Video Of The Month MAY 2023 – Metal Heroes WITHIN TEMPTATION With Visual Spectacle For The Title Track Of Their New Album ‘WIRELESS’

31 May 2023

Female-fronted metal unit WITHIN TEMPTATION is one of
the biggest bands ever in the rock history of The Netherlands
released their 8th LP, named WIRELESS, a week ago.

The striking album artwork

Along the new album came a video-clip for the title track.
A bombastic burst, a burning torch, a vintage WT haymaker
accentuating again the vocal vociferousness of metal Diva
Sharon den Adel.

Sharon den Adel : “Wireless” is a song about a soldier who goes to war
convinced that he is going for a good cause. He’s indoctrinated by government
controlled media and thinks he’s going to be welcomed back as a saviour, only
to find out he has been used. This has resulted in people seeing him as a brutal
conqueror instead, and now he finds himself on the wrong side. His life and the
lives of many are deceived and destroyed.”

The clip is an AI-generated one. A stunning visual spectacle telling the story
of a soldier who becomes the victim of ruthless war propaganda. Without
a shadow of a doubt Turn Up The Volume‘s BEST VIDEO OF THE MONTH MAY.


WT: Website – Instagram

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