Best Video Of February 2023 – Shoegazy Dream Pop Artist ALEX KELMAN With ‘VHS’

1 March 2023

Who: Artist from Bratislava (Slovakia) who mixes psychedelic post-punk, shoegaze
and synthwave music with a twist from The Soft Moon, Death In Vegas or Curve. Output
is a mixture of beautifully noisy guitars, catchy dance beats, and rousing synthesizers, layered with captivating vocals.

New single: VHS

It features shoegaze/dream pop band Secrets Of The Third Planet and is the first piece that he shared from his upcoming album titled Ilusia which lands on 15 March. More details and order info here.

‘VHS’ is a fuzzy and hazy slo-mo musing carried by layers of distorted guitars, starry-eyed synths, and Kelman‘s dreamy vocals. It makes me think of the soft and romantic side of British feedback legends The Jesus and Mary Chain.

The accompanying video is a stylish beauty. It’s clear proof that you don’t need a million dollars budget to create an eye-catching video that impresses you with its inventive visuals and composition. My eyes love it. Video of the month!


ALEX KELMAN: Facebook – Website

Video Filming: Vadim Levovenya @vadim_levovenya
Animator: Anastasia Maystrenko @animeitene
Music & Production: Alex Kelman
Vocal, guitars: Eugene Frankevich (S3P)
Mastering: Yuri Danilin

Best Video Of January 2023 – SHAME Send NAPOLEON To The Gym On ‘SIX-PACK’ Clip

1 February 2023

(Press photo)

British post-punks SHAME canned their third longplayer.
It’s titled FOOD FOR WORMS and will hit the streets on
24 February 2023.

Ahead of it the mavericks already shared two tasters.
Fingers Of Steel and barded wire punk blow Six-Pack.

The latter was accompanied by a hilarious video, directed
by Gilbert Bannerman and animated by Cyrus Hayley.

Bannerman: “The idea was to make a parody of a middle aged bloke thinking
he’s a king for going to the gym once. I read a lot about Napoleon and thought it
would be a laugh to make it about him. The style comes from trying to make my
youth spent playing PS1 not entirely wasted.”

Stay fit.
Have fun.
Act French.

SHAME: Facebook – Instagram

Artwork new album

Video Of NOVEMBER 2022 – Wake-Up Call By PRIMAL SCREAM & DEXYS

1 December 2022

Frontman Bobby Gillespie PRIMAL SCREAM and Kevin Rowland from DEXYS got together in support of British railway workers with a soul-and-heart stirring ballad named ENOUGH IS ENOUGH after a campaign to fight the cost of living crisis by trade unions and community organisations determined to push back against the misery forced on millions by rising bills, low wages, food poverty, shoddy housing – and a society run only for a wealthy elite.

Info: After a plea from the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers union Twitter account to Dexys’ Kevin Rowland, an amazing collaboration was born between Primal Scream and Dexys to create a fundraiser for the RMT with an original song called Enough is Enough The song was inspired by both the RMT and the nascent Enough Is Enough campaign. As such, all proceeds go to the RMT dispute fund and huge thanks and eternal gratitude go to both bands, in particular Kevin Rowland and Bobby Gillespie, and also to former The Jesus and Mary Chain bassist Douglas Hart for producing a wonderful video.

Buy the track HEREand support people/families in alarming need.

The accompanying clip is manifest, crystal clear and
expresses the anger and frustration of exploited workers.

Video of the month to my eyes.

RMT: Website


29 October 2022


Who: London-based duo – Daphne Ang (Singapore) and
Andrea Papi
(Italy) – that fills a gap in music by bringing
literature, art, and history together into a space where
rock and metal meet electronica.

This experimental tandem released their sophomore LP
TRUST NO LEADERS last July. A notable follow-up to their
stunning debut Trust No Leaders. You can buy here.

Turn Up The Volume said: One of the fascinating songs on the LP is THE PIED PIPER. It resonates like a sort of religious chant, not about a God but about the people all around the world oppressed by corrupt politicians and greedy rich people. 2022 looks more and more like George Orwell’s 1984.

The video TCOMAS launched mid-October is another visual tour de force. I said it several times before and I’ll repeat it again. This duo are ingenious architects in sound and vision and in all of their artwork. As DIY artists the inexhaustible energy, imagination, and passion they put into their work is nothing less than astonishing.

Open your eyes and watch
modern-day slavery…

TCOMAS: Facebook – Instagram