Addictive Rock And Blues Grooves With Canadian Team THE MANDEVILLES And Their New EP ‘JUNKIE’

19 November 2022

Who: Indie rock team from Niagara, Canada
Albums: Goodnight Golden Sun (2012) and
Windows And Stones


TUTV: The Mandevilles fuse classic rock, impassioned and amplified blues,
and punky/grungy juice here and there, on this 5-track extended play.

Result: 3 inflammable grooves and 2 high-energetic mid-tempo strokes with
vocalist Serena Pryne ‘s ardent vox in the middle, backed by a rousing 4-piece.
Warning: this is addictive stuff.

References: Janis Joplin, Juliana Hatfield, The Go-Go’s and Sleater-Kinney



It starts with a cool slicey guitar that grabs your attention. It feels like it’s steeped in some blues, but is still rock ‘n’ roll. There’s a solid 90s vibe, paired with a modern guitar sound.


The idea that you can be changed into something you no longer recognize as
yourself. By a person or circumstance. It’s an introspective soliloquy – a plea
to yourself. The rhythmic drum pattern hypnotizes.


It’s been in the vault for a really long time, as it was written with Charlton Pettus (of Tears for Fears) way back when we were in Oliver Black. The song has always had a special place in our heart, but never felt like it belonged on any of our albums. Until now.


It features our friend, Tara Stanclik who sings harmonies with Serena. But listen carefully… you’ll hear the warm click of castanets in the background. Nick is especially proud of learning how to play these wonderful percussion instruments, and it adds a southern warmth to the whole song. Neil also introduced us to the haunting Farfisa Organ – an incredible Italian organ – which brings in even more depth.


Serena: “I remember we were gushing about Big Wreck the day we wrote this. We basically
had a verse/chorus idea mapped out fairly quickly… and we knew we wanted a lengthy jam to take it home. So we started building those parts pretty intensely, as we wanted them to feel like different sections. I think the end result culminates sonically and still feels a little unsettled with the unanswered “Is it over / Are we over?”.

Stream/buy JUNKIE here…

THE MANDEVILLES: Instagram – Facebook – Website – Spotify

Artwork and photo: Lauren Garbutt

Ghostly Dark-Wave-Ambient Artist NOX ARCANA With His Shadowy Symphonic 5-Track EP ‘DARKFALL’

30 October 2022

Who: The neoclassical dark wave/dark ambient
music project of Ohio artist Joseph Vargo

Five new tracks to quench your dark desires during eerie autumn nights
when sinister things prowl the shadows and ghostly chills fill the air.
Released: 13 October 2022

This is where darkness and brightness clash. Expect five ghostly, instrumental
symphonies with ominous synth shadowplays and chilling orchestral architecture.

Video for top track Dark Matter

Dim the lights, sit down, relax and let the goosebumps overwhelm you.

Buy/stream DARKFALL Volume 1 here…


Dublin Indie Maverick SKINNER Nails It With Hefty 4-Track EP ‘COMMANDER TRAINWRECK’

13 October 2022

(Credit: Niamh Barry)

Who: The moniker of Dublin
slouch rocker Aaron Corcoran

Out now via Faction Music.

SkinnerIt all started when I was let go from my shitty office job that I hated. At the time I thought “this is great, I’ll just take some time off and spend it writing loads of music then I’ll get a new job”, but it didn’t really work out that way. I ended up sitting around the house all day in my underwear watching stupid YouTube videos and becoming really depressed. Time is a funny thing, when you have it you waste it and when you don’t, you feel like you’re wasting it. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. I was sleeping for 16+ hours a day and not seeing anyone to the point where my dreams felt more real than my reality. I think everyone around me just thought I was becoming this huge waster but the truth was that I was dealing with some complicated stuff and I needed that space to figure it out. So I invented the character of “Commander Trainwreck” as a way of embracing my situation. I wanted other people to know that it’s okay to fuck up and if you need some time, then you need some time. I think everyone needs to be Commander Trainwreck at some point in their lives.

Turn Up The Volume: First thing that popped up in my mind, this sounds as
is if Beck is a high-electrical-powered post-punk injecting his catchiest tunes with
lots of hurly-burly, wall-of-batty guitar layers and sizzling saxophone fragments.

Yet he keeps on funk-ing and groove-ing like there’s no tommorow.
Now you know why you should, as I just did, add Skinner to your most
thrilling discoveries of 2022 list.

Stream the EP here…

SKINNER: Facebook – Instagram

Post-Hardcore Iconoclasts FUCKED UP Released New Shakespeare Inspired EP ‘OBERON’

9 October 2022

Who: Ominous hard-core-noise warriors from Toronto making
electrical waves for 20 years now / 5 studio albums (so far).

