London’s Colourful Feminists BUGEYE Share Striking Clip For Their New Punchy Single ‘SIGNS & EXIT’

26 November 2022

(Keira-Anee Photography)

Only last week London’s colourful feminists BUGEYE scored big time with their new punchy single SIGNS & EXIT. A song about bullying, lost innocence and the need to
feel safe and loved.

Turn Up The Volume said: “Despite the fact that energy prices are going through
the roof (fuck Putin) you don’t need to spend money on central heating if you want
to stay home when it’s too cold outside. Dress funky, paint yourself up, turn up Bugeye, pirouette yourself in a trance and let the sweat flow.”

And now the zestful ladies have a video out to visualize their fresh stunner.
The clip is directed by Laura Jean Marsh and inspired by the psychological
drama movie We Need to Talk About Kevin from 2011.

Watch it here…

BUGEYE: Facebook – Instagram

Sonic And Visual Psychedelia – Portland’s Indie Rock Duo QUASI Dropped New Single ‘DOOMSCROLLERS’

21 November 2022


Who: Indie pop/rock duo – Sam Coomes (vocals, guitar, rocksichord, various keyboards, bass) and Janet Weiss (vocals and drums / she was the longtime drummer of Sleater-Kinney) from Portland, fighting the dehumanizing machine since 1993.
Albums: 10 so far, including the upcoming new one (the first in 10 years).


The 2nd piece the tandem share, following lead-single Queen Of Ears from upcoming album Breaking The Balls Of History. Out on 10 February 2023 via Sub Pop.

The album’s artwork

Quasi sing the Covic blues on this new track Doomscrollers. It’s a song about taking
solace in the simple pleasures (blackberry pie à la mode anyone?) a sing along for the disheartened. Inspired by Willy Wonka‘s psychedelic trip down the chocolate river.

TUTV: Doomscrollers is a slo-mo psych groove with 60s sonic colors and that legendary Hammond organs resonance. A sort of back-to-the-future experience with a chorus that will circle in your head for a while.

The video is wonderfully directed and conceptualized by B.A. Miale.

Doomscrollers on Doomsday.
Watch here…

QUASI: Facebook – Instagram

Psychedelic Space Collage – BRIAN ENO Shares New Video For Track ‘GARDEN OF STARS’ From His New Album

17 November 2022

Musician-songwriter-producer BRIAN ENO (and once upon a time the alien lookalike
who played keys with Roxy Music) launched his new – 28th – longplayer last month.

FOREVERANDEVERMORE is also a record on which Eno sings again and
his daughter assists on backing vocals here and there. Order info here.

The Guardian (British newspaper) said: “The producer contemplates the future
of the planet on these heartbreaking songs shot through with wonder
.” 4/5.

Now Eno‘s let us focus our eyes on a video clip for
one of the LP’s highlights GARDEN OF STARS.
A psychedelic space collage in motion.

Roll the tape here…


BRIAN ENO: Bio – Discography – Facebook – Instagram

LUNAR TWIN Score Striking Video Clip For New Spacey Single ‘BEYOND THE SUN’

Eye-catching visuals

9 November 2022

Who: A dreamwave duo from Hawai/Salt Lake City formed in 2013 that
explore “space- and time theories, nature and culture. Their music connects
with the lyrical themes through spacey soundscapes with use of guitar reverbs,
electronics and nature sounds.”
They record the music and vocals separately,
on locations far apart (Hawaii and Salt Lake City).

New single: BEYOND THE SUN

First shared piece from their forthcoming, second, album titled Aurora,
which lands on the 1st of December. It follows their magnific debut LP
Ghost Moon Ritual

Beyond The Sun is a spacey sonic trip, an ambient fantasy with trancy vibrations,
ataractic effects, and near-whispering vocals. The rotating synth riff creates a mind
relaxing sensation. Both sedative and utopian. Unfortunately, the dream lasts for
only 2.21 minutes. A 10-minute 12″ version would excite my greedy ears and my imagination a lot. Bring it on.

The accompanying video clip is directed by Mizuki Hayashi with animated, futuristic
visuals, psychedelic snippets, and Lunar Twin popping up here and there. Absolutely striking.


Artwork new album AURORA. Out 1 December.

LUNAR TWIN: Facebook – Instagram

Scottish Dropouts HUMOUR Share Bizzare Video For Their Disaster Single ‘GOOD BOYS REMEMBER WELL’

New clips for your eager eyes

8 November 2022

Who: 5 eager Scots, 4 from Edinburgh, 1 from Perth,
now all making noise together in Glasgow.

Clip for the latest single of their upcoming 6-track debut EP,
named Pure Misery, out 25 November. Pre-order info here.

“This song’s about a really tragic submarine disaster Andreas (frontman) heard about
one day. He just lifts a bunch of particularly sad lines from Wikipedia about it rather than adding too much of his own perspective. I’ve always thought this was a cool thing about this song. It seems like he’s got a megaphone and is just sort of relentlessly listing facts and figures about the disaster in a desperate attempt to make you feel the way he did when he heard
about it.”

