Waking Up On Christmas Day With SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Signing In French I’l EST NÉ, LE DIVIN ENFANT

Works faster and harder than caffeine

25 December 2022

In the early eighties Goth icons SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, with
The Cure‘s Robert Smith as temporary member, covered classic French
Christmas lullaby I’l Est Né Le Divin Enfant (‘He is born, the divine child’).

The song was published for the first time in 1874 by the organist
of the cathédrale de Saint-Dié-des-Vosges in France.

The Banshees released their version as the B-side of the single Melt.
A great piece from their excellent 1982 LP A Kiss In The Dreamhouse.

Siouxsie in French… fantastique!

Hallelujah! Let’s all sing for peace,
tolerance, equality, love, unity and
lots of rawk ‘n roll.


From A Christmas Joint To Santa Is A Pimp – Here’s TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 2022 XMAS Playlist

24 December 2022

To all Turn Up The Volume‘s loyal followers
and all other people of sonic goodwill…
Have A Smashing Xmas.

Maybe this spicy playlist – new and old – will help.


Siouxsie And The Banshees
G. Love And Special Sauce
Dropkick Murphys
The Raveonettes
Run Dmc
The Toasters
Bob Dylan
Chubby And The Gang
No Doubt
Joey Ramone
El Vez
The Linda Lindas
Mumford and Sons
Finnegan’s Hell
Ashley McBride



JESUS Loves The DRUNKARDS And The WHORES And The QUEERS – By Far The Best Xmas Song Of 2022

21 December 2022

Wonderful voice ASHLEY McBRYDE is a famous country celebrity
from Nashville, Tennessee. She released her highly praised 5th LP.
LINDEVILE last October. One of those warm and emotive country
albums that confirms that the genre is timeless.

McBryde invited several notable guests to the studio for this new LP.
One of them was songsmith Benjy Davis who took care of the vocals
on standout ballad GOSPEL NIGHT AT THE STRIP CLUB.

McBryde sang the pearl herself a couple of weeks ago, together
with John Osborne, on the Saturday Night Live show

It’s a romantic, melancholic, Xmassy gem. An instant earworm. But what makes this magnific lullaby really special is its story. It’s about a local strip club in a small (fictional) town (all album’s songs are centered around that town) where Jesus appeared one night – incognito – to have a drink with drunken barflies, whores, and queers who lost touch with the real, hard world outside.

Seems like the Holy One was there to see if his beloved dropouts are allright. It’s both a funny and daring story. Many will be offended by it, mostly Christians/Catholics. Well, that’s their problem. For me, it’s a fabulous tale and tune confirming that Jesus was a humanist and a socialist. Hallelujah, indeed!

Best and most original Xmas song of 2022.

It goes like this.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Jesus loves the drunkards and
the whores and the queers

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Would you recognize him
if he bought you a beer 



ASHLEY McBRYDE: Website – Instagram

(Image on top: McBbryde on the cover of her 2020 ‘Never Will’ album)

British Post-Punks LIFE Turn Classic ‘JINGLE BELLS’ Into A Ramonesque Jackhammer

14 December 2022

Sharp-teethed post-punks LIFE from Kingston Upon Hull (UK) released their
praised third LP North East Coastal Town last August (stream at the bottom).

To end their very busy year they get into the Xmas cover buzz with their
interpretation of classic Jingle Bells with the punk ghost of Ramones all
over it.

Mez Sanders-Green (frontman): “This year, following an incredible tour of our
latest album, we wanted to celebrate at the LIFE AGM and got in the festive spirit to
record the ‘LIFEMAS’ version of Jingle Bells. Yes, we wore tinsel, yes, we wore Xmas shaped sunglasses and yes, we just had a ton of fun. Is it serious, hell-no but hopefully the track
just makes people laugh and dance with their kids, pets, nan’s and gate-crashing X-mas neighbours – reach for your Satsuma and enjoy!”

Open a bottle of champagne
and scream along.

Gabba Gabba LIFE…


LIFE: Facebook

It’s Xmas Time For DAVID BYRNE Too – Listen To ‘THE FAT MAN’S COMING’

6 December 2022

Back in 2012 DAVID BYRNE and ST. VINCENT teamed
up for a duet album, titled Love This Giant

During the sessions, Byrne wrote a song about Santa, named THE FAT MAN’S COMIN’,
not destined for that LP. He sang it live a couple of times on special occasions and now
the festive lullaby gets a proper release.

Song’s artwork

Byrne says he has been waiting to release the song as a benefit for some cause. He’s decided to use it as a fundraiser for his own online magazine Reasons To Be Cheerful . A non-profit editorial project that is tonic for tumultuous times.

Statement: “I always wanted to write a holiday song. I wouldn’t call it a Christmas song, as the visitation of Santa (formerly known as St. Nicholas, who mainly did punishing) seems to have evolved to be a more secular consumer moment than a religious or spiritual affair. I believe the foundation of this music might have been written at the same time as the collaboration I did with St. Vincent a few years ago, but somehow a literal view of the Santa phenomena was what came out. It wasn’t right for Annie and me – the story of a fat man in rather odd attire who breaks into people’s homes and leaves mysterious packages. Back then, I thought I’d use the song as a means to raise money for a good cause, but to draw attention to this thing I thought it might need a visual, so I storyboarded a video for the song which eventually ended up getting shelved.”

But maybe helping celebrate another year of Reasons To Be Cheerful might be a good reason to resurrect this song, and let the storyboards allow folks to imagine what the video might have been.

Enjoy and thanks for listening/watching.” – David Byrne

You can buy the song via Bandcamp.

Cool Carol Rockers – TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Favorite 5 New Xmas Strokes…

All 5 are original 2020 rockers…

The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas) by PORRIDGE RADIO (Brighton UK)

It’s Christmas and I Fucking Miss You by CHARLY BLISS (Brooklyn, NY)

Hate You For Christmas by MELKBELLY (Chicago, IL)

Christmas In Fife by veteran Scottish punks SKIDS

You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch by SMALL TOWN TITANS (York, PA, US)

PINS – Manchester’s Queens Of Pop Cover Gabba Gabba Xmas Carol By RAMONES

17 December 2020

PINS, Manchester’s Queens of Pop released the best 2020 discotastic album of the year with Hot Slick. A sultry collection of sensual dance floor killers. Party record of the year. Hands down!

Before turning this year’s page they’re going gabba gabba with a cover of the Ramones‘ Xmas lullaby Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight).

Totally 60s Phil Spector-esque vibe.

Hey ho, let’s go…

The original by Da Brudders

Don’t fight with these Santa punks…

(PINS – Press photo FB)