Out: 7 October 2022 – order info here

Oberon is the king of the fairies in Shakespeare‘s
comedy play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Would it be the first time that William Shakespeare is
involved in a fucked up piece of music? No idea. Maybe,
he was a hardcore fan. Who can tell

Video clip for Strix.

Stream/buy EP
here via Bandcamp.

FUCKED UP: Facebook


1 October 2022

Who: Electro- hey boy, hey girl – tandem
from Valencia, Spain

Released: 15 September via Soil label.

Need some towering techno killers to turn up the heat for your next (il)legal rave?

Just play SPAMMERHEADS‘ new EP and the roof will get blown away. Imagine
Chemical Brothers producing their intoxicating bloc rockin’ beats and Nine Inch
adding industrial thunder and lighting ferocity with Trent Reznor spewing
his lyrics. Five mind-hypnotizing and body-activating electro master blasters
for 24-hour party people is what you get here. You’ll be a hero for your raving

here on Bandcamp.

SPAMMERHEADS: Facebook – Instagram


Extended plays

27 September 2022

Photo Credit: Kate Green Photograph


Who: The alias of underground producer/DJ, artist Justin Robertson with
over 30 years’ experience as an innovator and restless proponent of fascinating
forward-thinking electronic dance music, and Mark E Smith‘s widow who played
with The Fall from 1983-1989, and from 1994-1996.

EP artwork


Brix: “I’ve always longed to collaborate with Justin, who can manipulate sound in a very different way than myself. He is a magician who creates dimension transcending sonic atmospheres.”

There’s the psychedelic surf disco cut ‘Brix Goes Tubular, and its extended and dub version. The acid trip ‘Witchy‘ – straight from the far out corners of the cosmic dancefloor – and the Detroit techno-influenced ‘Immersion‘, which combines low-slung psychedelic groove and lysergic synth washes, with in Robertson’s own words, “the slightest hint of 1960’s film soundtrack”.

Get up, stand up, and fight for your right to go tubular!

It’s so spectacular,
it feels nuclear…

THE DEADSTOCK 33s: Discography – Facebook
BRIX SMITH: Bio – Facebook

Songsmith FATHER JOHN MISTY Shares 6-Track Live EP – Listen Here To ‘LIVE AT ELECTRIC LADY’

Extended plays

16 September 2022

Joshua Michael Tillman (41) aka Father John Misty just shared
a 6-track live EP recorded at the famous New York studio.

The EP includes reworkings of songs from this year’s longplayer
Chloë And The Next 20th Century and a cover of a Stevie Wonder
song. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) from his 1972
LP Talking Book (listen below) .

Enjoy here…

The original Stevie Wonder version.

FJM: Facebook – Instagram

Mean Toronto Dance Machine AUS!FUNKT Aim At Your Hips Again With New EP ‘HEY! I SEE YOU’

Standout extended plays

5 September 2022

Band: AUS!Funkt
Who: Post-punk misfits from Toronto, embracing in the process
the elements of electronica, dub, disco, garage rock and blues
while maintaining grittiness, simplicity and repetitiveness.

Motto: “The notes omitted are more important than the ones played.
Looks: like a modern day Devo clique dressed up for a Residents party.

New 4-track EP: HEY! I SEE YOU
Follows close into the footsteps of the band’s splendid
debut album Turn To Rust.

After the funky punky foreplay Prologue (Shallow) spiced with sexy vocals
it’s swing-shake-sway your hips time with Hey! propelled by a sultry synth/bass
beat and psyched with freakish guitar turbulence. From there on it’s full throttle
to an obscure climax with a 2-part Epilogue.

Merciless, non-stop head-spinning Krautrock rhythms drive you into a nervous
breakdown in the end. Once again, the overpowering force of repetition shows
its mind-bedazzing impact. And as the narrator warns, correctly, we should not
try to examine every dream that pops up on our screen in our head. We need all
of our strengths, to deal with our fucked-up reality.


AUS!FUNKT: Instagram – Facebook

GRAMPFATHER – New 6-Track EP ‘666G’ Is A Guitar Driven Indie Triumph In Absurd Times

Standout extended plays

20 August 2022


Who: An eclectic rock band based out of Kingston NY,
whose material traverses a variety of rock genres, such
as indie, garage, punk, psych, chill, and thrash.

New EP: 666G

The band: “In this project we take on themes of modern anxieties, such as
the abundance of (often unfounded) conspiracies that attribute to the spread
of misinformation/disinformation, the looming AI takeover, and timeless anxieties
like aging and paranoia.

