18 March 2023

Band: GmBt Life
Who: France-based trio from different countries, who live in diverse regions,
and who routinely meet to play music. They like to begin with bare melodies
and then improvise with various instruments and PCs.

They released a new, excellent, longplayer called 10 Minutes last year in April,
with a mix of tranquilizing piano-driven musings, cinematic reveries with spacey
Pink Floyd
-like reverberating here and there, and tender, ambient synth meditations.

They have a new video out now for one of the album’s notable tracks,
named RUN WITH THE POLICE. It’s a hell of a psychedelic ride, that after
a lazy guitar/bass intro intensifies with venom and works its way to a
bursting climax.

“I’m hidding in this car
I must not fall asleep
Something I can do
Yes I’m doing well
A race with the police
A race with the police”

Roll the tape.
Hit the road.

GmB Life: Facebook – Spotify

Los Angeles’ Dark Pop Artist BARA HARI Stars In New Single/Video ‘THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL’

15 March 2023

Artist: BARA HARI (bah-rah hah-ree)
Who: Los Angeles-based DIY dark pop artist (born Sam Franco)

Hari‘s newest single HOUSE OF THE DEVIL is the third shared single from
her upcoming album Lesser Gods. The track tackles people who turn into
a villain after they quit fighting their demons.

House of Devil resonates as a symphonic pop choir chant with Hari in the middle.
In the video, she looks like a female Jesus Christ Superstar, but it seems she’s
a she-devil in disguise. It’s a stylish eye-catcher.


BARA HARI: Instagram – Linktree

British Rap-Punk Sensation SLOWTHAI Shares Spectacular Video Clip For Ace’YUM’ Track

9 March 2023

British rap punk star SLOWTHAI released his 5-star LP UGLY last week.

TUTV wrote: “It stands loud and proud as masterpiece albums do. He spits
and sneers, he rants and chants. He tackles injustice, intolerance, and human
discrimination. He’s on fire. Slowthai rules.”

He just shared a spectacular video
for the superb opener YUM.

Roll the tape.
Open your eyes.

SLOWTHAI: Facebook – Instagram

Experience The Doom And Gloom Vision Of Darkwave Artist LANA DEL RABIES On Her New Bone-Chilling Video

7 March 2023

Bette Davis’ eyes

Who: The dark electronic, genre-bridging solo project of Phoenix-based
musician, producer and multimedia artist Sam An. So far she released
3 albums with a fourth one coming up. Hallowed Is The Earth

From the upcoming new LP, baptized STREGA BEATA,
out on 17 March. More info here.

The impressive new album artwork

TUTV: Humankind is in big trouble as we know it. Nothing is learned from the past
(wars, intolerance, nature and environmental destruction, and so on), and it looks like
too many people won’t change their devastating behavior in the future.

Hallowed Is The Earth is a “sonic elegy lamenting the wounded world.”

A sort of electronic, mournful procession moving toward oblivion. A slo-mo synth-injected funeral march that wouldn’t be out of place on a Xiu Xiu album and also echoes the sound-exploring quest of trip-hop legend Tricky. I’m sure David Lynch would be a fan too. By the way, am I the only one who thinks that Del Rabies eyes have that femme fatale glance of Betty Davis? Fascinating!

Lana Del Rabies, artist Louise Saafi and cinematographer M. Dean Bridges created a video
of rapid-eye-movement visuals of nature, alternated with hallucinatory images of Rabies. Harrowing, bone-chilling, and threatening like a nasty nightmare.

Roll the tape.

LANA DEL RABIES: Facebook – Website

London’s Synth Dream-Pop Duo FERAL FIVE Share Video For Trance-Inducing Single ‘TRUTH IS THE NEW GOLD’

6 March 2023

(Photo credit: Keira Anee)

London‘s synth-dream-pop FERAL FIVE – Kat and Drew Five – released
their long-awaited debut LP TRUTH IS THE NEW GOLD last month.

“An evocative voyage through a Feraltropolis style future city, and an offering
of sonic elixir for heart, feet and mind. Leading us through secret spaces, changing
skies, personal truths and revelations, the Ferals glide seamlessly between bold
alt-pop, experimental electronica, and cinematic landscapes.”

Buy here.

Now, the Fives have an eye-catching video clip out for the album’s magnific title track.
A de-stressing, mid-tempo ambient tune with a heartening affect. Its smooth synth sparks, trance-inducing electro beats, combative guitars, and crystal vocals come all together in an easy-going and groovy way that creates a laidback feel for mind and soul.


FERAL FIVE: Facebook – Instagram

Boston’s Outfit GIRL WITH A HAWK Share Video Clip For Their New Emotive Single ‘SAME STARS’

24 February 2023

(Photo by Kelly Davidson).

Songstress Linda Viens and some of Boston‘s rock legends operating together under
the moniker GIRL WITH A HAWK released their new piece SAME STARS a couple of weeks ago. An emotive story about Viens brother’s incarceration and the toll the situation took
on the family.

