Coming Up – The 24th Album In 13 Years By Prog-Rock Aussies KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD

I don’t know what these psych-prog-rock Aussies eat, drink,
sniff or swallow, but their productivity is off the charts.

They just announced the upcoming release
of their 24th longplayer in 13 years. Hello!

So far we know 4 things.

One: The full title of the record is (take a deep breath) PetroDragonic Apocalypse
Or Dawn Of Eternal Night: An Annihilation Of Planet Earth And The Beginning
Of Merciless Damnation

Two: We can see how the cover will look like (see below).

Three: Pre-order will be possible from 16 May on via Gizzverse.

Four: the band says about the record, “The next gizz album is heavy as fuck”.

KGLW: Facebook – Website

THE HIVES – Swedish Punk Clowns Will Tour Next Fall To Promote Their Upcoming LP

8 May 2023

The Swedish punk clowns THE HIVES are finally back. Their new album named
The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons (I have no clue who that is) is their first in
11 years, and lands on 11 August. Pre-order info here.

They just announced tour dates for the Fall.

Ahead of it let’s warm up with the first single called
BOGUS OPERANDI. A riff-frantic sonic missile.


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THE CURE’s General ROBERT SMITH Is Not A Monarchy Fan Whatsoever

7 May 2023

Yesterday ROBERT SMITH expressed his anti-monarchy
thoughts (once more) on the occasion of the coronation
of Charles III‘ coronation via his socials.

“The huge cost of this ceremony could buy each British child a pony,
yet distracting profligacy must calm the masses, lest we [unleash] the
fury of the poor,” it continues. “Let them eat Coronation Quiche.”

He also shared a cartoon by an artist known as First Dog On The Moon.
The cartoon shows ‘royal things’ preparing for the Coronation. It also includes
a parody pledge that features the line: ​​“All hail the nature arbitrary, of privilege
that’s hereditary.”

Click HERE for the cartoon.

Already in 2012, in an interview, Smith fulminated about the Royal Family.

“I fucking hate Royalty. Any kind of hereditary privilege is just wrong. It’s not just anti-democracy, it’s just inherently wrong. What upsets me is that some people who I’ve actually admired down the years get offered a reward by the Royal Family, by the hereditary monarchy, and they take it. They become Lord or Sir.

“I would honestly cut off my own hands before I [accepted an honour]. Because how dare they presume that they could give me an honour. I’m much better than them. They’ve never done anything, they’re fucking idiots. I should be King.”

Even on Fridays Smith is not in love with Buckingham Palace.

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Do Not Rage Against The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Yesterday the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME announced its 2023
inducted artists/bands. It includes Rage Against The Machine, Kate
Bush, Sheryl Crow, George Michael, Willie Nelson
, and the Spinners.

Contrary to what I thought RATM are delighted with it.
They obviously have no problem with the fact that the
R&RHOF is invented and organized by the corporate
music industry and only big money-making artists make
it to the Hall.

Anyway, the band reacted with this message on their socials.

Fuck you, I will do what the
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame tells me.

RAGTM: Instagram


2 May 2023

Legendary hard rockers AEROMSITH fronted by 75-year old glam star Steve Tyler
and guitarist Joe Perry announced their farewell tour. The Black Crows will keep
them company.

Press statementPEACE OUT! After 50 years, 10 world tours, and playing for over 100 million fans… It’s time for one last go! Fans will see one of the most significant American rock bands in history one last time during this not-to-be-missed final tour. Every night will celebrate the five decades of Aerosmith’s groundbreaking hits as they celebrate 50 years as America’s greatest rock band.”

Aerosmith : “It’s not goodbye it’s PEACE OUT! Get ready and
walk this way, you’re going to get the best show of our lives.”

More dates TBA

AEROSMITH: Instagram – Facebook

PJ HARVEY Teases New Music

PJ HARVEY, published a newsletter on her social media, revealing that
she was making a new playlist available on her Spotify account. It’ll feature
tracks from her catalogue produced by John Parish and Flood, and comes in
at just under 40 minutes.

It’s already been 7 years since her last album
The Hope Six Demolitian Project
came out.

PJ‘s message and studio fragments.

PJ: Instagram – All Albums

Busy Times Coming For NICK CAVE

Busy days coming for NICK CAVE

He has planned some ‘In Conversation‘ events (mainly in Europe) with
journalist Seán O’Hagan where they will discuss their bestselling book,
Faith, Hope and Carnage.

The book takes readers from Cave’s early childhood to the present
day, through his loves, his work ethic and his dramatic transformation
in recent years, and examines questions of faith, art, music, freedom,
grief and love.

And when the Fall comes Cave and Radiohead‘s
bassist Colin Greenwood will fly to the US for
18 concerts.

NICK CAVE: Website – Instagram


Only hours after appearing in court in Manhattan, NY last Tuesday,
where he pleaded not guilty to 34 felony criminal charges of falsifying
business records – centred around the hush money paid to porn star
Stormy Daniels – former president Donald Trump gave a lies-filled speech
at his safe place in Mar-a-Lago.

Minutes before he appeared before a group of GOP politicians and
a gang of selected fanatics David Bowie‘s 1974 hit Rebel Rebel was
played out loud (see below).

This is the reaction by Bowie‘s son Duncan Jones,
including a great gif of his dad.

I don’t think that 24/7 charlatan Trump nor
his entourage know the lyrics to the song.

Rebel rebel, how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so!



After a 5-year battle with Altzheimer Nora Foster,
the wife of John Lydon passed away at the age of 80.

The news came via P.i.L.‘s Instagram acount.

They were married for 44 years. Professionally she was an actress, model
and music promoter. She had a daughter from another marriage , the late
great Ari-Up (1962-2010), who fronted female punk band The Slits in the 70s.

Lydon “All the things I thought were the ultimate agony seem preposterous now.
It’s shaped me into what I am. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. I don’t see how I can
live without her. I wouldn’t want to. There’s no point. No joy comes without pain
and, boy, do I know that now ”

Earlier this year Lydon wrote a beautiful love song for Nora called Hawaii.
Along with his band P.i.L. he attempted to represent Ireland (his parents were
Irish) at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song, but they didn’t get
through the qualifications.

ROBERT SMITH And THE CURE Keep On Fighting Greedy Ticket Sellers

Goth champions The Cure and his frontman Robert Smith communicated
that they have canceled 7,000 tickets for their Northern American concerts
found on secondary resale websites in a bid to tackle touts.

In between days The Cure fight greedy ticket sellers. Kudos to them.