violent Femmes. Strumming guitars, infectious flow, impassioned vocals and an uplifting chorus.

A top-notch pop thrill that elevates restless minds, by far.


17. ‘Rango’ by SCARS FOR DAVID (Belgium)

(Promo pic)

Rango is the band’s debut single. A dashing slice of music. It combines a toe-tapping reggae groove with a bluesy chorus and somewhere along the way, an Eric Clapton-like guitar solo cranking up the vibe. Cool, right? Unquestionable. This is the kind of full of pep tunes that get you through the day while shaking your hips. The singer sings at one point “There’s No Space For Happines“. Don’t worry be happy, you scored a notable debut.

Tune in.


18. ‘The Lender’ by TRISTAN ARMSTRONG (Toronto, CA)

The Lender‘ is a song about surviving in the city. And these days, as any urban
dweller will attest, there’s much to overcome. Armstrong‘s new song is a deceptively
joyful reflection on the struggles of living in a concrete jungle. Evocative of Springsteen’s chronicling of life on the fringes of society, “The Lender” is a track hiding hope in desperation.”

This is captivating Americana the Canadian way. Great voice, great melody, great musicality, and the vocal resonance and swagger of the late great Tom Petty. Amstrong strums his acoustic guitar the way the Eagles did it endlessly and The Lender‘s bluesy-country feel has both a melancholic and yearning sensitivity. These are tunes that stick instantly, the ones you play for a while.

Press play.


19. ‘You Don’t Have A Choice’ by EASTER ISLAND (Athens, GA)

“You Don’t Have a Choice’ is an indie rock song that evokes an ethereal and moody atmosphere through its intricate instrumentation and emotive vocals. The introspective nature of the lyrics is matched perfectly with the melancholic and contemplative instrumentation, resulting in a dreamy and haunting soundscape that encapsulates the overall mood of the song.”

This a moony and radiant beauty, an amplified musing with crystal guitar sparks
reminding me of NYC darlings Interpol‘s 6-string galvanism. A gripping heart-and-soul touching reflection with mesmeric vocals for tranquilizing moments. Magic.

Check in.


20. ‘I Thought I Understood’ by THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH (UK)

On 18th August these cult post-punks, led by Craig Dyer
launch release their new full length, called Nostalgia Class.

This is the first single. Pure UY. A moony meditation embedded in a gripping,
melancholic melody that rings in your yearning ears from the first spin. There’s
a sparkling rotating riff that invades your head and stays there. Magical melancholia
with, of course, frontman Dyer‘s shadowy vocals completing the darksome sonic
picture as we know it.


TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 20 Best Tracks – APRIL 2023

on Spotify.


1. Beefcake Doctrine by CHUM (London, UK)

Chum are a pretty kooky combo that got my ears trembling with joy with their
grooves-filled debut LP a few weeks ago. Its lead single Beefake Doctrine is a
manic mind-twister with its trancy beats creating a mesmeric and puzzling
razzmatazz you can’t and you won’t run from.



(Press photo © Bridie Florence)

Who? Three don’t mess with us punk feminists from Brighton
with glam and utterly cool duo Phoebe and Lily in the middle.

They’re fiery Riot grrls wearing their feminist hearts on their sleeves.
Expect primal screams and unbridled in-your-face punk turmoil.

All male machos better hide ’cause this clamorous
uppercut will kick their asses painfully.

Hell yeah.


3. ‘1.18’ by OPUS KINK (London)

(Photo by Turn Up the Volume)

With 1:18 these post-punk-rock misfits dropped a neurotic caterwaul that goes forth and back with burning pzazz. Monomaniacal vocalist Angus Rogers gets worked up to an almost hysterical level and sounds like a tormented and obsessed soul and the band’s horn duo blow their lungs out with nerve-racking urgency. Blimey!


4. ‘My Illusion’ by ELECTRIC CIRCUS (Newcastle, UK)

My Illusion is a head-banging and riff-crushing jackhammer that makes
your fists pump in the air, makes your legs shake, and triggers you to check out
your vocal cords’ potential. Ignore your illusions, just get real and get out to party.

For those about to rock Electric Circus salute you.


5. ‘Dead And Over‘ by DOWN THE LEES (Canada)

DTL’s mastermind LL Schultz‘s expresses her frustration and stressful state of mind
caused by those two claustrophobic pandemic years with this high-strung cry out. Its ominous mid-tempo progression, its swelling intensity advancing over an ongoing
hypnotic guitar riff and her sky-scraping send shivers down your spine.

Lockdown threw Schultz to the mat, but it couldn’t
knock her out and she’s back stronger than ever.

Alive and kicking!


6. ‘The Snitching Hour’ by DEADLETTER (London)

(Promo photo)

London‘s up-and-coming young dogs DEADLETTER rattle on repeat
on this rad ripper spiced with relentless vocality, a sensuous saxophone,
a pumping bass and a sickly sticky chorus. 5-star punk funk.

Tune in.