TUTV: Starts like a theme’s intro of a horror movie. Scratching guitars and uncanny murmur from the grave. A minute later frontman Andreas Christodoulidis sneers his
ranting report of, yes, a submarine going down, sounding helpless, agitated, and and hyperkinetic until a sudden end stops his broadcast. Das Boot is down now. This is not
a joke. It’s bizzare stuff with mind-bending progression for a disastrous story.

I dig baffling shit like this.

Roll the tape and be ready for some shockwaves…

Buy the track here
via Bandcamp

HUMOUR: Twitter – Instagram


Band: GmBt Life
Who: France-based trio from different countries, who live in diverse regions, and who routinely meet to play music. They like to begin with bare melodies and then improvise with various instruments and PCs.

They released a new, excellent, longplayer called 10 Minutes last April, with a mix
of tranquilizing piano-driven musings, cinematic reveries with spacey Pink Floyd-like reverberating here and there, and tender, ambient synth meditations.

And now we can enjoy a misty collage video for ALASKA MORNING SKIES,
one of the album’s highlights.


GmBlife: Facebook – Spotify

Video Of The Day – HALLOWEEN ENDS Trailer

31 October 2022

Horror movie HALLOWEEN ENDS is the thirteenth installment in the Halloween franchise and the final film in the trilogy of sequels that started with the 2018 film, which directly follows the original 1978 film. Wonderful actress Jamie Lee Curtis (now 63) who starred
in the 1978 movie is back for this new and final one.

The movie premiered in theaters
around the world 2 weeks ago.

Have fun


British Indies WEIMAR Have Their Halloween Video Out For Grisly Story ‘THE HANGERS-ON’

30 October 2022

(Photo by Zac Gale)

Band: WEIMAR (pronounced Vy-marr – nothing to do
with Germany’s former Weimar Republic I suppose)

Who: Eclectic progressive art-rock quartet formed in 2016 in
Manchester (UK). They produce a range of styles from post-punk roots
to no-wave, cabaret, chanson, jazz, funk, psychedelia, alternative folk
and gothic rock, coming together in a distinctive fusion.

The band have their Halloween moment too with a scary video for THE HANGERS-ON,
a grisly story off their excellent album Dancing On A Volcano, that came out last June.

A carnivalesque Art Rock tune, a depraved foray into the twisted mentality of a stalker,
and people who present themselves as being your best friend yet blatantly have far more sinister intentions. The music reflects this, it has a lush gentle sound in places but is menacing and eerie at the same time.

Don’t trust clowns around Halloween time…

WEIMAR: Facebook – Instagram

Hungarian Songstress VERA JONAS Impresses In Sound And Vision With Pensive Pearl ‘KESERGÉS’

Who: Award-winning artist from Hungary who sways you with
her tender music or makes you dance with her tiger-wild songs.

New single/video: KESERGÉS.

A highlight from her recently released new album HOLD.

Vera Jones: “For me, Kesergés is about a kind of cycle. Everything comes full circle, the
wheat ripens, the heart heals after it’s been hurt. The intro to the music is not coincidentally
a ‘uroboros’, a symbol of a snake biting its own tail. The fragmented but circular syllables also symbolize that everything we do will be reflected in our relationships, our living environment, but also in nature. This film is an impression of our brutal summer of 2022, where we had a very hot summer, so we tried to take many showers, while the Great Plain was severely damaged by drought. When I first saw this footage, I thought it was taken on another
continent, or at least in Southern Europe. This is happening no

TUTV: Intruiging song. Intriguing voice. Intriguing artist.

Kesergés is a meditative reverie about the unexceptional hot summer we just experienced, confirming once more that our climate is messed up in an alarming way. Vera Jones creates an atmosphere of urgent reflection embedded in a mesmeric melody.

This pensive pearl is sung in her native Hungarian language. To be honest, I had no clue how Hungarian actually sounded until now, and its, yes, exotic resonance surprised me.

Watch the impressive accompanying video clip.
The images speak for themselves…


THE PULL OF AUTUMN Share Rapid-Eye-Movement Video Clip For Their Dub Stunner ‘OUTLAW EMPIRE’

25 October 2022

(Credit: Luci Lux, Chiara-Meattelli & Dominic Lee)


Who: The art-rock collective of Rhode Island musician Daniel Darrow,
from 80s post-punk group Johanna’s House Of Glamour. working
constantly with other notable artists.

A few weeks ago they released OUTLAW EMPIRE.

The first single from the upcoming album Beautiful Broken World,
that’ll see the day of light on December 9. Order info here.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: Outlaw Empire‘ grooves and moves with Massive Attack‘s
trip-hop swagger, spacey reverberance and a sickly sticky, ongoing dub rotation. If
you were/are a Pop Group fan you’ll recognize Maffia maestro Mark Stewart‘s voice
from the first note.

Now you can get in the mood for Halloween with a
rapid-eye-movement visualization of this dub stunner.

Roll the tape here…

THE PULL OF AUTUMN/RBM Records: Facebook