MARK LANEGAN Passed Away This Day – 22 February – Last Year

One year ago today. R.I.P.

With Screaming Trees – 1996

MARK LANEGAN: Bio – Discography


May 12, 1928 – February 8, 2023

A musical genius has passed away. BURT BACHARACH was born 94 years
ago in Kansas City and passed away 2 days ago in his home in Los Angeles.

I guess, most of us music lovers, knew him best through countless – more
than 1000 – artists who recorded/performed the songs he wrote for them.

He composed hundreds of pop songs from the late 1950s through the 1980s,
many in collaboration with lyricist Hal David. He’s a six-time Grammy Award
winner and three-time Academy Award winner. His legacy is massive and will
live on as long as there is music. R.I.P.

Bacharach Magic at Glastonbury 2015.

At work.

BURT BACHARACH: Bio – Discography

R.I.P. – TELEVISION Mastermind/Guitarist/Singer TOM VERLAINE Dead At 73

29 January 2023

TOM VERLAINE, born Thomas Miller in Denville, New Jersey
73 years ago died yesterday following a brief illness.

He began studying piano at an early age but switched to saxophone in middle school after hearing a record by Stan Getz. Verlaine initially was unimpressed with the role of the guitar in both rock music and jazz but was inspired to take up the instrument after hearing the Rolling Stones’ “19th Nervous Breakdown” during his adolescence.

In 1973 he went to New York and formed groundbreaking new-punk-wave
with Richard Hell as a one-time member. Verlaine‘s guitar play
was astounding and defined the band’s electrical sound.

They only recorded/released 2 LPs. Their innovative 1977 debut Marquee Moon
and follow-up Adventure a year later. They split up shortly after but reunited later,
1991–1993 / 2001–present.

Verlaine had a successful solo career too with several
albums and collaborated with numerous other artists.


TOM VERLAINE: Bio – Discography

Pioneering Guitar Hero JEFF BECK Death At 78

12 January 2023

JEFF BECK, one of the genuine and pioneering guitar heroes in rock, passed away
2 days ago at 78, after suddenly contracting bacterial meningitis. The news was made public yesterday evening. The exceptional musician was born Geoffrey Arnold Beck in
East Essex, UK in 1944.

He started his career with 60s blues beat band The Yardbirds (who also had Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton in their changing line-ups). In 1967 he started his own band The Jeff Beck Group originally with Rod Stewart as the singer and Ronnie Wood on guitar. The JBG recorded 3 albums.

On the Letterman Show in 1999

As a solo artist Beck released 11 LPs with Loud Hailer as the most recent
one that came out in 2016. He also recorded with many other artists.

Full Discography

The sad statement on his Twitter account.

Jimmy Page‘s reaction.

Gone But Not Forgotten! PHIL LYNOTT Passed Away 37 Years Ago Today

4 January 2023

Dublin born singer-songwriter Phil Lynott passed away on 4 January 1986, this day
37 years ago today, following a drug overdose. He was only 36. He was the voice/face of Irish hit team Thin Lizzy who were one of the coolest rock bands of the 70s and early 80s. They fabricated 12 studio LPs between 1971 and 1983. R.I.P. Phil.

1-2-3 great Thin Phil Lizzy Lynott moments
to remember the late boy in town…




THIN LIZZY: Biography – Discography Facebook

(Image on top: cover of his solo album ‘The Phil Lynott Album’)

R.I.P. PELÉ – One Of The Greatest Footballers Ever

PELÉ born Edson Arantes do Nascimento, 82 years
ago in Três Corações, Brasil passed away today in
hospital after a long illness.

Football genius.

R.I.P. MAXI JAZZ – The Frontman Of Dance Pop Act FAITHLESS Passed Away At 65

MAXI JAZZ (born Maxwell Fraser on 14 June 1957 in London) was
a rapper, songwriter and DJ, best know as the frontman of dance-pop
act FAITHLESS (from 1995 to 2011 and in 2015/2016). He passed away
on 23 December in his sleep. Only 65.

The band broke the news on their social media.

“We are heartbroken to say Maxi Jazz died peacefully in his sleep last night.
He was a man who changed our lives in so many ways. He gave proper meaning
and message to our music,”


FAITHLESS: Bio – Discography

R.IP. MARTIN DUFFY – Longtime Keyboardist For PRIMAL SCREAM Passed Away At 55


21 December 2022

Only a couple of hours after the brutal and very sad news of the passing of The SpecialsTerry Hall came another brutal and very sad message. The passing of British keyboardist Martin Duffy. He died after a brain injury following a fall at his home in Brighton. He was only 55. Rest in peace.

Duffy, born in Birmingham UK, is/was best know as the keyboardist of legendary Scottish band Primal Scream. He started his musical career as a founding member of the guitar-pop band Felt.

He joined Primal Scream in 1989. In the mid-’90s he played with The Charlatans
for a while, after the sudden eath of their young, prior keyboardist Rob Collins.

He also worked as a session musician with a cast of big rockstars such as Oasis, Beth Orton, Paul Weller, Dr. John, Heidi Berry, George Clinton, Little Barrie, and the Chemical Brothers. He released one solo album, a classical music-inspired one, titled Assorted Promenades in 2014.

Here’s a track off that album…

Here’s Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie’s tribute to Duffy:

Hard to write this. We never know how to speak around death other than polite platitudes [sic]. All I want to say is that our soul brother Martin Duffy passed away on Sunday. He suffered a brain injury due to a fall at his home in Brighton. We in Primal Scream are all so sad. I’ve known Martin since he was a teenager in Felt. He played keyboards on every album of ours from the first to the last. Finally joining the band in 1991. Martin was a very special character. He had a love and understanding of music on a deep spiritual level. Music meant everything to him. He loved literature and was well read and erudite. An autodidact. A deep thinker, curious about
the world and other cultures. Always visiting museums in every city we played or looking for Neolithic stones in remote places. Opinionated and stubborn in his views. He could play piano to the level where he was feted not just by his peers in British music, but old school master American musicians such as James Luther Dickinson, Roger Hawkins & David Hood and
producer Tom Dowd.

(Bobby Gillespie – photo by Turn Up The Volume – Ghent, Belgium)

I witnessed a session at Abbey Rd in 1997 for a Dr John album where his record company had assembled a bunch of young Indie Brit musicians where Mac Rebenac ( Dr John ) seemed bored and uninterested in the session until Martin started playing, then suddenly the good Dr started knocking some funky piano chops and I instantly knew it was because his ears had pricked up when he heard Martin play and the session at last came alive. Martin was the most musically talented of all of us. His style combined elements of country, blues and soul, all of which he had a God-given natural feel for. He never played the same thing twice, ever. He was all about ‘the moment’, better have that ‘record’ button on when Duffy was on fire.

His timing was unique, funky and ALWAYS behind the beat. George Clinton also dug Martin. I remember a session in Chicago where George said to him ” go to church Duffy !” , and he did. Martin was also in possession of a unique wit. He had a swift eye for the absurd, the surreal and the ridiculous. He lived to laugh and play music. He was loved
by all of us in the Scream. A beautiful soul. We will miss him.

With Primal Scream

With Felt

I had the fantastic pleasure to meet Martin (second from left, next to myself) when
Primal Scream played in my hometown of Ghent (Belgium) some years ago.