7. ‘Sub’ by DEEPER (Chicago)

With Sub these Chicago dudes sound like a cross between legends Gang Of Four and Parquet Courts. It’s a riff motherrocker making your head spin uncontrollably. On top of it comes the singer’s highly tense vocal performance. Don’t miss this holy smoke cracker.


8. ‘Complain!’ by HYPOTHETICS (Bristol)

Photo credit: Holly Whittaker

These noisy indies from Bristol, UK Post-punk at its sharp-cutting best. Neurotic guitars and frenetic drums alternated with freaked-out vocals, rhythm changes that drive you nuts, an instrumental Devo-esque intermezzo and a mind-boggling climax. I have nothing whatsoever to complain about.



9. ‘Your Death Is My Glory’ by CAMLANN

Who? A socially caring dark disco duo featuring
Ony Godfrey and Fauzan Pratama from Indonesia.

Your Death Is My Glory is about political hypocrisy
that suppresses the common people for their own

It’s a steamed-up disco corker. A catchy-as-hell boomer that
accelerates your bloodstream. An irresistible tune to jump up
and down to like mad while giving the middle finger to all
power-greedy politicians.

The video is a DIY rapid-eye-movement tour de force.


10. ‘All Of A Sudden’ by THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS (Manchester, UK)

All Of A Sudden is a B-side that easily could be an A-side. It features on the 12″ of
the previous single No Reason It’s a rotating beats-banger to start and end all
(il)legal raves with. It’ll make your adrenalin production go through the roof.

Dance, dance, dance.


11. ‘Cars’ by LUNAR TWIN (US)

Lunar Twin‘s new full-length opus Aurora is an ideal
companion to relax with when the twilight sets.

One of the highlights and my favorite track Cars is a trippy dreamwave
with tingling guitars, scintillating synths, and near-whispering voice
combining for a top-notch vibration.

12. ‘Juicy Lips ‘ by FIESTA ALBA (Rome, Italy)

This masked Italian dance act describe themselves as “losers on a planet
where nobody really wins. He who has nothing to lose cannot lose anything.”

They recently released a must-hear 5-track EP with Juicy Lips as one of the 5 highlights.
A capricious crackerjack for nightclubs where misfits, dropouts, eccentrics and other related outsiders have a ball. Wicked music for wicked people by wicked madcaps.

Feel the beat.

13. ‘High Life’ by BLOC PARTY (UK)

Last year British post-punk combo BLOC PARTY returned with
their sixth longplayer Alpha Games, their first in six years.

They returned now with new track High Life.
A guitar-funky discotheque upper.



Last year Brooklyn’s notorious noiseniks A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS,
fronted by mastermind Oliver Ackermann unleashed their manic-maddening
album See Through You, their 6th one.

They decided to invite an impressive cast of musical friends to remix songs
from that album. The collection is named See Trough You: Rerealized. You
can buy it here. The digital version will be available from June 2.

Andy Bell of legendary shoegaze band Ride operating under the moniker
of GLOK is one of the remixes. He picked the psych-mind-bending piece
I’m Hurt and turned it into an ambient techno stunner with Kraut-rock-like
synth rhythms and chainsaw guitar fragments. Score!

Move and Groove.


15. ‘Gallows’ by VAZUM (Detroit)

Deathgaze duo Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm launched
their 5th album, titled V- a couple of weeks ago.

It’s a greatest hits album consisting of
re-recorded songs from 2020-2022.

One of TUTV’s fav cuts is Gallows resonating like a slowed-down
Siouxsie and The Banshees musing. Enigmatic and haunting.



16. ‘Nine Times Nine’ by THE CRYSTAL TEARDROP (UK)

Who? A British quartet inspired by a mutual passion for the sights,
sounds and creative experimentation of the mid to late 1960s with
its unique blend of garage rock, psychedelia and acid folk.

A 60s colored psych-pop gem that could be written by Californian legends
The Mamas & Papas
. Layered vocals, jangly guitars (playing backward at
one point. Remember The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows song?), and an
infectious chorus. Play it 81 times.


17. ‘What I Lost’ by COWBOY JUNKIES (Canada)

The twang country veterans Tornyo announced
the upcoming release of their 16th LP, baptized
Such Ferocious Beauty

First single WHAT I LOST is a bittersweet sparkler of a song.
Sorrowful and heavy-hearted with Margo Timmins‘s mourning
voice as entrancing as ever.



18. A Child’s Question, August’ by PJ HARVEY (UK)

Artwork new album

PJ messaged via her socials her 10th album,
baptized I Inside The Old Year Dying. It lands
on 7 July.

First single A Child’s Question, August sounds like
a stripped track from her ‘Let England Shake‘ LP.

Ominous, somber but also quite magnetic.


19. ‘Scotch’ by TIRED KID (Canada)

Photo by Laura-Lynn Petrick

“A song inspired by my walks to coffee shops, my friends,
the band TOPS, and the scotch I like to drink!”