Viens:There are times, lucky times, when songs come through the ether to the writer fully formed. ‘Same Stars’ is one of those songs. In the middle of the night as I tossed and turned, feeling my brother’s body and mind and spirit simultaneously tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable in a jail cot, in a metal cell, where the lights never went dark, and the cries and complaints of men could be heard all night long, I got up and picked up the guitar and the song emerged. Songs that come like this are not difficult, they are a gift, a release, and a relief.”

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “‘Same Stars’ is a heart-and-soul touching story, a longing ballad, bittersweet siblings love-inspired reverie with Linda Viens‘s moving voice sending
shivers down your spine. Stirring.”

The band have a brand new video out now for the sensitive song with alternating shots
of the band performing the tune and Viens wandering around in slo-mo, like in a feverish dream, reflecting on her family, especially her troubled brother and his two children.


GIRL WITH A HAWK: Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp

Hot Ticket PARAMORE Pay Tribute To Fashion Icon VIVIENNE WESTWOOD In New Startling Video

21 February 2023

On 10th February revitalized American guitar pop trio PARAMORE
launched their wildly praised 6th LP This Is Why, their first in 6 years.

NME gave it 5 stars: “The triumphant sound of a band reborn.
The trio’s clear-eyed and powerful sixth album encapsulates their
journey to becoming a generation-defining band.”

For RUNNING OUT OF TIME, one of the album’s
top tracks the band have a video out now.

The song’s themes of anxiety and poor time management come alive
in eye-catching detail in a Ivanna Borin-directed video. The visual finds
frontwoman Hayley Williams in the studio, in vintage Vivienne Westwood
fashion style, confronted with a drum and guitar coming to life. Quiet

This way the band wanted to pay tribute to the iconic fashion
designer who passed away last December, aged 81.



PARAMORE: Website – Instagram



Who: London-based duo – Daphne Ang (Singapore) and
Andrea Papi
(Italy) – that fills a gap in music by bringing
literature, art, and history together into a space where
rock and metal meet electronica.

The metallic poetry duo released their sophomore LP
TRUST NO LEADERS last July. A significant follow-up to
their stunning debut Full Spectrum Buy here.

Image Credit: TCOMAS Studio

TCOMAS also released some spectacular video clips for several of both
albums’ tracks. And they have another one out. It’s a visual tour de force
for HYPERMETAMORPHOSIS, a song about ADHD (attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder). A neurodevelopmental disorder characterised
by excessive amounts of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that are
pervasive, impairing in multiple contexts, and otherwise age-inappropriate.

TCOMAS about Hypermetamorphosis (an old term from the 1800s, one of the many which were used to refer to ADHD): “It’s a journey through the ADHD mind. Both the song and video simulate what it is like to have ADHD, both visually and audibly. It shows the chaos, and the cacophony of the ADHD experience, but also its positive sides. The stream of consciousness lyrics, dissonant melodies, and erratic rhythm and structure, recreates a sensory and cognitive experience of how the ADHD brain processes, perceives and interprets the world. The music video was created by us — and also by someone who lives with ADHD. It is a simulation of the world, experienced through the ears and eyes of someone with ADHD.”


Trust No Leaders

TCOMAS: Facebook – Instagram

HOLY COVES Share Another New Music Video – Watch ‘GREY’ In Motion

15 February 2023

Welsh rock trio HOLY COVES fronted by passionate songsmith Scott Marsden
released one of the top albums of 2022 with third longplayer Druids And Bards.

A swirling work of top-notch tunes you go back to,
again and again, once you heard it for the first time.

To keep the momentum going they just released another video for one of
the album’s tracks. The 3rd in a series of 5, following clips for The Hurt Within
and Desert Storm. Check them via the band’s YouTube Channel.

Vid number 3 is for guitar-shiny diamond GREY, also created by award winning
Ukrainian Filmmaker Taras Merenkov. His hazy cinematic style of direction really emphasizes the music and makes a formidable visual.

Roll the tape.


HOLY COVES: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

You can read last year’s Turn Up The Volume interview with Holy Coves right HERE.

Fantasy Knights POISON RUÏN Share New Combative Track/Video ‘HÄRVEST’

9 February 2023

Who: Sharp-edged rockers
from Philadelphia.

New album: HÄRVEST
The follow-up to their jagged 2021 self-titled debut.
The new record arrives on 17 April via Relapse Records.

(Press pic via Relapse Records)

First single: HÄRVEST (title track).

Mac Kennedy (vocalist/songwriter) “I’ve always found fantasy tropes
to be incredibly evocative. That said, even though they are a set of symbols
that seem to speak to most people of our generation, they are often either
apolitical or co-opted for incredibly backward politics.”

TUTV: After an atmospheric piano intro, Philly‘s fantasy knights get fired
up by high-strung guitars, non-stop drum clobber, and distressed vocals.
Härvest‘s fuzz and buzz rush never looks back and cranks up along its jangly
course. Medieval super knight Ivanhoe is back and he kicks ass.

Heroism in sound and vision.

POISON RUÏN: Instagram