17 July 2020

Band: Garbage Bags (Ghent, Belgium)
Who: A garage trash band from the upper dump. With the wild mix of
garage, dirty rock ‘n’ roll and punk they bring up the filth in everyone.
Album: Hunting For The Wild
Released: 25 June 2020

Key phrase: “If you sound like garbage bags and you look like garbage bags
then you are, without a shadow of a doubt, garbage bags”
(except for Anna of course)

Key references: The Cramps / Dick Dale / Bo Diddley / Black Lips / MC5 / Clouseau

Keywords: The Cramps fronted by Captain Beefheart / The Clash with Link Wray on guitar and Lux Interior on vocals / Garage havoc for lonely misfits, mental inmates, badass freaks & wackos / Urban punk rock / Sympathy for the devil / Bombshells from hell / Fucktastic

Key tracks: Get your lazy ass out of that couch and find out for yourself, punk

Key single: Little Girl…

And here the whole
garbage racket…


Believe The Hype – bdrmm Shines on Glowing Debut Longplayer ‘BEDROOM’

16 July 2020

Who: Five good boys  from Hull, UK
Album: Bedroom
Released: 3 July 2020 – debut LP
Info: “Formed into the early hours of 2017, Ryan Smith took his solo project from bedroom
to stage in what feels like an instant. Under the moniker ‘bdrmm’ the Hull 5-piece cut their
teeth across Northern venues, before releasing opening two singles, the twin-paced ‘kare’
and sprawling anti-epic ‘the way i want’. A slimy cocktail of synth-soaked Beach House, jangly slackers DIIV and otherworldly shoe-gazers Slowdive, the group combine a knack for weaving dreamy sonic textures and sentimental story-telling together perfectly.”

NME said: “Four years in the making, it’s been that long since frontman Ryan Smith wrote his first demo before clocking in for a twelve-hour shift at his local pub. Quickly growing into a five-piece, it wasn’t long before bdrmm’s bright shoegaze singles and live shows led to them signing to Sonic Cathedral, a label renowned for being a paradise of noise, and releasing their debut EP ‘If Not, When?’ last October… Vulnerability seeps through ‘Bedroom’ at every turn, but it’s veiled in a relatable beauty that’s both meditative and cleansing. bdrmm have mastered that fine art of conveying emotion through their music with a deft intelligence, and their debut immerses you with each listen and says: “Hey, it’s okay to screw up now and again – but learn from it.” A glorious and human introduction, this is without doubt a modern-day shoegaze classic.” Full review here. Score: 5/5

Key phrase: “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to
use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
Oscar Wilde,

Key references: Ride, Lush, The Horrors, The Cure, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins

Keywords: Believe the hype / Yesterday, today, tomorrow / Inventiveness and melodiousness / No fillers all killers / Double-edged emotions / Shoegaze symphonies performed in a sonic universe between heaven and hell / Guitarscapes brilliance

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(photo Sam Joyce)

Totally Deranged Punk Havoc – Hair-Raising Debut Album ‘LOOKING FOR DANGER’ By MORON’S MORONS

1 July 2020

Band: Moron’s Morons
Who: Psychotic punk desperadoes from Warsaw, Poland
Album: Looking For Danger  – the wacko’s debut longplayer
Released: 20 March 2020
Info: “At long last, the first full-length Moron’s Morons is here and shitting all over everything you thought you knew about ‘punk rock.’ As iconoclasts in the genre, the band have concocted a rather challenging and unique album. Juvenile silliness has never reigned so supreme on a longplayer saturated with such noisy obnoxious violence that burns so bad you’ll be begging for a double shot of penicillin before you get a chance to flip it over!”