Easy-going tunes you can hum and whistle like this one are always welcome on my headphones after having too much noizz buzzing in my ears. Scotch is a laid-back, jaunty, and happy-go-lucky melody enriched with sunlit guitar play. Perfect for a walk in the city on a lazy Spring day. Kelly‘s mellow voice sounds like it was meant to sing devil-may-care songs like this one. Canadacana at its strolling best. Bottoms up!



20. ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven GmBt LIFE (France)

To celebrate the first anniversary of their debut album
10 Minutes GmbtLife decided to cover a Pixies classic.

They picked one of their best-known songs, Monkey Gone To Heaven from 1989. Their take is pretty special and surprising. They decelerated it and added subtle piano play, distorted guitars, and low-pitched vocals.

TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 20 Best Tracks – MARCH 2023



1. ‘Freedom’ by CHIC CHOC (NYC)

Who: Three musically seasoned Amazons from NYC using drum machines,
synthesizers, guitars, voice and a variety of sound filters and pedals to make
their point.

It’s an incredible shame that women still have to fight for so many fundamental rights.
It’s bloody 2023 and so much female injustice is still a reality. So, it’s great that female artists get up, stand up and fight for their right to tackle this human disease.

Chic Choc do it right away on their fantastic debut single. They travel around the world looking for freedom with an electronic-booming EBM knockout to fill dance floors with. Boosting beats, catching chorus, sensuous vocals, and a protesting choir, combine for a sassy stunner. Bang-on. Le freak, c’est chique choc.

Tune in.


2. ‘Lipstick’ by GHOST FETISH (Seattle, US)

Who: A synth-fueled post-punk
trio from Seattle, WA.

“Lipstick follows the obscure path of desire. Stretched between the lingering
impression of a touch lost to time, and the unshakable sense of its inevitable

Lipstick is both a sensuous and affectional tune with gripping vocals
up front and melancholic ones in the back. At times it feels like the track will
erupt into an avid disco stomper. Maybe this debut is a foreplay teaser and
the follow-up will be an orgastic energizer. Anyway Ghost Fetish have my aural
and hip-shaking attention and will have yours too.

Tune in.


3. ‘Right Wing Beast’ by SLEAFORD MODS (Nottingham, UK)

(Cover of new album ‘UK Grim’)

It’s Sleaford Mods by very good numbers. They slam the remorseless Tories and Brexit once again with knife-sharp ranting. Sonically, their characteristic catchy simplicity still activates your limbs. The mods never disappoint. Best track on their best album so far, named UK GRIM.

Move here, folks.


4. ‘Open Invitation’ by LOU REED (NYC)

This a previously unreleased track from the immortal NYC legend, from the
sessions of his 1984 album New Sensations, one of his rare upbeat LPs.

So great to hear something old/new for the first
time from one of my all-time fav songsmiths ever.

Listen/dance here to the funky groove.


5. ‘Mousehouse’ by DOCE OPERATOR (Seattle, US)

Who: 2-piece members who have been playing music around Seattle and the west coast of the United States in various incarations for years, and recently stumbled upon the formula that became Docé Operator.

These are the lets-go-bonkers bangers we need in these fucked-up times. Mousehouse
is a kooky disco floor knockout you can jump up and down to like a kanagaroo on E. Middle-finger to reality, bottoms up, ladies and gents. I don’t know who’s the mouse or who’s the rat, but I do know that this tune will bounce in my head for a while.


6. ‘Hello’ by GROUPLOVE (Atlanta, US)

Grouplove, Atlanta’s beloved indies are gearing up for their
5th longplayer, called I Want It All Right Now, out July 7.

First single Hello is a euphoric booster expressing a desire for human connection
and a feeling of being lost in the world. This upper will put a smile on your face,
from left to right.


7. ‘Cello Song’ by FONTAINES D.C. (Ireland)

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Antwerp 2022)

The by-now pretty famous Irishmen are part of a notable cast that cover a song
of the late troubled troubadour Nick Drake (1948-1974) for a new tribute album.

They picked Cello Song from Drake‘s 1969 debut LP Five Leaves Left.

Their electrical take is nothing less than sublime.



8. ‘Flume’ by HELICON (Glasgow, Scotland)

Photo by Sophie Barrott

Who: Psych rock outfit
from Glasgow, Scotland.

They launch their 3rd full length named God Intentions on 28 April. More info here.

Ahead of it comes this astounding psych-jam that goes on like forever with motorik,
Kraut-rock-like dynamics. Jangly riffs, 60s resonating organs, floating vocals, and an extensive wall-of-guitar-extravaganza sound to end this intoxicating symphony.
Yes, all ingredients for a mind-bending trip are here at work.

Get high here.


9. ‘Magician’ by DESMOND DANDIES (Belgium)

(Press photo via VI.BE)

Who: Robust noisemakers from Limburg, Belgium.

Magician is about having a crush on someone and doing all that’s needed to score. Sonically, it’s a garage rock riff sledgehammer. A mean psych-groove monster doing your head in the way you like it. It goes wham bam bloody wham bam with its manic drum/bass force, its helter-skelter hooks and its hungry vocals. Bring on the album, motherrockers!

Don’t miss the debut LP, entitled 57 Heaven. It arrives on
Record Store Day, April 15, both on vinyl and digitally.

