QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – Reissue Of Three Of Their Albums On Vinyl And With Restored Artwork

24 September 2022

Stoner rock junks QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE
will re-release three of their albums.

Eponymous debut album – 1998

The vinyl release is set for October 21.
It will be available on standard black
and limited edition opaque orange vinyl.


A limited opaque aqua vinyl pressing is available from December 9.


Reissue in a special 5th Anniversary package featuring etching, obi-strip,
and a brand new poster by Boneface, and as on limited edition leaf-green
transparent vinyl.


PJ HARVEY – Giant Box (59 Tracks) With B-Sides, Demos And Rarities In November

21 September 2022

On 4 November PJ HARVEY‘s record label launches a giant
boxset of B-SIDES, DEMOS & RARITIES containing 6LPs/3CDs

This 59-track collection spans decades, with most of the songs previously
unavailable physically or digitally, and 14 tracks either previously unreleased
or in previously unreleased versions. It’s the final release in her reissue program.

Pre-order info here.

Hear 3 tracks from the upcoming release here.

PJ HARVEY: Bio – Discography

RUSH – Deluxe Anniversary Reissue For 40th Birthday Of ‘MOVING PICTURES’ Album

8 June 2022

Band: RUSH
Inconic prog-rockers from Toronto, Canada
Active: 1968-2018 / 19 studio LPs

Anniversary Reissue: MOVING PICTURES

It was their eighth LP and was released in February 1981. A reissue in honor of its
40th anniversary in a sumptuous multidisc/multi-LP set—mastered concision is out
now. Order info here.

Pitchfork : “In 1981, Rush fully transformed from a prog-rock trio to a mainstay of
classic rock. A 40th-anniversary reissue of Moving Pictures captures the band at their
absolute peak… Thanks to its tautness, conceptual integrity, and the fortuitous manner
in which their career ambitions and radio programmer taste intersected, Moving Pictures functioned as much a harbinger of a new artistic era as David Bowie’s Young Americans.
It peaked at No. 3 in America, their best chart position to date; the RIAA would certify it
five-times platinum.”
Full review here. Score: 9/10.

Singles/clips: Limelight / Tom Sawyer



Full reisssue streaming on Spotify

Original cover artwork 1981

RUSH: Website – All Albums

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – Second Album ‘DIG YOUR OWN HOLE’ Is 25 – Special Edition In July

8 April 2022

Manchester rave experts Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons, better known as
25 years ago, on 7 April 1997. Their first number one album in the UK.

And lead single Block Rockin’ Beats was their first #1 single in G-B…

Two strictly limited-edition formats of the album, and a unique line of
merchandise are planned for release on 29 July. Those limited editions
each containing 5 previously unreleased tracks. More info here.

First of those 5 rare tracks is a demo (demos suck!) of the album’s track Elektrobank

Full original album…

THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS: Facebook – Instagram

Back To The Future With Remastered Versions Of The First 7 Albums Of Canadian Space Synth Act DELERIUM

3 April 2022

Who: Canadian new-age ambient electro duo, formed in 1987.
It started as the side project of the influential industrial music
act Front Line Assembly.

Active: 1987-present
Albums: 14 – with Mythologie
as the most recent one in 2016.

AllMusic about the band: “A joint effort by Rhys Fulber and former Front Line Assembly bandmate Bill Leeb, the successful project Delerium has produced some of the most unusual sounds to emanate from Vancouver, Canada. With Leeb responsible for finding samples, writing lyrics, creating basslines, sequencing, and overseeing the project and Fulber handling the sampling and programming and using a chords/string pad to craft additional melodies and arrangements, the group’s sound is a dance-inspiring mix of electronics and post-industrial attitude.”

The first seven DELERIUM albums are reissued
now via Metropolis Records. Digital versions here.
2xLP & CD formats arrive on 6 May.

press photo by Eric “Rodent” Cheslak

Their debut LP Faces, Forms And Illusions saw the day of light in 1989. It was originally released as a side project by members of Front Line Assembly. An album that brims with atmospheric experimentalism, electronic soundscapes, pulsing rhythms combining to create a work that is transcendent, and darkly spiritual.

Now newly remastered.
Discover the start of
Delerium‘s never-ending
trip in space here…

Here are, in one digital piece,
all 7 remastered versions

DELERIUM: Story – Facebook

PAVEMENT Come In April With Deluxe Reissue Of 1999 Album ‘TERROR TWILIGHT’

12 January 2022

Who: Californian indie rockers who made noise from 1998-1999 with
5 studio LPs. They reunited some time ago and will tour the globe.

This was their final album, released in 1999.
The deluxe edition is titled ‘Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal’.

Out: 8 April 2022 – all info and order info via Matador Records.

Content: The 45-track collection will include a remastered version of the album,
B-sides, home demos, rehearsal tapes, live recordings, and some rough tracks from
a session at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon studios. The physical editions will also come
with a book containing photos and commentary from the band. The LP version will
restore the tracklist sequence suggested by the album’s producer Nigel Godrich,
while the CD will retain the band’s final track order.

