Already Christmas For SHARON VAN ETTEN

Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

Only six weeks until Jesus Christ is coming back once more,
so covers of Xmas carols are seeping in every day now.

Splendorous singer-songwriter SHARON VAN ETTEN has also two Yuletide classics
to offer. Actually, I don’t like all these Christmastide ditties. Too sugary, but hey, this
is lovely Sharon, one of my favorite songstresses. I’ll be a good boy and listen…




Despite the Xmas carols, I still love you Sharon (pic by Turn Up The Volume!)

First Christmas Carol Screw-Up Comes From Californian Fake Punks THE OFFSPRING

5 November 2020

It’s early November and the first Christmas carol cover screw-up is in.

Awful, really awful.

THE OFFSPRING is one of those bands that you think are retired for ages
until they come up, out of the blue, with the worst thing they ever have done.

I thought these fake Californian punks called it a day years ago (their last album
Days Go By came out in 2012). But the buffoons decided that it’s time for a comeback,
with a Xmas cover of a 1963 holiday carol called Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
by Darlene Love.

Why? “It just seemed like the world could use a nice holiday song right now. Hope you enjoy
our take on ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’we tried not to wreck it!
” said the band in
a statement. That’s exactly what they did, they wrecked this soulful humdinger big time.

Listen at your own risk…

The real thing