Turn up the heat.


10. ‘Black Heart’ by ANSWERMAN (Boston, US)

Photo: Pat Piasecki

Who: Firm indie rock 4-piece from Boston.

“It’s a reflection of how we’re all feeling, trapped in ongoing patterns of depression and anxiety. It’s also the lead single and aural appetizer to our debut album ‘Black Light Poster’, out on April 21.”

No whistles and bells for these four sharp-edged hombres out of Boston. After a short, jangly intro it’s all riff-rotating cylinders and all garage rock burners on. Psychobilly hooks and surf licks swirl side by side with manic magnetism. Black Heart is a roaring steamroller with a buzzing bluster, an electric-energetic flow, and snappy vocals. As the cliché goes, it’s only rock ‘n’ roll but they and I like it any day of the week. So should you.

The road gets so lonely, got nothing to say
Will the sun shine? Well I hope and I pray
Oh yeah!


11. ‘Polarized’ by THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS (Brussels)

(Photo by Xavier Marquis)

Who: Longtime darkwave act from Brussels.

They have a new 6-track EP out, named Echo Reverie.
More info here.

The EP is a characteristically post-darkwave-punk affair with
infectious twilight melodies embedded in a whirlpool of booming
beats, scintillating synths, gloomy stories, cinematic orchestrations
and tenebrous vocals. Footstomper Polarized is my favorite piece,
and probably yours too.

Let’s roll.


12. ‘Can’t Outrun The Truth’ by PETE TOWNSHEND (UK)

Townshend didn’t release solo work for 30 years, and now, out of the blue
comes this brand new song. It’s composed and produced by his partner
Rachel Fuller.

It’s an irresistible, bluesy tune with a country feel.
A little pearl with heart-wrenching Townshend vocals
and melancholic harmonica play.

All proceeds of the song go to Teenage Cancer Trust.



13. ‘Getting Old’ by FROM THE TIGER’S MOUTH (London, UK)

Who: Harry Sullivan, a seasoned
London-based singer-songwriter.

A majestic melody. A stellar orchestration. A sterling vox. Three matching ingredients
that guarantee an epic composition. And it’s all here. Getting Old progresses with tension and passion, forth and back, and magnetizes all the way through. Epic!

The song wrestles with the idea of us freezing in the moment, gripped by anxiety as fear takes over our ability to do the things we really want to. Familiar thoughts for many of us. But affecting music, as always, uplifts a moody state of mind.

First-class accomplishment.



14. ‘From The Start’ by LOST IN JAPAN (Canada)

Who: Canadian pop/rock team that
released their debut full length in 2018.

This new punchy piece jumps up and down in your head and elevates your mood from
the kick-off. It’s a contagious foot-stomper with a poppy chorus vibe inviting you to play
air guitar and sing along with all the force your lungs can come up with. Wowzers!

Anthemic stroke

Check it out.


15. ‘Paradise Is Mine’ by SWANS (NYC)

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Mastermind Michael Gira and his swans will share their 16th LP,
baptized The Beggar with the world via Young God Records
on 23 June.

Along with all this news comes an almost 10-minute hypnotic
slo-mo jam called Paradise Is Mine that gets under your skin
slowly but surely.



16. ‘Always Wrong’ by THE BANKROBBER (Italy)

The Italian synth-guitar pop siblings released their 6-track EP, named Lighters
last year. An exemplary accomplishment of skillful songwriting. Sparkling, breezy,
and varied. Turn Up The Volume named it the best EP of 2022.

And the family isn’t done yet. This year another EP, titled Lovers comes our
way. Afterward, Lighters and Lovers will marry and become one full album.

First single, titled Always Wrong. It’s another skilfully crafted
mid-tempo pop tune with glowing guitar sequences echoing

The Bankrobber are right again.



17. ‘Morire’ by EMMA HUNTER (Oxford, UK)

Who: Singer-songwriter, 1950s-inspired guitarist, and loop-maker from Oxford, UK. Assisted by trip-hop-inspired percussionist Tom Bruce, she creates complexly evocative soundscapes, filled with dramatic Lynchian atmosphere.

OMG! Emma Hunter‘s vocals reach for the sky on this flamenco-influenced, breathtaking tour de force. She has truly an overwhelming vox that sends shivers down your spine. Mourning trumpets and Chris Isaak-like guitar sparks add a haunting timbre. Morire (the Italian word for ‘to die and fade‘) is what goosebump songwriting quality is all about. It wouldn’t be out of place on the melodramatic soundtrack of western classic
Once Upon A Time In The West . Capisce?



18. ‘Until The Vague Takes A Form’ by MARIVON

Who: An eclectic group of international recording musicians
assembled by Canadian artist Jill McKenna. They joined forces
to make an album of music surpassing geography and genres.

Until The Vague Takes A Form is part of that recently released
album, titled None Of This Mine. More info here.

