R.I.P. – Wonderful Songstress CHRISTINE McVIE Death At 79

30 November 2022

Great songwriter, great voice, great pianist, great performer, great presence..

CHRISTINE McVIE, born Christine Perfect in Bouth, Lancashire, England on
12 July 1943 has passed away today, 30 November, after a short illness,
aged 79.


The official statement by her band Fleetwood Mac.

The first great group she played with was the British blues band Chicken Shack.
She also made a couple of solo LPs back then. She married John McVie (co-founder
and bassist of Fleetwood Mac) in 1968, joined FM, and divorced him in 1976.

She’s, of course, best known as one of the singer-songwriters of Fleetwood Mac II
along with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham she made one of the best-selling LP’s
in rock history with Rumours (1977).

Three great moments

With Chicken Shack.
A blues classic written by Ellington
Jordan, Billy Foster
and Etta James.

A song she wrote/sang on Rumours .

A song she wrote/sang on FM’s
1987 LP Tango In The Night.

CHRISTINE McVIE: Bio – Discography

(Backcover Rumours LP)


23 November 2022

Sad, really sad news.

I’ll never forget the very first time I saw WILKO JOHNSON play. I was a teenager
(yes I always was a music junkie and gig addict, actually from I was 6 and discovered
The Beatles) and went with mates to London in 1976.

He blew me away with his manic, never-heard-before guitar style while running like
a madman with a stare from left to right and back on the stage of Hammersmith Odeon with rhythm & blues legends Dr. Feelogood. They just scored a no 1 hit with their awesome fuzz and buzz live album Stupidity.

Wilko (born John Peter Wilkinson in 1975 in Canvey Island, Essex, England ) was a feelgood doctor for 3 years (1974-1977) before starting his solo journey. He recorded several LPs with his band and played gigs until his last breath. Also on his shelf is the longplayer he canned with The Who‘s Roger Daltrey (‘Going Back Home‘ – 2014)

In 2013 he broke the news that he had terminal cancer and went on a farewell tour.
But after a couple of gigs, he had to call it a day due to his devastating condition.

Sometime later Johnson announced that he was cured and cancer-free and (there must
be a rock God?) and he returned with what his heart and soul and his guitar did for a very longtime: entertaining countless fans with his razzle-dazzle rock ‘n roll music until 2 days ago.

Via his Twitter account, just today, we got the dreadful news: “This is the announcement we never wanted to make, & we do so with a very heavy heart: Wilko Johnson has died. He passed away at home on Monday 21st November. Thank you for respecting the family’s privacy at this very sad time. RIP Wilko Johnson.

Paul Weller once said: “Wilko may not be as famous as some other guitarists, but
he’s right up there. And there are a lot of people who’ll say the same. I can hear Wilko
in lots of places. It’s some legacy.”

Three great Wilko moments.

– Live with Dr. Feelogood –

– The Wilko Johnson Band –
Live on Later With Jools Holland – 2011

– Wilko demonstrating his guitar technique –

WILKO JOHNSON: Bio – Discography

INXS frontman MICHAEL HUTCHENCHE Passed Away 25 Years Ago Today

22 November 2022

MICHAEL KELLAND JOHN HUTCHENCE, the voice-lyricist and face of
heroic Australian rockers INXS was born on 22 January 1960 in Sydney.
He co-founded the band in 1977. At first, they named themselves
The Farriss Brothers.

INXS sold over 75 million records. They scored
12 albums and a series of chart hits.

After living a rock ‘n’ roll life in the fast lane the body of Hutchence was found 25 years
ago, in the morning of 22 November 1997, in his hotel room in Sydney. His death was
reported by the New South Wales Coroner to be the result of suicide by hanging.

Three great INXS moments.




INXS: Bio – Discography


Last weekend MIMI PARKER, one of the most respected musicians on the alt scene, passed away after an unfortunate battle with cancer. She drummed and sang with her husband Alan Sparhawk for their musical project LOW.

Parker was born only 55 years ago in Duluth, Minnesota. She had a big impact on Low’s sound and work. Last year the pair released their sublime – 13th – LP titled HEY WHAT.

Two days ago Robert Plant played a show in Glasgow. Along with Suzi Dian he paid tribute
to the regretted Mimi Parker. They performed a gripping version of Low‘s opening track MONKEY from their 2005 longplayer The Great Destroyer.

Original version.

LOW: Bio – Discography


6 October 2022

It’s already been two years – 6 October 2020 – since EDDIE VAN HALEN (born Edward Lodewijk Van Halen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) guitar expert and co-founder of mega rock band Van Halen passed away following a stroke. The band made/released 12 studio LPs between 1978 and 2012.

Their 1996 single JUMP was a giant hit, as we know it
(almost 640 million streams on Spotify).

EDDIE VAN HALEN: Bio – Discography

Masterly drummer GINGER BAKER (born Peter Edward Baker in London) passed away
on 6 October 2019, at the age of 80, following heart surgery and a terrible fall. He’s best know as member of the three-star rock band Cream which only lasted for 2 years (1966-1968).

Baker melted jazz and African rhythms and pioneered both jazz fusion and world
music. He hated to be called ‘rock drummer’. Following the split of Cream he drummed
with supergroup Blind Faith, formed his own act called Ginger Baker’s Air Force, and collaborated with multiple artists.

With his AIR FORCE


The Late Iconic Glam Star MARC BOLAN Passed Away 45 Years Ago

16 September 2022

MARC BOLAN died 45 years ago, on 16 September 1977 in a car accident.
The pin-up spearhead of glam and glitter rock legends T.REX. He was only 29.
His wife was behind the wheel and survived the crash.

A 45th Anniversary concert will take place tomorrow in London September with
veteran stars Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Tony Visconti (celebrated producer), David
(Japan) Toyah, Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Andy Ellison and
several more.

Three great Marc Bolan Moments.



– 20th CENTURY BOY –



31 May 2022

Legendary Canadian singer/songwriter/rocker/performer
RONNIE HAWKINS (born Ronald Cornett Hawkins) passed
away 2 days ago. He was 87.

His long career started in Arkansas, where he was born and raised.

He was also known as “Rompin’ Ronnie“, “Mr. Dynamo” or “The Hawk“.
He played all across North America for many years and recorded
more than 25 albums.

In 1958 he assembled musicians to form his backing band and named them
The Hawks. The group had several line-ups, including members who formed
the legendary The Band who toured as Bob Dylan’s backing band for
two years (1965-1967)

Here’s a fantastic moment with Hawkins playing at The Band‘s final concert
in 1977, eternalized by Martin Scorsese in the concert movie The Last Waltz
where they teamed to play one of Bo Diddley‘s rockabilly hits.


RONNIE HAWKINS: Story – Discography