In this sense, the title 666G is a parody of the 5G conspiracy. 666G is the phenomenon
of people stratifying themselves into factions of wavering extremes based on their perceived affiliation with viral half truths and convenient fictions. With all that said, we try to present a lighthearted perspective of our fucked up world in a way that we can learn to laugh at the absurdity of it all.”

Turn Up The Volume: This New York 4-piece is on a productive roll. Last March they scored their 5th LP, titled Gramppappies (you can read my review here) and the New Yorkers already hit again with a new 6-track EP. An electrical firework body of work, motorized by glowing guitar extravaganza.

Think of Interpol‘s 6-string brightness (Pawl Mawl Menthawls / 666G) on their debut LP (turned 20 today), British indie idols The Wedding Present‘s strummed sonority (The Man
In The Wall / Hot Dog Beach
) and flashes here and there of Pavement‘s mid-tempo riff bravado ( To My Rotting Body and Brain / The Singularity)

I wouldn’t mind at all if Grampfather come up with some slices of new music in a few months. I’m a sucker for indie rock spiritedness in sound and vision and vocality and recommend this indie triumph strongly to all other suckers of indie rock spiritedness
in sound and vision and vocality.

Buy/stream ‘666G’ here on Bandcamp.

GRAMPFATHER: Facebook – Website – Bandcamp – Spotify

Turn Up The Volume’s 5 Best EPs Of 2022 (So Far)

More than a single, less than an album

Turn Up The Volume‘s ears say that these
are the 5 best EPs of 2022… so far.

Who: Hit team formed through a shared love for London’s DIY music scene.
Their songs draw no boundaries – no subject is too confusing, no sound too
eclectic. The band write collaboratively, harnessing the noise and energy
that comes from playing together.


Turn Up The Volume said: Three riff-mental haymakers. Three vitriolic sucker-punches. Three intimidatory knockouts. The Nothingheads‘ frontman sounds like his own meanest demon, threatening and ready to kick badasses. This EP was made to scare all the human-destroying rulers of our paranoid world. If we go to the dogs don’t forget to take this EP with you. It’ll help to channel your frustrations while Armageddon is grinning around the corner.

Stream/buy/dig the whole 5-track EP here…

NOTHINGHEADS: Facebook – Spotify

Who: Experimental electro duo, Dez DeCarlo and Andrew Abrahamson,
from Boston who collaborate frequently with other artists.


Turn Up The Volume said: Violet Nox compose their spaced-out symphonies in an
electronic universe of their own where ambient music dominates in all its different reverberations. Soothing and meditative (opener Spaceport 5), tripping out (Eris / Bellatrix), spooky (Magnetar), and mind-puzzling (Ghost Star). It all feels utopian and cosmic. Foggy harmonies with Portishead‘s vocalist Beth Gibbons transcended timbre and repetitive eurhythmics echoing German legends Tangerine Dream.

Close encounters of the third kind.
Sonic science-fiction. Stupefying

Buy/stream  ‘Eris Wakes’ here…

VIOLET NOX: Facebook

Who: Inflammable engine
from Phoenix, Arizona

Turn Up The Volume: wrote: The Darts? They sound cool, look cool and rawk ‘n roll cool.

This Devilish American Rip-roaring Turbo Squad do it again on this new 3-track EP
with a garage hurricane (Love Tsunami), a mid-tempo groover (Shit Show) and another
brisk belter (Underground). And again, Nicole Laurenne, the utterly charismatic dart in
the middle, fires up the cuts with her sexy 60s-sounding organ.

The electrifying Amazons hit the bullseye once more.

Press play here…

THE DARTS: Instagram

Artist: ROBIN GUTHRIE (Scotland)
Who: Co-founder of Cocteau Twins (1979–1997)


Turn Up The Volume wrote: An instrumental 4-track one with a featherlight, heavenly and spiritual magnificence. Stardust everywhere. If you’re not into all that festive end-of-the-year fuss (like me) play all Guthrie‘s 2021 releases on repeat. It’ll give you (and me) a mind-relaxing, soothing, and idyllic feel. Sparkling vibrations for the midnight hours. Guthrie transfers you to a blissful place.



Last November sharp-rapping poets SLEAFORD MODS  played in their
hometown Nottingham. Now 6 of the performed tracks (2 of the latest
album ‘Spare Ribs‘, a cover of Yazoo’s ‘Don’t Go, and 2 oldies) are cemented
in a live EP called LIVE AT NOTTZ ARENA.

Mork In Mindy features big soul voice Billy Nominates
and Amyl Taylor was a guest on Nudge It (which she did
too on the duo’s 2021 LP).

Get up and let your feet and your hips do the talking…