The song is an intimate, tender and vocally superb collection of romantic balladry, piano/cello/violin/banjo musings, and some intriguing pop experimentalism. Think
Regina Spektor and Big Thief. Discover it all, it’s a great companion for relaxing


19. ‘Why Did You Go’ by CHVRLI BLVCK (London, UK)

Who: London-born singer-songwriter known for his vocal prowess and emotionally raw style. His music reflects his personal struggles with mental health, with an eclectic but immediately recognisable sound, influenced by artists such as Jeff Buckley, The Maccabees, and Fiona Apple.

This is an emotive post-break-up pearl. Heartfelt reflections embedded
in a goosebump musing that resonates like a bittersweet symphony. BLVCK’s
highly passionate vox reminds me of Antony Hegarty‘s sensitive ardency. The
whole-souled tristesse and mixed emotions at play here make you silent.

Tune in.


20. ‘Call’ by DARKCAR (NYC)

Who: Fresh NYC dream pop duo featuring voice
Ashley Selett and musician David Terranova.

Imagine driving your car in the middle of the night, on the Talking Heads‘ road to nowhere while listening to Massive Attack with Portishead‘s singer Beth Gibbons on vocals and Interpol‘s Daniel Kessler playing trippy guitar lines all along. Sounds pretty intriguing, right? You betcha. Darkcar hypnotizes and magnetizes. Useless to try to resist. Trust me, you’ll join them on their ride the moment they call you.

Tune in.

See/hear you next month, music junkies

TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 20 Best Tracks – Februrary 2023

ALL TOGETHER on Spotify…


1. ‘Someone Up There’ by THE WAEVE (UK)

British duo THE WAEVE feat. Graham Coxon (Blur‘s guitarist) and songstress
Rose Elinor Dougall – launched their sterling self-titled album early February.

One of the highlights is this turbulent, riff-rotating and capricious groover
named Someone Up There that works as a mesmerizing magnet.



2. ‘Casting No Light’ by NOBLE ROT (Canada)

Clamorous frontman Alex Edkins of Canadian noise engine Metz and Graham Walsh, keyboardist of dance punks Holy Fuck, got together for a project of their own, named, Noble Rot. They have their debut ‘Heavenly Bodies, Repetition, Control.‘ out next month.

They just dropped first single Casting No Light. A motorik Krautrock-like mindfucker that circles around like forever, pushed by a pumping synth/drum/guitar riff-boom-beat that grows in hypnotic intensity along the way. Fucktastic!


3. ‘Drum’ by YOUNG FATHERS (Scotland)

This Scottish dance-funk-punk trio is on an unstoppable roll. Their new, 3rd LP Heavy Heavy is a total triumph (Turn Up The Volume‘s Album of the Month) and their swirling concert in Antwerp (Belgium) blew the roof off the building.

One of the standout tracks on the album is Drum.
A flamboyant, head-over-heels stormer.



4. ‘How To Replace It’ by dEUS (Belgium)

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

The Belgian Gods released their new longplayer How To Replace It?,
their first in 10 years, a couple of weeks ago.

The title song is a phenomenal piece. A mid-tempo stunner, driven by big
drums and frontman Tom Barman‘s bewitching vocality. It advances with
swelling orchestration toward the grand symphonic climax.



5. ‘Islands In The Sky’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles, CA)

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

The amazing Los Angeles Amazons delivered their
best album (so far) Islands In The Sky only last Friday.

The title track is a blissful guitar-pop earworm that sticks from the get-go
with Bonnie Bloomgarden‘s spell-binding vocals inviting you to her island of joy.
I’m on my way. Join me.

You’re in charge of your perception of your life
You can choose what you keep
And what you leave behind


6. ‘Heart On’ by 2LIBRAS (Seattle)

This Seattle-based Cyberpunk duo – Wesley and Jewels Foster – nailed it with this arousing mid-tempo, electro-drum-beat-driven knockout from their upcoming full length World’s End. It’s sexy, catchy, trippy, and makes your blood pumping through your heart.

Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus for the dancefloor.

Sonic sex.


7. ‘Samo’ by A CERTAIN RATIO (Manchester, UK)

(Press credit)

Manchester’s vibrant dance legends A Certain Ratio
canned their 11th LP, named 1982. It lands at the end
of March.

Single SAMO is as funky as hell. Consult your doctor
if your limbs refuse to move to this nightclub corker.

Tune in.


8. ‘Sinatra Drive Breakdown’ by YO LA TENGO (New Jersey)

(Press photo)

The imperishable indie veterans keep on doing what they do best,
releasing notable LPs, this time with fresh one titled This Stupid World.

Riveting psych-riff jam Sinatra Drive Breakdown
is the track I always go back to.

Here’s why.


9. ‘Scatterbrain’ by FILIBUSTER (Belgium)

This Belgian 4-piece outfit is gearing up for their 2nd longplayer, baptized
Quiet Part Out Loud
, out next month, on 15 March, via Fons Records and
Gazer Tapes

Newest single Scatterbrain is a riff-roaring rocker that grows on your ears
with every spin. It has a moody, shoegazy resonance annex reflective vocals.
Striking stroke. Bring on the album.

Press play here.