Along the announcement comes previously unreleased track Be The Hook

Original album…

PAVEMENT: Facebook

Best Reissue Of 2021 – ULTRASOUND With Their Stunning Debut Album ‘EVERY PICTURE’

27 December 2021

Who: Emotive British glam-prog rockers
Active: 1997–99, 2010–present / 3 studio albums


Last September the band’s double debut album, released
originally in 1999, was reissued as an extensive deluxe edition
via One Little Independent Records.

The boxset features the original double album, an extra two records
featuring a variety of B-sides and singles, and a CD of live and session
tracks. As well, a 26-page booklet and a poster will be included.

Order info here.

AllMusic wrote back then: “The musical and emotional collapses are so moving, so
stirring, that it sounds like the pessimistic turn to just about every soaring, triumphant
song ever found on the planet. This reason alone serves as a singular, important experience.
So while you might feel like that poor local weatherman in a yellow slicker getting pelted when you listen to this album, by the time the final track fades out you realize it was worth every
last, sonic droplet.”
Full review here. Score: 4.5/5.

Andrew Wood (frontman): “Everything Picture was made with future generations in mind.
So it is so appropriate that it should be re-issued, in a more complete form, to be discovered and re-discovered in future times. We were aware that the post-Britpop presence of the early millennium might not “get” it. Many did, and many more grew and developed with it as it grew and developed a life of its own”.

Turn Up The Volume: Frontman Andrew Wood‘s passion, dedication, vulnerability and romantic candidness translated into a captivating vortex of psychedelic post-punk waves overwhelmed me back then and revisiting it now still generates shiverings going down my spine. It’s never too late to find a lost classic, people. You’ll file this one between your Mogwai and your Crippled Black Phoenix LPs.

New video for highlight Aire & Calder

The brilliant single Stay Young
(Flabbergasting live version)

Stream/buy deluxe edition
of ‘Everything Picture’ here…

ULTRASOUND: Facebook – Interview with TUTV

PJ HARVEY Lets England Shake Again Next January

5 December 2021

Polly Jean Harvey aka PJ HARVEY celebrated the 10th anniversary of her eighth,
gilt-edged album LET ENGLAND SHAKE last February. An uncommon one as
the massive devastation of World War I – the Great War – was the central theme
of this monumental longplayer. Not an obvious event to write songs about, let
alone a full album. Yet PJ did it and she did it pre-eminently confirming once
more again that she’s an artist par excellence. The critics went wild.

The Guardian (British newspaper) said: “It’s a curious idea, but it’s a masterstroke. Rock songwriters don’t write much about the first world war, but, perhaps understandably, when they do, they have a tendency to lay it on a bit thick… Harvey clearly understands that the horror doesn’t really need embellishing: her way sounds infinitely more shocking and affecting than all the machine-gun sound effects in the world… You’re left with a richly inventive album that’s unlike anything else in Harvey’s back catalogue. ‘Let England Shake’ sounds suspiciously like the work of a woman at her creative peak.

Demo of the title track

28 January 2022 sees the reissue of the vinyl of the LP, alongside
a collection of unreleased demos which will be available on CD, vinyl
and digital through UMC/ Island. Order info here

PJ: “I never felt that I had reached the place with my writing that I could talk about these things well, in a language that would work. I think if you’re going to talk about giant subject matter, you’ve got to do it well and I didn’t think I had the skill as a writer to do that, up until this point.”

Original full album here…

PJ HARVEY: Facebook

JOY DIVISION – Special Reissue Of Double Album ‘STILL’ To Celebrate Its 40th Annviersary

18 October 2021

Forty years ago, on 8 October 1981 (more than a year after Ian Curtis
death), iconic post-punks JOY DIVISION released double album STILL.

A great sonic memory, raw and rugged, consisting of previously released
and unreleased studio material and a live recording of Joy Division‘s final
concert, performed at Birmingham University.

To celebrate the 40th-anniversary a limited reissue with a ruby red sleeve
and pressed on crystal clear vinyl is planned to be released next year, on
11 February 2022. Only available via the website of New Order right here.

The full original release…


PINK FLOYD – Next Month Reissue Of Their 1987 Album ‘A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON’

29 September 2021

Active: 1964–1995, 2005, 2012–2014 / 15 studio albums
with The Endless River (2014) as the most recent one

First LP without Roger Waters, originally released
this day in 1987

The re-worked version will feature a Remixed and Updated edition on
vinyl, CD and DVD. And also available in 360 Reality Audio: “a new immersive
music experience that closely mimics the omni-directional soundscape of live
musical performance for the listener using Sony’s object-based 360 Spatial
Sound technologies.”
(no clue what they’re talking about here, do you?)

Release date: 29th October 2021 – order info here

Guitarist David Gilmour is the man behind it all.
He shared a demo version of the album’s track
Yet Another Movie ahead of the reissue.

Gilmour: “Pat Leonard and I met up at Astoria in September 1986
a couple of days after I had played on a Bryan Ferry track that he was
producing. We had a glass or two of wine and jammed for hours. For
some reason that I can no longer remember I had chosen the fretless
bass as my instrument of the day. It turned into a beautiful song.”

Listen here…

Stream original LP…

PINK FLOYD: Facebook