British Post-Punks LIFE Turn Classic ‘JINGLE BELLS’ Into A Ramonesque Jackhammer

14 December 2022

Sharp-teethed post-punks LIFE from Kingston Upon Hull (UK) released their
praised third LP North East Coastal Town last August (stream at the bottom).

To end their very busy year they get into the Xmas cover buzz with their
interpretation of classic Jingle Bells with the punk ghost of Ramones all
over it.

Mez Sanders-Green (frontman): “This year, following an incredible tour of our
latest album, we wanted to celebrate at the LIFE AGM and got in the festive spirit to
record the ‘LIFEMAS’ version of Jingle Bells. Yes, we wore tinsel, yes, we wore Xmas shaped sunglasses and yes, we just had a ton of fun. Is it serious, hell-no but hopefully the track
just makes people laugh and dance with their kids, pets, nan’s and gate-crashing X-mas neighbours – reach for your Satsuma and enjoy!”

Open a bottle of champagne
and scream along.

Gabba Gabba LIFE…


LIFE: Facebook

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