10. ‘What If?’ by QUIZ SHOW (US)

(Photo by Phil Silverberg)

This fresh high-energetic trio features members from
Shudder To Think, Guided By Voices and The Dambuilders.

Their self-titled debut LP will see the day of light on 17 March.

What If? is a freaked-out, riff-drunk sucker punch that could
easily come from a Hüsker Dü LP. Herky-jerky electricity with
a steamrollin’ sticky chorus. Wowzers.

Lit up here.


11. ‘I Expire‘ by MALE TEARS (L.A.)

This dark-Goth-wave duo from the City of Angels look like vampires,
they sound like vampires and they fabricate vampirish stuff.

The torrid tandem unleash their
new album KRYPT on 28 April.

Ahead of the release, to get us in the right make-up mood, they hit us
with first single I Expire. A punked-up electro uppercut to set batcaves
on fire with. One listen and the brisk beats will haunt you all day long.

In the accompanying video, Male Tears get straight in
your scared face and suck you into their wicked world.

Roll the tape.


12. ‘The Court’ by PETER GABRIEL (UK)

Press photo GB – FB

No retirement yet for the once-upon-a-time face/voice
of art-prog-rock titans Genesis. His 9th, solo album,
named i/o lands next month.

Newest single The Court is Gabriel trippin’ in synth-pop land.


13. ‘Tiger Girl’ by TEROUZ (France)

Canadian pop noir artist Terouz, as I said before, has a midnight-hour voice, that resembles the tone and timbre of Tindersticks frontman Stuart Staples and The National‘s maestro Matt Berninger’s.

His new song is a groovy love-drunk gem featuring the sensuous voice
of his ex-partner. It gets under your skin from the kick-off. Two spins and
you’re hooked.

Beware, tiger girl is a femme fatale.


14. ‘Death Beats’ by NECRØ (Lisboa, Portugal)

NECRØ is the latest project of Portuguese musician João Vairinhos
featuring idiosyncratic singer and keyboard player Sara Inglês,.

The title track of their 6-track EP Death Beats
is Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite.

A dark-techno-wave rumbling that stomps and whomps with intense
impetus doing your head in from the get-go. Doomed beats for twilight parties.
The tenebrous vibe at play here sends shivers down your spine, while Sara Inglês‘s
ghostly wailing is reminiscent of shadowy Siouxsie Sioux moments.


15. ‘What A Day’ by THE MYSTERY PLAN (Charlotte, US)

(photo: Daniel Coston)

This Charlotte-based collective seduced my sensitive ears with the title track of
their 3-track EP What A Day. The harbinger for upcoming 7th LP ‘Haunted Organic Machines’.

Feel-good tunes like these are always welcome on my headphones. What A Day is
a breezy synth-scintillating vibration that triggers sensual body moves. Its featherlight tonality causes a dreamy state of mind with trancy tinglings. And when that sweet flute came on, I swear, I saw a Spring bird flutter in the blue sky.



16. ‘Lonely Town’ by GALEN & PAUL (UK)

Multi-instrumentalist and songstress GALEN AYERS and former The Clash
bassist PAUL SIMONON have a collaborative album, named Can We Do
Tomorrow Another Day?
out on 19 May.

I’ll be a pretty special one as the pair wrote a collection of bilingual duets, with both of them singing in English and Spanish and explore a variety of European music cultures. First single Lonely Town is a sweet, little pop ditty. You can sing/hum/whistle along.


17. ‘I Remember What You Said’ by Artist: DYAN VALDÉS (Cuban-American)

(Photo credit: Petra Valdimardottir)

This Cuban-American singer-songwriter, living in Berlin, played/plays
in several bands and works as a solo artist too and has now a new single
out, named I Remember What You Said.

It follows her last year’s excellent debut album Stand.

The pretty poppy song is about a nightmarish memory of a poisonous
relationship. With its agitated words-flowing drive it feels like Valdés
wants to wash away all the BS and move on. Mission accomplished.

Check it out.


18. ‘Dust’ by SUMMIT OF THE BIG LOW (UK)

Summit Of The Big Low is the moniker of British musician Toby Uffindell-Phillips,
who was a member of the early 00s folktronica group Sound Sanctuary.

This new piece, from his self-titled album out on 19 May, is an affecting folk-pop reverie that streams as a brisk brook. Sparkling, crystal clear, and glimmering in the sun. Its wistful tone, smooth vocals, and frisky finger-picking guitar play combine for a sweet little pearl.



19. ‘Prisoner’ by 7DESCENT (Nashville, TN)

This 4-piece from Nashville produces a mix of metal, opera & 80’s rock.

Their new single Prisoner is about being captured and trapped by someone’s love.
It’s a mid-tempo power ballad that slowly but surely infiltrates your ears with its
anthemic dynamics, impassioned vocals, and weeping guitars.

Play here.


20. ‘Tongue Of Kalina’ EYEMOUTH (Sweden)

This musical project started in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2014 and presents a soundscape based on electronic backgrounds and a more classic rock instrumentation blended with mellotrons, vibraphone, santur, harmonium and other alluring sounding instruments. In short, atmospheric psychedelic darkness with occult undertones.