Key phrase: if you can survive this blitzkrieg pandemonium you can survive anything

Key references: Dead Kennedy’s, Ministry, MC5, Misfits, Black Flag
Keywords: straitjacket insanity, mental riff exorcism, nasty punk racket, moronic n-o-i-s-e
Key tracks: find out for yourself, folks

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Groovin’ And Movin’ – New Longplayer ‘JUDAS’ by IMMIGRANT UNION

30 June 2020

Who: Australian-American band with the songwriting duo of Brent DeBoer
of The Dandy Warhols and Bob Harrow, Immigrant Union is a local band with
international rock royalty heritage.
Album: JUDAS – the band’s third longplayer
Released: 19 June 2020
Info: “The album was attacked from a completely different angle than Immigrant Union’s
first two records, allowing the band to have virtually no time constraints whatsoever when recording… Sonically, the band kinda wanted the album to sound like Len’s Steal My Sunshine… As well the release of their first LP in five years, 2020 will also see Immigrant Union release a short film, ‘The Battle of Bella’, shot in Joshua Tree, CA.”

Keywords: The Byrds, immigrant lives matter, Bruce Springsteen,
talking shit, The Beatles, groovin’ Americana and movin’ Aussiecana,
Key tracks: Ahmed / New Win / Not To Smart / Soldier Field / Awake
Singles: Ahmed / Soldier Field



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Jingle Jangle Strokes – Discover Debut Longplayer ‘I’LL BE FINE’ By Minneapolis Songsmith ANDY COOK

29 June 2020

Who: “A former hockey player from the Midwest, Cook found new worlds opening up to him as he toured his first records across the country. It was a stop in New York, folded into a tiny Brooklyn bedroom, that helped to crystallize his voice into something he was finally ready to share.”
Album: I’LL BE FINE – debut LP
Sound: “Recorded live to tape at Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, I’ll Be Fine bristles with a closeness not heard in Cook’s earlier work. He is able to anchor a tighter sound with firmer, bolder foundations.”
Released: 12 June 2020
Andy Cook: “These songs are for everyone who’s trying to take our voice from inside
and bring it out. It’s scary, but we’ve got to say what we want if we’re going to be heard.”

Keywords: the swagger of The Strokes, the moody vibe of The War On
, the jingle jangle resonance of Interpol and a spark of Gang Of Four
Key Tracks: Get In Line / Fade Away / If Walls Could Talk





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ANDY COOK: Website

Photography and album art: Natasha Bohorquez

Blood Sweat And Fears – First Solo Album ‘TO LOVE IS TO LIVE’ By JEHNNY BETH

24 June 2020

Artist: Jehnny Beth
Who: frontwoman of Savages, a band that matters
Released: 12 June 2020

Pitchfork says: “‘To Love Is To Live’ not a Savages record by another name. Beth sidelines
the grimy, distorted guitar and reaches for a more diverse palette, including strobe-like synths, downy woodwinds, and inscrutable snippets of found sound. But there are constants: ‘To Love To Live’ is rife with the same livewire intensity, the same embrace of tensions and apparent contradictions. Lyrically and musically, it vacillates between the corporeal and the ethereal, prudence and excess, softness and severity.”
Full review here.

Keywords: genuine and impassioned emotions, goosebumps tension, VOICE,
dark brightness, blood sweat and fears, musical Odyssey, brilliant album artwork
Key phrase: “I used to be a human being / Now I live in the web.”
Key tracks: I Am The Man / Heroine / Innocence / We Will Sin Together /
How Could You / Human





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FALLING MAN – The Most Underrated Band In This Messed-Up World…

Old and new albums to make your day

9 June 2020

Belgian post-punk squad FALLING MAN is the most underrated band
in this messed-up world. FACT! Why I hear you ask? Here’s why…

1. It’s a spine-chilling and haunting post-punk force
2. No arty-farty shit, only kick-ass grooves & rollicking firework
3. They pump up your bloodstream when they hit the stage
3. With ‘Ghost’ they made one of the best albums of 2017
5. With ‘Candy’ they scored one of the best singles of 2019

Enough convincing reasons why you shouldn’t
lock down this turbulent turbo…

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On fire…