Eyemouth‘s new longplayer, titled A Headlong Fall Into The Vast Ocean Of Anxiety reverberates a cinematic synth soundtrack to an atmospheric, hallucinatory dream
movie yet to be made.

Closing track Tongue Of Kalina gives you a perfect idea of it.


TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 20 Best Tracks Of January 2023

ALL TOGETHER on Spotify…


1. ‘Crossing Guard’ by MODEL/ACTRIZ (Brooklyn, NY)

Wham bloody electro drone bam.
LCD Soundsystem-like rhythmics that
make your head spin uncontrollably.

A super-duper sucker-punch.
A kicks-ass knockout.

New album Dogsbody
is out on February 24.

Hit it!.


2. ‘An Individual Soul’ by PRINCESS UGLY (Portland, Oregon)

This is a psychedelic, non-stop mindtwister. After a short shock intro, psychobilly
guitars take over and riff and roll all the way through, surrounded by darkwave synths.
Add Christopher-Rome’s creepy whispering and you’ll feel transported somewhere into a twilight zone where Goths party. Princess Ugly s ominous mind mystifies and the enigmatic she-devil in the video is a misleading character.

Save your soul, surrender.


3. ‘Set Yourself On Fire’ by ULTRA SUNN (Brussels)

The rapturous chorus hits you from the first spin.
Its adrenalized vocals and entranced synths make
your head spin uncontrollably. Wham bloody bam.

Another booster, another upper, another triumph.


4. ‘Leo With The Gun’ by CLARENCE & THE MODERN LIFE (London, UK)

Clarence: “On a trip in LA I saw a man walking down Hollywood boulevard passionately screaming at nothing. It felt like a metaphor for life. Being young and not feeling heard, being older and not necessarily wiser but still more confident for some reason. I guess it’s a bit ‘us against them’ lyrically, but also questioning how we decide who and what we listen to and
who we ignore”

Clarence (born Louis Matlock) says he finds inspiration with
Brit giants like Gorillaz, Jamie T, David Bowie, The Clash and Blur.

With this dynamic debut single he nails it big time. Once that bass strikes
your limbs feel that a groovy buzz and funky fuzz is coming. The ongoing,
repetitive cadence works like a mesmeric magnet. It wouldn’t be out of
place one of Beck‘s early records.



5. ‘True Love Knows No Death’ by KELE (London, UK)

The frontman of British indie greats Bloc Party has his
new, 6th, solo LP titled The Flames Pt. 2 out on 24 March.

First single True Love Knows No Death is a nightclub
booster for Saturday Night Fever every day of the week.

Tune in.


6. ‘Everybody’s Baby’ by MONTA (Kansas City)

The new cut by this post-punk electronic collective is a sickly
sticky dancefloor killer. It’s funky, it’s vibey and it’s sexy, spiced
with Mikal Shapiro‘s alluring vocality and some sparkling
guitar lines, and it goes on like forever. Glorious.



7. ‘UK Grim’ by SLEAFORD MODS (Notthingham, UK)

Jason Williamson: “Maybe we are proud of the country. Maybe we are proud to be English. Maybe I’m proud of the horrible grey streets and the shit weather and the stupid fashions I find myself investing in. It’s just that the English we’re proud of being is absolutely nothing like the English the authorities want to try and promote.”

First rap-punk bite and title track of their
new, 11th longplayer, out on 10 March.

Love the UK.
Fuck Putin.


8.‘I Play My Bass Loud’ by GINA BIRCH (UK)

Birch is best known as the founder of feminist
post-punks The Raincoats (1977–1984, 1993–present).

She’ll release her debut full length
I Play My Bass Loud
on 24 February.

The title track is one hell of a frisky reggae bass tune. Topnotch.

Birch: “It’s a celebration of the bass guitar as a voice, simple or layered, pounding or dancing or everything at once. The bass is sometimes assigned as a lesser instrument, and yet because of reggae and the creativity of a lot of women players, it has always been a creative and phenomenal instrument.”

Turn up the bass.


9. ‘Ride On’ by THE NUDE PARTY (North-Carolina, US)

These smart-dressing cowboys unleash their
new, 3rd, LP baptized RIDE ON on 10 March.

The first taster Ride On rolls, rattles and rumbles, grooves and moves
as if The Velvet Underground went country rock. It’s a jangly earworm with
an easygoing flow.


10. ‘Found’ by FUCKED UP (Toronto, Canada)

The hardcore veterans are quite busy lately. Last year
they released no less than 4 LPs centered around the
same theme Year Of The Horse and a couple of EPs.

And another new one, called One Day,
recorded in just, 24 hours landed last week.

My favorite whack is Found.
A rare, yes, catchy sledgehammer.

Scream along.


11. ‘These Thrilling Lies’ by THESE THRILLING LIES… (Swansea, Wales)

Imagine John Bonham‘s ghost on drums, assisted by a wayward bassist,
a sultry 60s Hammond organ, psycho guitars, schizo synths and a demonic
vocalist, mixing prog-rock and garage punk into a messed-up rumpus to
scare corrupt politicians with. Sounds wicked, right? You bloody betcha.

And do I hear an Australian aboriginal playing didgeridoo in there?

Get puzzled.


12. ‘Trippin’ by AUGUST GONZALEZ (Iowa, US)

Gonzalez mixes trap metal/pop punk/blended hip-hop
in an eyeblink. like here with this new barnstormer.

‘This was a song I wrote about 10-11 years ago about the first and
last time I tried acid. So I found out later on that the acid strip I took
was actually 10 hits of acid and I tripped for 14 hours so you can
imagine how scary it really was.’

If you dig new hip-metal-hop sensation Nova Twins
you’ will dig Gonzalez definitely too.

Trip here.


13. ‘Truth Is The New Gold’ by FERAL FIVE (London, UK)

The electronic-pop duo release their long-awaited debut album
Truth Is The New Gold on 10 February via ethical independent
label Reckless Yes.

The title track is a kickback, de-stressing, mid-tempo ambient tune with a heartening effect. Smooth synth sparks, trance-inducing electro beats, combative guitars, and crystal vocals come all together in an easy-going and groovy way that creates a laidback feel for mind and soul. Golden thrill.



14. ‘Sometimes’ by WOLF MANHATTAN (New York City)

Wolf Manhattan is the alter-ego of musician, composer, producer and post-punk
electronic wizard João Vieira. A bedroom producer who lives alone above a local
shop in New York City, with his uncle’s record collection, a 4-track and a guitar from
the 50s that belonged to a well-known artist,

Last year he released his noteworthy,
infectious tunes-filled debut album.

Highlight Sometimes is representative of the longplayer.
A feel-good retro pop ditty, a lazy hum/whistle/sing-along
earworm to dream away to.

The song is now visualized in this new video clip.


15. ‘Unlucky’ by SWAN HILL

It’s a fuzzy alt-rock band from Wales.
The Pixies, Weezer, and Pavement think
they’ve died and gone to Jazzmaster

Unlucky has a slow-mo Dinsosaur Jr slacker vibe fueled
with glowing guitars. It has a slowly but surely addictive
impact after a couple of spins.

Feel lucky.


16. ‘Johnny Was An Ocean Child’ by GOOD GOOD BLOOD (UK)

This is the project of British musician James Smith.
He’s also the founder of Fox Food Records.

He dropped a new track called Johnny Was An Ocean Child

On first hearing, my ears told me that Swedish pop collective I’m From Barcelona
are back in town with a new psych-pop choir chant. My ears were wrong regarding the performer/artist, but totally right about the instant aural impact of this far-out tune.

Roll it.


17. ‘Barfight’ by CARBELLION (Winsconsin, US)

Barfighter is a monumental motherrocker of a roaring ripper. Like Deep Purple
on speed with Slash hooks and licks, John Bonham hammering his drums to pieces
and Ronnie James Dio screaming his lungs out. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll but I bloody like it,
so does my banging head and my trembling ears. Hell yeah!

It’s the 2nd shared piece of their upcoming 2rd LP,
baptized Weapons Of Choice landing on March 17.

Damn it feels so good to be alive.

Holy smoke!


18. ‘Thin Ice’ by LEATHERETTE (Italy)

“Musically, it’s a nervous mid-tempo post-punk-ska orchestral tune, sort of Talking Heads-esque. Lyrically, it is quite representative of our approach, both as people and as a band. An approach that can be summed up by the famous Winston Churchill’s quote: “If you’re going through hell, keep going”. We learnt, as musicians and young adults, that things tend not to work properly way more often than they do. But it’s not a big deal, It’s actually what makes life, love and art
so special”.

TUTV: Mid-tempo razzle-dazzle groove you can show your best ska moves to.


19. Panikuluk by QATTTU ((pronounced “KAT-suu”)

She’s a singer, throat singer, songwriter, performing artist, and
experimental Indigenous expressionist, originally from Pangnirtung,
, currently living in Ottawa, Ontario.

Panikuluk a mid-tempo moving love song from a mother written for her little daughter. Inuit drums beat like a vivid heart with a mesmerizing and dreamy slo-mo pace while Qattuu throat vocals create a both, otherworldly and spiritual ambiance. A truly special performance and a wonderful way to express motherly love for your child.

Enjoy here.


20. ‘Nadia’ by IAN ARDEN (Toronto, Canada)

Arden wrote Nadia it one emotional and traumatic night. It’s a compassionate and concerned plea to someone close to him who had been suffering for way too long.

Nadia resonates like a yearning mantra, especially on the captivating chorus,
sending shivers down your spine. This heart-rending contemplation balances between
fear and hope, between pain and content, but in the end there’s faith in the future. Arden‘s sensitive and tender voice stands out and feels so natural for romantic reveries like these.

The video features footage of a historic speech by former US president,
Franklin D. Roosevelt, which was meant to console America and the world
during the Great Depression. Spine-chilling.